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The Secret 14th Feb 2012 11:22

Hi everybody, I have my interview for SOFT next March 10. Has anyone the same date?.

Info: 1st application Sept.2010. Upgrading until Jan 2012. e-mail for interview Feb.12 of 2012.

Patiente is the Secret!.

gdukkoq 14th Feb 2012 12:07

LOL ok Secret be ready for a lot of patience...
First application 5 years ago, regular update, shortlisted in july, interview first week of september, good news 1 month later, contract, 5 months later. Now waiting for date of joining. Then should wait again 4 month in Doha before starting the sim.
Yes Secret you haven't seen anything yet...

The Secret 14th Feb 2012 12:35

Wow man!, I think that your situation is not normal dude!!!...I know a lot of people that joined the Airline and completed all the procedure in 4 or 5 months!!!.

How is that possible?, could be something about priority in Nationality?.

The last case I know is a woman, 1800 flight hours, applyed in Aug. 2011, interview Oct. 27 and Joined the Airline Jan.5...!!! Amazing, eh?.

A couple of colleagues had more or less the same experience about time to join QR.

By other hand, anyone can give me any advice for the interview?, I heard about just be positive and not to prepare a lot because they want to see "normal people" not authomatic answers...

Thanks a lot for all, and anyone whom join the same date please contact me!.

Tritzo 14th Feb 2012 13:25

my interview was in the very beginning of november. i am happy i got the notice that i passed but still no fleet allocation nor contract. i think gdukkoqs situation is quite usual at the moment. they are just really busy at the moment.
victor 75 is in the same situation as far as i am aware. the only problem is either how to tell your current employer to extend the contract until you are just gone or how to find an employer that you cant tell when to leave, although you most certainly will.

inner 14th Feb 2012 14:52


Can't you have some kind of unemployment fee when you ask your employer to sack you. In the mean time you enjoy your free time available.
I have more or less the same problem. I'm waiting to get an interview but there is a chance that my current employer wants to put me on a new type, with bond ofcourse. I'm trying to delay that as long as possible.

Tritzo 14th Feb 2012 15:38

i would have to sign an attractive contract tomorrow if i dont manage to discuss the package. but i want to go to qatar, not least for personal reasons. the thing is, is it 100% sure that everyone who recieved the good news also gets a contract? if i certainly know the type rating would start in september or sometime around, i could plan accordingly. but as i didnt sign any contract yet with qatar, it makes things difficult. its hard to trust if you have been fooled several times in a similar way (which doesnt implicate that qr would do so, im just saying). and i am only there as second officer. there are not many availabilties at the moment. so if i screw up my backup plan im with the back to the wall. no one knows how long the SO program still goes, i think for now they even locked it again. and people with hours and a typerating get preferred over us - which is only fair - . but therefore i cannot rely on just a positive assessment. ive had positive assessments before, and then - ... nothing. economical crisis, etc.
i should go ride some taxi for the next months.... but even taxi companies have contracts, lol.
any ideas?

upwhereIbelong 14th Feb 2012 19:26

Good Evening
Good Evening Folks.

wanted to get some Information .
My Interview was in january ,so far no news.
One of my fellow "comrade in arms " already recieved , unfortunately, a negative reply approx 3-4 days ago.

your experience ?
Closer to good news ? or just random pace from different recruiters ?


upwhereIbelong 14th Feb 2012 20:27

congrats mate.

Its lot to wait for ,hope also for positive reply .
Just keep waiting ,just scared that my spamfilter will block the email ...:ugh:


The Secret 14th Feb 2012 21:59


Do you know why your colleague didnīt pass?...Did you (you and him) applied for the same position???, which one?.

Thank you very much for all and good luck!.

Iver 14th Feb 2012 22:03


Congrats on the good news! Is it safe to assume that your position/fleet will match your name or will you start out on the Bus?

Also, like the others, did you complete your sim in the 787 or the A320 sim?

steelman 15th Feb 2012 08:30

Hi everyone, just to let people waiting for news know that Qatar are having problems with thier systems which will not be sorted till early next week.

upwhereIbelong 15th Feb 2012 09:25

applied in November ...Interview January ...waitng ...

upwhereIbelong 15th Feb 2012 09:38

To be honest I guess I applied in November but not fully via website ..I updated my profile longer time ago ...
Had an inventation recieved in December for interview in January ..now waiting for hopefully good news.

Anyone ,how long is normally timeline between last stage (simulator) and
1.)negative email?
2.)positve email?

Then I would like to know like "Trizio" ,if the lucky Guy gets a positive email ,since u just get a verbal written offer (nothing signed ) how sure is that ?(I assume most of us are flying somewhere ,and before u quit u want to make sure u have a 100% joboffer:)

Thanks Guys for the answers


Leboeuf 15th Feb 2012 13:20

I applied last March, got invitation mid August.
Did the interview in Doha, got the succesful reply 10 days later.
But at the end I turned down the offer, not enough appealing to me.

gdukkoq 15th Feb 2012 13:23

:cool: LeBoeuf :cool: and where are you working now? With what conditions? :E

gdukkoq 15th Feb 2012 15:23

LeBoeuf let me seriously doubt what you said, it seems to me you never received the contract. In fact you received your failure notice after 10 days. Now it happen to the very best of us to fail an interview, but why you go on and lie about it...
Now if you want to prove us wrong, tell me what was the title of the email when you received the contract, and what documents did they send you with the contract...
Good luck

perritopiloto 15th Feb 2012 16:11

Hi all.
Waiting for the contract.
4 weeks. I know it is normal period.
Just hope it arrives soon.

karioca 15th Feb 2012 18:39


I am waiting as well, interview on the 3rd Jan and good news on the 29th Jan, did not hear anything since then. Matter of waiting...


Twinotterguy 15th Feb 2012 18:55

2 pilots from my airline did their interview in Oct same date and one was called in Jan and the other still waiting despite getting the good news. The former is placed on the 777.

Iver 15th Feb 2012 19:34


Good news for your colleagues. For the one placed on the 777, what was his flying background? Did he have widebody or 777 time?

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