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ADY 25th Mar 2013 15:42

hairyA320 try the site: Human Performance Company & Training Design Specialist. Is the official site of the company which has created the test. Good luck. give me some infos about your invitation for interview: when did you apply, which position, your experience.....

hairyA320 26th Mar 2013 12:33

Thanks, will give it a look.

Max Stryker 27th Mar 2013 09:36

Just a quick question that I would appreciate help with. Is Qatar no longer accepting applications for First Officers due to the size of the holding pool? My account seems to have been deleted (wanted to update) , and I can't find any FO openings on the career site. :sad:

Guam360 27th Mar 2013 12:07

sorry for this seems to be an obvious question maybe... maybe not.
Q3 on the application, it asks do you have a current IR? seriously? is this Instrument rating?

ironbutt57 27th Mar 2013 12:53

sorry for this seems to be an obvious question maybe... maybe not.
Q3 on the application, it asks do you have a current IR? seriously? is this Instrument rating?

yes it does....you flying 360's on Kwajalean?

Guam360 28th Mar 2013 03:32

thx, instrument rating it is then...
no, I am Ca on a 747-400.

loved the Shorts though!! first love..

patrickmehta 28th Mar 2013 10:09

Hi all.. Request a bit of info. Does anyone know if QR has any non poaching agreements with other airlines? It means that if you are from X airline and you want to join QR you cant! Its going around... For eg Emirates and Indigo pilots cant join QR.
Is this just a rumour? And even if its true do you guys think if a pilot who has a joining date with QR, leaves such an airline, serves the whole notice period, gets the NOC (No Objection Certificate) and reports to QR to join that QR will still decline them????
A friend of mine is in such a predicament..
Any thoughts on this??

ironbutt57 28th Mar 2013 11:46

Yah flew it myself 3 decades ago, the "Irish Concorde" anyway you slice it, it comes out square.....

Guam360 28th Mar 2013 17:06

that's right Ironbutt,

"Anyone can fly a round airplane". My crosswind landings are better today because of that plane, LOL !!!

so seriously, does IR mean 'Instrument rating" or 'Instructor rating' or what?

actually I have a bigger fish to fry, but just checking every detail, thx !!

80-87 30th Mar 2013 04:40

does IR mean 'Instrument rating
Yes it does mean Instrument Rating and you receive that after completing a License Skill Test (LST). You will have to complete a type rating course/conversion course to get it.

Guam360 31st Mar 2013 00:08

thanks, I guess I don't have it.
I will check NO, thank you for clearing that up.

Iver 31st Mar 2013 00:34

Guam - with your 747 background I am surprised Emirates or that other large UAE airline hasn't picked you up. At QR I would look for a DEC position if I were in your shoes. EK would still be my top choice in the region.

Good luck!

casablanca 31st Mar 2013 04:15

I would have to say you need to click yes to qualify....if you are type rated and captain on 747 you have to have it! An FAA ATP doesn't specifically say IR but that is included and a requirement to hold ATP privileges.

Guam360 31st Mar 2013 12:02

thanks casa,
yes I assumed so. yes, we all have it if we are flying airplanes for a living, but having it on the application questionnaire part and then asking about it here, seemed a bit odd. finally Iver mentioned a LST, which I have no idea what it is. so I must not have it, if it is a GCC thing, or I am missing something.

what have 1000's of pilots done in the past, this cannot be so ambiguous.

80-87 31st Mar 2013 14:54

The LST is the "License Skill Test' for the type that you are applying for in Qatar. The LST is essentially your final sim check after you've completed all of your training.

The LST is conducted by a TRE who is acting on behalf of the QCAA.

casablanca 31st Mar 2013 18:27

As mentioned above..LST is the equivalent of a type rating.

80-87 1st Apr 2013 03:56


LST is the equivalent of a type rating
WRONG...The LST is the final check-ride leading to the type rating.

Far777 4th Apr 2013 22:54

I heard that He was kicked from office

FMSPEED 5th Apr 2013 13:23

Any rumors about when Qatar is hiring Fo's again through their website ? i really would appreciate it..

supersonic75 6th Apr 2013 12:25

finally.... i got my join date
dear all ...after being in the fd pool for a long time ..i finally got my ( date of join ) October 2013

not type rated // interview mar2012 // offer signed ( FO -A320 ) may2012// fd talent pool July 30, 2012 //

never got any email since the fd talent pool email ...no update emails ..nothing at all .

i hope all the best for all of you .. good luck and hope to see you in doha soon :)

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