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drfaust 24th Jan 2012 18:58

To SAS321: Maybe they are hiring guys with a few thousand relevant multi crew hours that actually have significant experience and something to contribute, contrary to forking up 50K for a type and a payforyourlinetrainingandgtfo programme. In the end, they have the sims. If they want inexperienced, they will hire SO's or better yet train their own cadets.

Cheers from an ex-DH8D driver. ;)

etravis82 24th Jan 2012 20:58

AKing, I interviewed the 28th of Dec as well and havent heard anything even after emailing them to follow up with the results. Everyone Iv talked to over there has said its taken them 5 months from interview to class date. After reading the forums thats starting to sound like the exception, not the rule.

Black Pudding 25th Jan 2012 00:39

Forgot to mention, another reason for people wanting to leave is because their wives don't like it here and they rerurn back to their home country, thus husbands eventually follow. Must say though, lots of ex pat wifes do like it here, not all, but some do.

Happy wife, happy life

speedhold 25th Jan 2012 01:20

Would any f/o at Qatar. Plz inbox me a schedule on the 320 just wanted to see what a typical schedule looks like for a f/o and of.course blank out personal info ...

mtr 25th Jan 2012 06:25

Well done Black Pudding!!
Well done Black Pudding!!!Everything vey well said!!

Expat Pilot 25th Jan 2012 06:33

Black Pudding,

Thanks for the input as I am looking more for facts. Can you or anyone give me some idea on the 777 roster such as 5 on/away, 2 off/at home? roughly how many times would I see my family in a month?

As to individuals getting sacked....Is this really stupid stuff or just in general dumb things? Because I have done allot of dumb things in my life.

Does training have a high failure rate or is it somewhat rare? I do understand that you must prepare for a check ride. Any help is appreciated.

SAS-A321 25th Jan 2012 08:45

To DrFaust: I am quite sure that QR HR will sort out people who have paid for line training. I will not be one of them.
There is actually also low experienced pilots who can contribute with something, just like there are experienced guys who do not contribute with anything. It is the job of QR to figure out who is the right for their company.

maddog37 25th Jan 2012 16:03

This will cost you a beer....
If you continue on the bottom of the page says Click here to apply now , and after that just click on SO fast track you will read this:

We are currently hiring Second Officers - Fast Track on aircrafts which flies to destinations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Venice, Shiraz, Aleppo, Bucharest, Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. In order to be considered for a position, our minimum requirements are
  • Valid ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL
  • Valid Class One Medical
  • ICAO English Proficiency Minimum level 4
  • Experience Commensurate With Age
  • Meet atleast one category of the flying experience listed below:
    • A Minimum of 1000 hrs on a modern multi pilot, multi engine, turboprop aircraft greater than 12,000 kg MTOW
    • A Minimum of 300 hours on a multi engine, multi crew jet aircraft
    • A Minimum of 1500 hours on a multi crew multi engine helicopter
    • A Minimum of 2000 hours Pilot in Command on single engine, single crew turboprop aircraft (Multi Crew Co-operation Certificate required).
Good luck!

gdukkoq 25th Jan 2012 17:32

Apply as a FTSO and if succesful by the time of joining if you get your 1000hrs jet mark you will join as FO, that's what I'm hoping to do, as I'm waiting for joining date and 4 months away from the 1000hrs jet mark.


Chuck Noris 25th Jan 2012 19:30

Kim I'm not sure I follow you. You don't want to be SO for more then 4 month but you don't know what SO's are doing at QR?:ugh:

Do I get it right?

speedhold 25th Jan 2012 19:48

Is the first officer interview a 1 day thing or a few days can anyone please tell me

Chuck Noris 25th Jan 2012 20:01

Only one day

gdukkoq 26th Jan 2012 02:28

Why don't you listen lil Kim! If you apply as a FTSO and you get FO hrs by joining they will upgrade you. But if you apply as FO without the hrs you will totally discredit yourself with QR. Be honnest or it won't work with QR.

StephanK 26th Jan 2012 09:25

Another question ,

What plates does QR use for the sim assesment ? Jeppesen or EAG ? Thanks !

tripjet320 26th Jan 2012 11:02

Hello guys !

Can someone tell me if they hire FO directly on 330/340 and if they pay for the 320-330/340 CCQ when you are only 320 type rated ?

Many thanks !

VintageRed 27th Jan 2012 11:29

If you've "accepted" the offer from Qatar, but prior to arriving in Doha to start the job, you've changed your mind (family issues) and dont want to go, are you still liable for anything?

The way i see it is that you havent actually signed the employment contract yet and havent actually commenced work, therefore your not bound to anything.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Black Pudding 27th Jan 2012 12:55

StephanK Jeppesen LHR

tripjet320 Bonded CCQ

VintageRed No

YV757 27th Jan 2012 13:03

Relocation, moving allowance??
Hi folks.

I'm joining QR pretty soon, and I wanted to know if they offer a relocation, moving, furniture allowance. Because during the interview they said that we would get a fully furnished company accommodation...but later in the process they sent an e-mail saying that we would get a temporary accommodation for 30 days and we would have to look for our own place and then notify to collect the HRA....but they didn't mention anything about how to furnish or equip the new house...anyone? Thanks!

tripjet320 27th Jan 2012 13:29

Black Pudding, Do you know what experience they want to go directly on the 330/340 when you are only 320 experienced ?


Black Pudding 27th Jan 2012 13:29


Most places you rent here are furnished. Best thing to do is send your cargo at a later date when you know where your going to be living or if it arrives, don't unpack it until you remove.

You do not get any allowance for removing. Its not big deal as plenty of van drivers around willing to help you move for cash in hand LOL

You do not get any allowance for furnishings either as most rent furnished places.

Would not worry about it and wait unti you get here and then have a good look around. Are you coming alone or with a family and if with a family, are you planning on them coming to Doha the same time as you or at a later date ?

You get cargo allowance for you, your wife and for each child you have and you dont have to use it straight away, you can use it up to 12 months after arriving, so you can come with a couple of cases to begin with and then return to your home country withing 12 months and send out whatever you can using the sum of your cargo allowance.

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