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Massi27 19th Feb 2012 15:40

FO position and i have 1500 hours on private jet. I'll try to send them an e-mail, because it seems to me that pass to much time.

Black Pudding 19th Feb 2012 15:50

give them a call and e-mail. Back log in training so they don't want people coming and sitting a long time.

Leboeuf 19th Feb 2012 16:04


Well you got it right...:ok:

Maybe one day I will regret my decision, only time will tell.
I am happy where I am.
But if I can say something to you guys who really want to go there,dont give up take the chances and go very motivated.

drfaust 19th Feb 2012 16:13

Got the positive news today. Yippie. Anyone else from the january ten group got any news?

Just waiting for the fleet allocation now. Gonna be a long sit.

Airb 20th Feb 2012 10:03


safelife 20th Feb 2012 11:01

It won't. They will pretend they never got your request.

blusky75 20th Feb 2012 11:10

I had my joining date and few days before joining i had a problem and couldn t leave my country at that moment..I asked to the Company if it was possible to move my joining date. They helped me a lot and i got a delay, I really appreciated. It s not true they won t help u!

Breakthesilence 20th Feb 2012 17:59

How long does it takes to receive a reply after applying? I did it more than 1 month ago and still waiting for the selection dates.

Airb 20th Feb 2012 22:19

Open day
Is easier and faster to be shortlisted If you go to an open day? I know there is this notebook you write down your name during the open day but I'm not sure it's an advantage going there. They will be in South Africa Early March.

avs2002ie 21st Feb 2012 01:55

Process after Success email?
Hey guys

Could some one please explain what happens once you get the email saying you were successful in the selection process? and approx timelines involved?

Contract first? visa? do you find fleet allocation with contract or once you join there? when will you be given joining date? For normal SO is it pretty much a320 or any outside chance on a different a/c?

Also can I consider this email as if I've got the job? Because in the email they still refer to its an "application is on hold and will get back to you when the training slots are available."

Normal SO - Applied March 2011, update june, shortlist august, interview jan, email feb


ITO 21st Feb 2012 04:21

Congratulations ! Wish you all the best.
It would be interesting though to know if the mention "application is on hold and will get back to you when the training slots are available." is also in the E-mail FTSO, FO get ?

rockycommish 21st Feb 2012 10:27

try try again
Well folks, I may be a gluten for punishment but I have decided to give it another go with QR. I will re apply in September this year.

This time however, I will book an hour at Oxford on the 320.

Redline 21st Feb 2012 10:36

A320 Sim
Or try pmflight dot co dot uk

Cheaper (fixed base ) and a good knowledge of what Qatar expect..

Based Redhill..

blusky75 21st Feb 2012 11:06

don t spend money for the simulator..i don t fly airbus but when i did the simulator i found it very basic...nothing to worry, just follow their suggestions and work the sidestick smoothly

mtr 21st Feb 2012 14:45

Hi to all! Received joining date:O
Interview - Beginning of November
Good News: Beginning of December
Contract: Beginning of February
Joining Date: End of February
Have a nice week!

potatowings 21st Feb 2012 17:28

That's great news MTR. Well done.

When you say joining date end of Feb, was that when they notified you of your joining date or is that when you're joining?

How much notice did you get before your actual start date?

perritopiloto 21st Feb 2012 18:16

Hi all.
How do you manage to notify your company? When you get the contract or when getting starting date?


kingdingeling 21st Feb 2012 19:49


mtr 21st Feb 2012 20:24

Many thanks to all of you!
Potatowings, received confirmation for actual date of joining end of February. I am joining QR in four months.

Airb 21st Feb 2012 20:26

hi MTR,
when did you apply?

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