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JJ330 22nd Jan 2011 06:13

1 Written Test : Study Ace Tech Book
2 Interview : Any type of HR, CRM, Tech questions
3 SIM : A330 raw data

Over all very straight forward. Just be yourself.
Good Luck!:)

non0 22nd Jan 2011 10:46

Thanks Krunch

its completely open to personal opinion wether you get one or not.
the personal opinion you are talking about is the personal opinion of whoever is nicely providing these warning or the personal opinion of the poor FOs receiving these type of awards?

... hoping to open a discussion coming from both side ...

... and what happened when you are already a Cap and you get a warning ...

flyzede 22nd Jan 2011 15:46

Thanks JJ330!

loc22550 22nd Jan 2011 16:12

it can be very easy NONo to get this warning letter...
Not wearing your hat not closing your jacket and if the Ceo see you like thats it...
Just to give a taste of the mentality here.
And as said above..there is no sign of improvement so far..as unfortunately the CEO hasn't realised yet the damage he has done for the last decade,when acting on such a way toward crew.

non0 22nd Jan 2011 23:38

QR taking over 40% of TAP... that's an step closer towards Europe!

411A 23rd Jan 2011 02:42

...as unfortunately the CEO hasn't realised yet the damage he has done for the last decade,when acting on such a way toward crew.
IF he was so bad, he would have been replaced sometime during that ten year period.
That he has not been, clearly indicates he is doing something right, contrary to some malcontent flight crew 'opinions'.:rolleyes:

Having said this, I do personally know the original financial controller of the company, and he did say that the CEO was...'strange.'

loc22550 24th Jan 2011 05:45

411A your post is pathetic...especially when it comes from someone who doesn't even work for QR.

blusky75 24th Jan 2011 09:37

hey guys, do you know how long they take to call for an interview?? I fly the 737 and i have the right requirements. I applied few months ago but not answer yet:ugh:

loc22550 25th Jan 2011 10:14

Eventhough money is not everything, a Pay rise is THE LEAST we deserve,after being press like lemon,flying like crazy those Sh:mad:t &non-sense roster(A-320 )Duty time twice the flight time,being denied most of our requests (days off...)..whats next....??

loc22550 25th Jan 2011 10:30

I'm a little worried when i see (junior)colleagues i flow with recently who are ready to go home or elsewhere or even ready to jumpship....(and more money will not change their mind believe me!)
Is the little thiny light i can see at the end of the tunnel the day light or an opposite traffic..??:bored:

loc22550 25th Jan 2011 10:53

I wish i could be optimistic like you:ok:

adi_jb03 27th Jan 2011 11:21

Jar Atpl N Jaa Atpl
Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum n I am just going to start with my training in US n I have opted for a full time course that offers JAA frozen ATPL at the end of one year period.Well the thing I wanted to ask is the current requirements for QA S/O,if my knowledge is true they are asking for CPL with JAR frozen ATPL,n a basic question that if JAR ATPL and JAA ATPL are they both the same thing or not?
All replies will be appreciated,thank you!

flyzede 27th Jan 2011 16:35

JAR ATPL and JAA ATPL are the same thing. Actually the correct is JAR ATPL. JAA is the authority (Joint Aviation Authority) like FAA in the US.
You can visit qatarairways.com - carrers and learn everything you need about minimum requirements... Good Luck!

jamieboy 1st Feb 2011 14:02

Hi, Just been offered DEC 320 fleet. Would welcome any info re quality of life and duty hours and allowances on top of basic salary. Routes that the 320 operates and nightstops? What is the chance of moving onto the 330 fleet and if so timescale? Many thanks

loc22550 1st Feb 2011 15:57

A-320 roster is the most UNFAIR & TIRING & UNDERPAID one for the Duty we do perform!
-Minimum Days off (8..9/month)
-Most of the request Denied (days off...), if you request days off, you might get stby duty instead..
-You roster sometime looks like a mess :NO general rules at all: flight at night..in the morning in the evening... 1 days off here ..2 days off there...7 days of duty in a row sometime...
-85 hours/month duty..150H+(you get paid for the schedule block time not the duty time: 33U$/hours).
-Totally unfair: Most of the training flights happen between 7 am and midnight : the time frame between midnight and 7 am seems to be a not Fly time for training as well a the airspace beyond Muscat (indian FIR seems to be a no-fly zone for them!)
-Layover 320: NBO-DAR-MLE-TXL-BUD-VIE-BCN-DME :those are the good one(and with the highest meal allowance) dedicated to "office" people and training captain most of the time..
Other than that ;KTM-COK-CLC-MAA-DEL-TRV-BLR-HYD dedicated to regular pilots.(always have your mosquito repellant spray in your suitcase)
-Fleet transfer (if you haven't been blacklisted by the CEO for any stupid silly reason)...4..5 years at least.
-IMHO CPT 320 is the worse (roster...)even compared to F/O.
Hope i didn't brake down your motivation to join the QR 320 fleet as CPT.

