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CLOUD999 7th Jan 2013 17:41

Thanks Scruff, im trying to work out how the present advert can achieve its April or shortly thereafter start deadline, since it was only placed on Xmas eve. Given a standard 3 month notice period things would have to move pretty fast for selection.
I will wait and see :hmm:

Interview Question.. Name 10 bad points about yourself ... No1 - can be impatient at times :D

scruff 7th Jan 2013 17:58

I haven't seen the new advert,therefore don't know the requirement.

What I can say is that the interview is very freindly and its an enjoyable day with Qatar Airways.I can't find anything negative with them,except a little patience required,due to there rather large recruitment.

I hope you get an interview and enjoy the 5 star treatment while on interview.

Good luck and enjoy.

I have only positive views so far cloud999 as a DEC.

Non rev 7th Jan 2013 19:50

Just spoke with one of the recruiters and they stated Qatar has suspended hiring for FO's and may resume late summer.

DaCosta 7th Jan 2013 20:03

Are they gonna suspend the aircraft orders too?
Otherwise, who will fly the new aircraft?

CLOUD999 7th Jan 2013 20:31

Good to hear your positive comments scruff. With such large expansion I am sure patience will be required at times, but I am sure thats nothing new to most of us.
I hope I get the chance to see for myself, despite some adverse comments on this forum I see a lot of good points with QR, it suites my personal situation also, hence the application.

speedhold 7th Jan 2013 20:54

@non rev
who did u talk to can u pm please. And is it for non type rated FO or SO

SAS-A321 7th Jan 2013 22:06

P.S:To NTSOs, maybe not a bad idea to get a A320 type rating while you’re waiting to put yourself at the same level of CTC’s or Tunisian guys already type-rated?
That would just be a waste of money, since QR requires the rated pilots with less than 500 hours on type to redo the type rating. This is one of the things causing the huge backlog they have in their training department.

scruff 8th Jan 2013 07:07


The informative experience given was for the interview only!

GgW 8th Jan 2013 07:40

Just spoke with one of the recruiters and they stated Qatar has suspended hiring for FO's and may resume late summer.

Are they gonna suspend the aircraft orders too?
Otherwise, who will fly the new aircraft?
Look at their fleet and orders page here.

Its has not been updated for a while now because the have 5x B787 and not 1.
But they have received about (from memory) 7-9 A320 in 2012. So I think they wil receive another 7 A320 (classics) this year. They will also get another 5 B787's and lets take a wild guest of 7 B777. That gives them 7+7+5 =19 frames for 2013. Times that with 18 ( 9 Capt's and 9 FO's per aircraft) you will get a possible 342 pilots for the year(2013).When I was interviewed they said they need 700 pilots in 2013:ugh: So unless QR already have a few 100 FO's and FT/NT SO, walking around Doha at the moment doing nothing or are currently in training I cannot see them stop/suspend recruiting FO's.

Next year they will receive the last few A320's and the first A380 will arrive in January 2014. So the only really big deliveries will be the B787 and the B777. Because there is going to be quite a long time before the A320(neo) and A350 will arrive in Doha.

This is just what I think but stand to be corrected.

iQatar 8th Jan 2013 08:10

Qr is advertising for A320 Captains on their website.

DaCosta 8th Jan 2013 10:32

Times that with 18 ( 9 Capt's and 9 FO's per aircraft) you will get a possible 342 pilots for the year(2013).
And don't forget the ones who leave the airline every year.

One question, the pilots for Qatar Amiri and Qatar Executive come from the same recruitment of Qatar Airways or they have their own recruitment?

robusto 8th Jan 2013 13:00

I am an A320 DEC, 8000TT, 4500 on type, waiting since late March 2012, no job offer, August update received, but since then no news. Currently unemployed. Has any DEC already received the November update? A reply will be appreciated. Thank you! I am about to take another job...it is really bad and sad to be treated like this..we are professionals after all..

casablanca 8th Jan 2013 15:11

The no update is aggravating to say the least! It is hard to plan your future like that, and I would say it may not be good to turn down a job.....however like you I had no update in November as was promised and all of a sudden had job offer late December. This followed closely to them advertising 777 Decs on website. Now they are advertising for 320 Decs....you may already be in the pipeline. Just something to consider and maybe you can try to contact them if you really need to make a decision.

I am not sure but I "think" that Qatar Airways and Qatar Executive recruitment are linked together...I am basing this off of my interview experience when the recruiters asked the group...Do we have anyone here today from the executive side?

robusto 8th Jan 2013 15:17

@ Casablanca.
Thank you very much for the information. To be honest that advertisement made me mad..Good luck my friend. All the best.

Basset hound 8th Jan 2013 18:09

I am currently involved in the recruitment process for a position with Qatar Executive. All of the correspondence I've received from them is signed by someone in the recruitment office at Qatar Airways.

TwoTone-7 8th Jan 2013 20:12

Presently, requirements are for DEC Widebody.

Yes, recruitment for QR and Executive is done together and same department. Once joining, you deal with different people all together. QR and Executive are same. Amiri is different.

Nick 1 10th Jan 2013 10:00

Transport: Tunisair cuts personnel to avoid crisis
1,700 over a total of 8,500 to be cut in two years
07 JANUARY, 15:12

(ANSAmed) - Tunis, January 7 - The management of debt-stricken Tunisian air carrier Tunisair is preparing to implement a plan to tackle a crisis which started in the months following the revolution in spite of a growing number of passengers.

The crisis, said the airline's President and Director General Ranah Jrad, is mostly due to the cost of personnel - 8,500 workers - which is considered too high for a company which is strongly penalized by its old planes and has too few resources for a renewal plan that would make it more competitive. A first step will be to cut down the number of workers by 1,700 units, 20% of the total. The first consequences of this bi-annual plan (2013-2014) will become effective in the coming months when 329 workers who are retiring will not be replaced. The management of Tunisair has said the company could be hiring workers for short periods of time if necessary. According to Jrad, the measures will enable the company to save 165 million euros which, together with the growth in the number of passengers in 2012, could open a positive new phase. Unions however are gearing up for battle and have accused the state of not holding dear the future of Tunisair as proven by the recent concession to Qatar Airways of favourable conditions at the international airport of Tunis.

The Tunisian airline is planning to boost connections in the African continent and will soon inaugurate a flight connecting Tunisia to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burkina Faso. The airline will however need more capital which Jdar said will be brought from the current 53 million euros to 90 million - an announcement which seems to imply the arrival of a strategic partner given that the state, the company's main shareholder, is debt-stricken. (ANSAmed)

iQatar 10th Jan 2013 12:39

In the December 2012 issue of Flight Training News , a QR Captain. Has confirmed that in partnership with CTC, they will start a training programme for the MPL. It will start in the Spring of 2013. And they will start with a initial requirement of 72 pilots per year. Apparently they have been planning this for 2 years now.

Sorry I could not find a internet link to this. QR must be really pleased with the 18 candidates they have received from CTC to go to this extend. They also said selection will be open for all nationalities.

At least what that means is they still do need a lot of pilots. Because the MPL's would only be ready by begining 2015.

twapilot1971 10th Jan 2013 22:14

Offer Recived.
Hi all,

I received the offer of employment for 777 DEC on January 6th. I interviewed first week of May 2012. So they are finally getting through the pool for Captains.

captain.weird 11th Jan 2013 08:55

So you are saying that the MPL Programme will be open for all nationalities right? What will happen to the sponsorship programme for the Qataries that do their training at FTE?

Btw, is the MPL Programme fully sponsored, part sponsored or is it all for the student?

Thanks man.. Good news.

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