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inner 15th Jan 2012 16:59

Trackalpha, i was at the open days of qr. They told us simply to have a lot of patience. They confirmed they need a lot of pilots.

gredenko 15th Jan 2012 17:07

If you made it through the sim, you haven't "passed" anything. They have a new system where they take most pilots (unless you absolutely bombed one of the three portions) all the way through the sim, and then aggregate the scores. Then they take the total score and produce a cutoff line vis-a-vis the other candidates. From that, we were told there's about a 10%-30% acceptance rate.

victor75 15th Jan 2012 18:06

10 to 30% acceptance rate after having passed all the process??? and after 2months and 2 weeks of waiting!! really??

Doesn't sounds great at all!

rich974 15th Jan 2012 18:56

success rates

You talk about success rates but do you not think that a company seeking a large number of pilots has an interest in hire all those who meet their criteria even if it generates 100 percent successful on a session.

Nothing guarantees them that the day after the candidates will be better.

maddog37 15th Jan 2012 20:09

Just to make it clear for some of you, guys...
We were 11(mixed FO and FSO with 1 DEC) doing the assesment. All of us passed the exam, 7 of us passed the interview(the DEC failed as well a FO with A320 time), after the sim 5 got the job. It takes from 1 week to 7(my case) to get an answer.
After that you have to wait one month more, or even more, to get the contract. As soon as you send it back, they will tell you when you go join them.
I guess is quite significant that a DEC and a FO with A320 hours were failed; QR needs pilots but not at any price,you should get to a minimun level...
This is only my experience and for sure it is different from others, so take it like it is, an example

Gutter Airways 15th Jan 2012 20:53

victor75 and others, do not get caught up in the percentages. Did you know, statistics show that 75% of all statistics are made up! :ooh: Geddit?

Just go and do the best you can do. Prepare and give a good presentation of yourself. Plenty of accurate information on here regarding what to expect in the assessment. They are not looking for anything special, just a well-rounded NORMAL individual, who in the case of a FO/SFO has the ability to self-critique and develop, and the patience to stand the work environment at QR, and life in Doha!

Good luck to you all.

victor75 15th Jan 2012 20:57

Thanks gutter airways but I jave already passed everything. Now I am just waiting for an answer! it will be 3 months in 2 weeks and I don't even have a yes or no pass!! Kind of weird though if you think that many got there answers 2 or 3weeks later!

drfaust 16th Jan 2012 00:36

Gredenko, where do you get that from? We were told nothing of the sort on assessment day. They told us you progress per stage. I was literally told during interview that if my sim was ok, all would be well. Might just be me, but it sounds like a load of BS for an airline that is trying to get 750 bums on seats this year whilst not having achieved recruitment targets last year. They even told our group they were actively trying to reel people in as opposed to push them out.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong! I'm hoping for it anyway.

TwoTone-7 16th Jan 2012 05:39

At the point that you do the sim check. The only thing stopping you from getting the job is failing the simulator ride.

Flytdeck 16th Jan 2012 05:45

Qatar housing
Loren 2005:

Received an eMail telling me that I would be given one month at a hotel, then would be expected to provide my own accommodation as they would start paying me my allowance (12,000 for DEC).

The utility allowance (400) is not included in the 12,000.

That is all the information that I was given. It does say in the contract that company housing is provided at their discretion.

Hopefully us newcomers can put something together for those following. We all know how difficult it can be to find accommodation in a foreign country especially while gearing up for exams.:(


Thanks for the comments. Will avoid the ZigZag. We are looking at the Pearl. Would you give me an idea of the commute time to the airport (max, min, and normal)? It looks looks impressive on the 'net. Are the construction and facilities OK...

Besides the balcony beer call, is there any social activity in the area. Hate to leave my wife alone with my beer and with nothing else to do..:ooh:

The store does stock brands other than American beer I hope...?

flyforfood1 16th Jan 2012 07:27


Yes the pearl is probably one of the nicest locations in Doha, you won't get as much for your money in terms of space though compared with some of the other locations around Doha, tbh it feels like living on a marina in the Mediterranean somewhere, some really nice boats/yachts moored up there.

For you wife, there is obviously a large pool sunbathing area, plenty of top designer shops so she can spend all you winnings, nice big gym....other than that I'm sure she'll meet other people who are in the same position there that seems to be what happens with most. There is a new supermarket there too now so you won't have to trek out in traffic every time you need groceries.

The commute can be anything from 20/25mins to 45/50mins and that is purely down to traffic, depending which fleet you go on will determine who many times you'll be making that commute.

Once you get your liquor licence QDC sell all types of beer/lager from Corona to Miller to Bud etc I'm sure you'll find something to satisfy:ok:

Black Pudding 16th Jan 2012 07:29


I know a few guys who live at the pearl. Its a nice place, but very quiet. My wife says that she would be unhappy there as its not really busy enough for her. I would strongly suggest you hire a car when you get here and have a good look around as there are 100's of compounds all over Doha.

I would say best thing to do is not panic and take your time renting somewhere and let your wife decide where she wants to live. Happy wife, happy life. I lived in Holiday Villa for a long time which was great. It was 10 mins from work. When my wife moved here, she wanted to move as it was too much like a hotel. I am now at Ain Khalid Gate which is better for my wife as the facilities are great. Its a pain for me to travel to work in rush hours as it can take 45 minutes to an hour max.

As for travelling from the Perl to work, it can take anything from 20 mins to an hour in rush hour.

TwoTone-7 is correct, if you get to the sim, you have passed the interview I guess, but they do not tell you if you have passed the sim or not. You have to wait for contact from them.

Flytdeck 16th Jan 2012 19:25

Good information
FlyforFood1 and Black Pudding:

Thanks for your time and assistance. Excellent information. Being one of the older breed they are hiring at the moment, quiet doesn't sound too bad :).

Interesting that Qatar is hiring quite a few in the 55+ age group (some age 61+). It will make it a lot easier for the F/Os to upgrade once they have some flying time under their belts as the seniors retire.

Snowing outside :mad:. Got to go shovel the driveway or I'll never get out of here later! Thanks again posters....

speedhold 16th Jan 2012 21:25

i got an invite for the interview for F/O and email them back a few days ago replying with airport to which i will be flying out off and passport info/file I haven't received anything else from them when should i get info on what to bring etc....

maddog37 16th Jan 2012 22:48

One week before the interview... prepare logbook, medical, licence, passport, MCC, ATPL certificate, reference letters, and any other paper/document/certificate that you think will be helpful. If you need a flight connection just send them an email in order to get the exact timetable.
By the way, how long ago did you applied?

speedhold 16th Jan 2012 23:13

I applied in Nov
Invite Feb
Yhe wifey is gonna come with can we get a visa at the airport for het
I sent them my passport info and also confirming that I will be there for interview
Gonna jumpseat to jfk to get the flight from there are u based here in the states

StephanK 17th Jan 2012 15:40

@Speedhold ,

Will you be at Feb 13th for the interview ?

karioca 17th Jan 2012 17:01

Hi all,

Has anybody who attend selection on the 3rd Jan heard anything about them yet?


perritopiloto 18th Jan 2012 10:40

Hi all!
Now on 5th week since interview!
I know it can take longer but willing to hear from them shortly.
Applied for FO, rated on A320.


KBC 18th Jan 2012 13:26

Just submitted an online application this past Sunday. Does anyone know the timeline to follow and how long it will take for a response? Thank you.


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