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TwoTone-7 13th Jan 2012 15:52

Second officers QR 6000.

Black Pudding, I would say your statement is uneducated in saying you cannot find anywhere anywhere fit to live for QR 6000. A place on the "prestigious" pearl will set you back 8000. Places near the airport and Najma, Bin Mahmud area can be had for much less. I'm assuming in your case you will not be joining if you are to receive QR 6000 accomodation allowance?

If I remember rightly, Second Officers term time can last upto about 8 months from start of training. After which you will be elegible for QR10000.

Aero Crew Solutions 13th Jan 2012 23:13

An update on hiring at Qatar Airways. I just spoke to the recruiter in person and he is stating that Qatar needs to hire 720 pilot for 2012. He expects that number to remain the same in future years. I hope to have a detail report on hiring soon.

captain.weird 13th Jan 2012 23:52

Will they hire normal SO's too? So not for the fast track?

Black Pudding 14th Jan 2012 06:00


I have been working for Qatar for 2 years now. I lived in The Holiday Villa for a while and now at Ain Khalid Gate. My wife loves it there.

What I am trying to say is that if this company treated everyone as First Officers from day one, they would get more people coming. Paying half until someone is line checked is doing nothing but saving a very very ammount of cash at the risk of not getting people to come.

I know the Pearl very well and its not for everyone. Some of my friends have moved there and they love it.

By the way, Strong Car hire are very good, I've been renting from them since I got here

Soap Box Cowboy 14th Jan 2012 09:51

You sure you haven't tagged on an extra 0 ? Looking at the prices you wrote they want 26000 dollars for a studio flat.

I've gone online and found a two bedroom fully furnished flat at the Pearl for about 13000 QAR per month.

flycheaper 14th Jan 2012 09:55

So it's exactly what Two-T is saying....those price are by year so for 12x8000= 96000 QR it fit perectly the picture;-)

skull 14th Jan 2012 10:37


Just relax and take a deep breath ;)
Quoted prices are based on a one-year rental contract and prices are advertised as total yearly amounts not as monthly amounts! Westerners like me are not used to that and I too was kind of surprised at first glance. You'll see that the housing allowance offered by QR still lets you with a lot of options to choose from.

All the best

pilotcpb 14th Jan 2012 15:48

So if I have to use the 10k allowance when I join, can eventually get into company accommodation? FWIW I was planning on getting into Ain Khalid Gate or a similar location with a spacious furnished pad and plenty of expats....

Flytdeck 14th Jan 2012 21:13

Just received a notice verifying the housing situation. Now "as per contract" will receive one month in hotel THEN 12,000/mo housing allowance for DEC. Anticipate the best course of action is to stay in hotel or apartment hotel type accommodation on a month to month basis until training is complete. This might also present an opportunity for the spouse to have a look around and find a mutually acceptable domicile.

The Pearl is making some news recently about them going "dry" in the commercial areas and cancelling the weekly social gathering. What is up with that?

Anyone have any comments on the Zig-Zag?

inner 15th Jan 2012 02:58

This week i got the bad news from my company they will probably sack people in my company. In the mean time i'm already waiting for 1 month and 1 week after submitting my application. No reaction so far. Restless nights for me. How long are you already waiting after submitting your application??

stud7094 15th Jan 2012 03:19

Ihave been waiting 9 weeks since finishing my app.

flyforfood1 15th Jan 2012 10:05


I flew with a guy who used to live at Zig-Zag and he said it was a huge mistake, he said the walls are cracking as the ground is still settling underneath plus the 'locals' just leave all their trash laying outside in the lobby areas and that the place stunk to high heaven.


As for the Pearl it's only 'dry' in the restraunts you can still enjoy a beer or six on your balcony. :ok:

FlyTCI 15th Jan 2012 10:22

Originally Posted by flyforfood1 (Post 6960308)
As for the Pearl it's only 'dry' in the restraunts you can still enjoy a bear or six on your balcony. :ok:

There are bears in Qatar, and you keep them on your balcony? :}

Sorry, couldn't resist. Back to original programming..

loren2005 15th Jan 2012 10:48

Hi Flytdeck:

Do you Know about 12000Dh is a temporary solution or it is going to be the way from now?

the utility allowance, 400Dh, are included int he amount of 12000Dh or not?

Thank for your update

HighRider 15th Jan 2012 10:50

90 days
OK, I suppose there is still hope then if the 90 days rule no longer apply.

I was wondering about the Iran issue,- what is the take down there regarding this? I mean it can't be good for the local economy when they start rattling their sabres like that.

victor75 15th Jan 2012 11:09

Hi all !
Me again without any news from them !! desesperate.. passed the 3rd November and still waiting for the news.

RK303 15th Jan 2012 13:40

We use to say that guys who failed their interview= 2 week quick notification. Those who succeed= around 3 to 6 week notification.

I suspect that there is a third category (which is for me the worst one ever) of people who are totally out of this range without any information of success or failure after their interview.

I do perfectly understand that due to the huge backlog at QR, people may have to wait much more longer to have their fleet allocation and date of joining or some FO and DEC do receive everything quickly due to the high priority.

But I do not understand at all why there is a bunch of guys who don’t even receive a feedback regarding their interview results when the rate of interviews are perfectly maintain and well organize. I would be also surprise if the backlog have an impact on giving a simple answer to people who already attempt their interview…
It’s just a matter for people to know clearly if they’re in or out of the game, and I believe it save time and energy for everyone.
Personaly I will never call the HR department every week to get a feedback being sure that in such airline company, people perfectly know what they are doing.

So the question is, is there anyone who knows or can explain why/if this third category does exist? (I’m sure somebody here knows and perhaps may deliver few guys from this terrible situation)

For information, official time to receive an answer was clearly state during the interview=>3 to 4 weeks. (Me entering in week 6 and suppose to consider this as a fail :ouch:)

Hamid_27 15th Jan 2012 14:07

Hey RK303,

It's been 6 weeks for me since my SO interview too.:*

I know a few other people from my interview who have also been waiting, I'm assuming the delay is because of the holidays. I emailed them and they said they will get back with a response as soon as practical.


rockycommish 15th Jan 2012 15:10

Still no news..passed the 27th November

trackalpha 15th Jan 2012 17:41

Good News versus No News
Anybody have any good news like a contract offer and start date lately, lots of people posting about not receiving any news lately, it appears to me the hiring process might have grounded to a halt, perhaps aircraft deliveries aren`t scheduled until the second half of this year and there is no need for hiring right now, 787`s don`t come until second half of the year, anybody know delivery schdedule for 777`s this year? Now many, when? Any other ideas?

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