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upwhereIbelong 29th Feb 2012 11:56

well well well .....lets hope for a more "realistic" timelane.
I really hope they have not just forgotten us ?

Just wrote an email ,trying to find out ,but dont think i will recieve answer .
grinding my teeth ...


Circle 29th Feb 2012 14:15

Joining Qatar Airways all threads joined
UpWhereI belong,
What was your interview date, was it Jan 25th 2012, i was interviewd that day, 5 weeks today, and i have heard nothing, hope this helps.:ok:
Relax......it will come and happen.

ITO 29th Feb 2012 18:20

Then you will have to apply for Fast Track SO. The waiting time is really not a precision science, it can vary from 1 month to 1 year. Its a waiting game, hit and miss.

inner 29th Feb 2012 18:28


I applied beginning of december as fo, still waiting. 90 days limit almost reached. It is about time to get an invitation. Will prob get laid off this year.

inner 29th Feb 2012 19:13


Well, in the first confirmation mail they were stating that if you don't hear anything within 90 days, they are not interested. That's just the theory, some of the applicants got an invitation 1year later.
Later i got a second confirmation mail with a application number but not saying anything more about the 90 day rule. Somehow confusing.

upwhereIbelong 29th Feb 2012 22:29

Well I was Jan 22nd,

So unreal and depressing to wait here and wait and wait.
When is a good timeline to call? Just to make sure youre not allready in the bin since 4 weeks?

If someone from HR and recruiting reads this, have a heart 6 weeks is too long.

speedhold 1st Mar 2012 13:10

Just got back from the interview all pass written and hr part. Group split into two for sim .
Sim is 787 now waiting for response ....

upwhereIbelong 1st Mar 2012 13:55

Congrats mate!
Now back in queue get some popcorn enjoy the ride!
Gonna be a looong one ....

upwhereIbelong 1st Mar 2012 15:13

Grinding and grinding my teeth ! Loooouuiiis

freddi16 3rd Mar 2012 10:28

hi with 9.000 hrs total time 4.000 jet experience,actual position cpt with 2.000 hrs on the left seat,how long it takes to be call for the interview if i apply now,


Black Pudding 3rd Mar 2012 10:34

Can I just say, just because you apply does not mean you will get called for interview. I am getting a little pissed off with people thinking if they apply, sooner or later they will get a call. It does not work like that at all. You may never get called. So those going on about its been 90 days and I have not heard, what makes you think you should have been called ?

freddi16 3rd Mar 2012 10:48

hi bond thanks for your answer check your pm please

thib017 3rd Mar 2012 16:41

Hi guys, I'm in the joining process now,
Does someone could tell me how long does it take to get the work visa?
Thanks and see u in doha;)

gdukkoq 3rd Mar 2012 19:44

it's an average of 3 weeks for the work visa ! See U in Doha !

Axum 4th Mar 2012 06:38

I've applied 3 month ago and no answer. 6000 TT and current on 737 NG.
Are they looking for space station crew? I give up! Good luck for everybody!

ITO 4th Mar 2012 07:43

@ off spring,
Some did receive, others still waiting. 7 weeks for me, still nothing. :ugh::ugh:

Ethiopia 4th Mar 2012 07:58

Same here, still waiting.

ITO 4th Mar 2012 08:03

Which position you applied for Ethiopia ?

perritopiloto 4th Mar 2012 08:27

Waiting the contract for more than 6 weeks.
Should I phone them?
Or. Is it better to wait a little bit more

Take care

gdukkoq 4th Mar 2012 10:03

6 weeks... I waited almost 4 months for the contract... I wasn't lucky.

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