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upwhereIbelong 27th Feb 2012 10:14

Mine was 22nd.
Like i said before obe had a reply positive already one a negative one.

upwhereIbelong 28th Feb 2012 10:30

Good morning , world !
Anyone with a reply?

ITO 28th Feb 2012 10:43

Nothing at all. Almost touching 7 weeks and as I can read, people that did the interviw mid Jan are receiving replies.

inner 28th Feb 2012 10:52

Nop, approaching the 90 days limit. If i don't hear anything, i consider this as 'not interested' and will go on with my life.

perritopiloto 28th Feb 2012 11:00

nearly 6 weeks after good news.
this waiting is killing me.

ITO 28th Feb 2012 12:11

I think we have to be very patient with them as they did mention during the interview that they are swamped and that we will have to wait. The waiting is killing big time as one doesn't really know what is going on. Just hoping that will hear from them soon but I am thinking that its going to be more than 8 weeks...maybe 3 months before getting something !

F14 28th Feb 2012 12:53

Anyone know where the Type Ratings are conducted? Specifically A320? How long to get on line once training starts?

F14 28th Feb 2012 13:18

Thanks for the reply, what do you do for the 3-4 months?

upwhereIbelong 28th Feb 2012 13:19

smoke some Shisha....:D

F14 28th Feb 2012 14:40

Thanks for the info Bond737.

woodman29 28th Feb 2012 15:39

Hey aviators,
Did the interview 15 of Jan till this day no answer, 7 week now and nothing...
Itīs driving me insane....:ugh:

All the best for everyone waiting...

perritopiloto 28th Feb 2012 16:16

What it worries me a little bit is the time between you get the contract and the day you receive your starting date.
In order to give the notice period in the right time.

Take care

potatowings 28th Feb 2012 16:33

Anyone care to shed some light on the "date of good news" to the "notified of starting date" timeframe, and once told your starting date, how much notice were you able to give.

Just a suggestion which might ease some people's burdens. If you've had the interview and been given good news or are still waiting for any news maybe a brief run down of your experience ie. TT.

I say this because maybe they are prioritising certain hours and then running down the list as people either accept or decline the offer.

ITO 28th Feb 2012 17:59

Apparently it is a different time line for each and every one. Some says it is 4 weeks between each steps, for others it is much more longer than that. Looks like once you have your joining date, it is something like 3 to 4 months later -To read previouse posts.-

potatowings 28th Feb 2012 18:51

Thanks ITO,

I understand the difference is for each. The major question is...

Does your current experience affect your wait time? Or is it seemingly a random factor?

ITO 28th Feb 2012 19:01

No idea !
got 1550TT light aircraft. (SO)

potatowings 28th Feb 2012 20:06

It seems SO's have a longer wait than the FO applicants.

Anyone else care to share?

upwhereIbelong 29th Feb 2012 00:06

Screened for FO,5weeks now:sad:

Flyer1015 29th Feb 2012 07:37

I got the A320! Based at SFO.

Strange how an ATP and 4300 hours couldn't even get me a sniff at Qatar. I'll happily be staying state-side with this new job. :)

ITO 29th Feb 2012 10:05

Talking about waiting time...heard of an SO 330, got his positive answer 6 months after Interview. Joined the airline 13 months after his interview...

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