jamieboy 1st Feb 2011 17:26

Many thanks Loc for your honest reply. I was wondering if I PM you I could give you my e-mail address and have a chat.

DZPILOT87 2nd Feb 2011 09:56


Thanks for your detailed post, I wonder from where i get 320 TR cds...if you know a website that will do..

One more point: You dont get paid for duty hours ? Cause cabin crew does ..

Cheers !

loc22550 4th Feb 2011 06:24

I doubt the Cabin get paid for the Duty time...what they do have (F.D. don't have anymore) is the overtime payment.

Paper Lad 4th Feb 2011 17:03

I thought it a good idea to plunge in with some of my experiences to date with QR., maybe a mistake but here goes.

I joined just over one year ago as a non rated DEC on the 320 so I am bonded for 3yrs. Some of the more recent joiners are only bonded for 2yrs.

The initial recruitment and joining process is all very well organised and in my case, from application to job offer was two months with all documentation completed. Communication with HR was quite poor with many questions sent by e-mail left un-answered.

On arrival in Doha, once again, the organisation was firstclass. All your immigration paperwork is done by Al Maha meet and greet service and you will be taken to your allocated accomodation. Unfortunately you won't know where you are staying until point of arrival ( I had to ask the driver where he was taking me! ). Generally it will be either Ain Khaled Gate or Holiday Villas but not always. Capts get a four bed villa, F/O's an apartment. The villa allocated to me is fine, not the most modern but spacious, clean and everything works. The facilities at AKG are good. Driving from AKG to the airport takes between 20mins and an hour depending on traffic ie. how many crashes there have been.

The initial part of the training including company introductions, medicals, paperwork and ground-school classes is well organised and gives the candidate a real sense that they are joining a world class airline. There are frustrations at this stage but none are the fault of the company and are created when dealing with the bureaucracy over here. There is lots of free time at this stage so don't waste it, start to read the manuals.

Aircraft specific training is all CBT and is very intense with fixed based sim (MFTD) being rostered on the same day as CBT. Most of the MFTD training is conducted by senior F/O's who are all very competent.

The 'proper' sim training will follow soon after and is also intense. You will also be in the box at all sorts of silly times! It really is a 24hr airline. My experience in the sim was mostly very good although there are some horror-stories about training standards. My only comment re this stage of the training is that there is a lack of common standards both in the sim and MFTD. You will be taught one method of operation and the following day, with a different instructor, will be told something totally different. The SOP manuals don't help either as they can be very ambiguous.

Line training is very interesting and enjoyable but with the same caveat.

Then comes the real flying.

Nearly all the 320 fleet is new, or almost new and the engineering and maintenance standards are excellent. The current airport is over crowded and you will often experience arrival or departure delays. The routes are very interesting and each flight is a minor challenge. If you haven't flown in this part of the world before, it will be a real eye opener.

As loc22550 has previously stated the 320 rosters are appalling. 85 to 90 hrs per month flying out of 170 hrs duty, largely night Indias. The best routes and flying times seem to be reserved for training and who can blame the TRIs. You will get min days off some of which will be downroute. STBY's are rostered but don't expect to keep them. There is a roster bidding system but most people agree that it is very poor due to being 'interfered' with. It is clear that we are short of crew on the 320 and stories abound that recruitment is just keeping pace with the current level of leavers but not the continuing fleet expansion.

In summary you come here to work, take the money and leave when you've had enough. There are some here that have been in QR for many years but they are a minority.

With hind sight, would I do it again?............probably:)


SMD45 4th Feb 2011 17:59

Would I do it again? no.

I would apply to Etihad or Emirates. Is the grass greener? prob not. But its sure worth the risk! How could your roster be any worse?

To anyone applying or thinking of applying... there are hundreds of 320 jobs out there. This one should not be your first choice.. by far!

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