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YV757 27th Jan 2012 14:59

Thank you Black Pudding.

I already made contact with some realtors in Doha, and a soon as I arrive and I'm done with my initial paperwork, etc., I will arrange a meeting for a look around. I'm coming alone first, and in a few months, my wife with the kids.

I guess that we will do as you recommend, and use the cargo allowance gradually.

I hope to see you soon in Doha. Cheers!

Black Pudding 27th Jan 2012 15:14

Not 100% sure you can use it gradually, so before you do, enquire or you may have used it once and then your stumped. You can ask about this in HR when you have arrived.

YV757 27th Jan 2012 15:34

Ok. I will do that. Thanks! :ok:

F14 27th Jan 2012 15:44


Any heads up on which realtors are good? Also who take care of the deposit and realtor fees?

YV757 27th Jan 2012 16:44

I don't know yet
Hey F14,

I don't know yet. I just e-mailed Century 21 Qatar, and they said that as soon as I'm established, to give them a call so they can give me a tour. Try also Qatar Real Property and Better Homes.

As for the fees and commissions....also don't know....but I guess we're the ones running with that expense...

gdukkoq 27th Jan 2012 17:37

YV757 you are lucky, how long ago was your interview ? Which fleet are you going to join ? (FO I suppose)

FMSPEED 28th Jan 2012 01:39

Hey guys, i've been reading a lot, this thread lately, but i can't seem to find if Qatar would take guys to the FO position having around 1000 to 1200 hours on regional jets ..such as Embraers and CRJ's with MTOW over 30 tons. Any help is appreciated.

Regards !

CDNATPL 28th Jan 2012 03:09

FMSPEED: Are you kidding? do you really not know the answer to that? not only is your answer on the Qatar web site but its also on the page previous to this one.

First officers
Minimum of 1,000 hours in one of the following categories:
Multicrew, multiengine jet aircraft

Command of turbo-prop above 20,000 kg MTOW
High performance military jets
Valid ICAO ATPL or frozen ATPL
Valid instrument rating
Valid Class 1 medical
Minimum level 4 ICAO English proficiency

Homo Ludens 28th Jan 2012 05:36

- Best option: rent from the landlord - no extra fees. It does not have to be a private, single property ouner - take a look at Al Emadi Enterprizes, the biggest real estate ouner and developer in the accomodation market. Or at least one of.
- If you need to do it with a realtor - try Homes2Rent. They advertize themselves as 'british manadget company'. Low prices, good servise, not so grate locations, but my information on them is about 3 years old. May be the situation changed...
Good luck and remember - there are a lot of places available now, it's a 'buyer's' market, so choose carefully, take you time.

Hobbsmeter 28th Jan 2012 06:27

Hi everyone!

I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster. I just wanted to share the good news that I got offered an A320 FO position this week!

I interviewed in early December, got the good news eMail 6 weeks later and surprisingly I got the contract/offer eMail just 2 weeks after that! I'm still in the process of filling it out and emailing it back to HR.

A little about me: Mid 30's, married, American. Currently a downgraded RJ FO with about 8500 hours TT.

The wife and I are very excited about this. Me for obvious reasons and her because her life-long dream was to travel to/study in the Middle East.

Anyway, thanks to all who posted in this thread and elsewhere, your help has been much appreciated. I'll be posting a lot more in the near future as I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions to ask, but I'll also be more than happy to share my experiences and hopefully provide some answers as well. :ok:

inner 28th Jan 2012 07:18

8 weeks from now i've submitted my application (fo). So far not 1 single reply.

Who beats me??

AKing 28th Jan 2012 11:40

Hi HobbsMeter,

When exactly in December did you do your interview? I did mine on the 28th December.


thib017 28th Jan 2012 11:42


I had to wait 10 weeks before getting the inviation, 7 for the interview (15th november), 3 for the positive feedback (6th december) and finally 7 to get the contract (yesterday)!
They are just overbooked! A friend told me that they're receiving more than 2500 applications/month!!!!!!!

stud7094 28th Jan 2012 11:46

I do...10 weeks for me no invite...:ugh:

Tobbyads 28th Jan 2012 12:32

Hi there...

I just wanted to ask if there is anybody else with the start date 5th of february!? ;-)
I am leaving germany next saturday.
Would be great to see anybody of you guys over there.

(A320 F/O)....

All the best!

2low2fast 28th Jan 2012 18:55

Hi all,

I am starting on the 4th of Marsh (FO A320), anyone else?

zerotohero 28th Jan 2012 21:55

Fleet and Notice
When do QR ask you to give your required notice to current company?

Is it after fleet allocation? reason been if I apply I want long haul fleet not A320 so I would like to not give any notice until I know as I would say thanks but no thanks on the 320.

Black Pudding 29th Jan 2012 06:21

Zerotohero. What you get offered in your offer letter and what you get may be 2 different things. Read the offer and it will say that at any time, then can switch your fleet allocation due to demands at the time, so if they offered you 330 or 777 and then they switch you to 320 after you get here, don't say you did not know this could happen. Its happened in the past. Some came for the 777 and got switched to the 330 or 320. Some came for the 320 and got switched to the 330. Best thing for you to do is if its going to be a big deal, don't except the job and let someone else take your place that would be happy to come here and fly and of the aircraft Qatar Airways operate.

Well done to all those who have been offered start dates and look forward to seeing you here in Doha.

FMSPEED get your application in as its true.

victor75 29th Jan 2012 09:34

Hi guys!

I finaly got the good news after 3months of waiting!! I applied in jully 2011, interview SO 3rd November and the good news 24th January!
I'm now waiting for contracts etc..
Could you tell me if I have to answer to the good news email or not?
What will be the next step?

Thanks all !+++

gdukkoq 29th Jan 2012 10:05

Finally. Victor great. I'm still waiting for contract 4 months next week. You don't have to reply, but doesn't hurt to answer.

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