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Daft Wader 2nd Jan 2012 17:58

B777 Routes



Plus various others such as AUH AMM BAH



Sure that I have missed some too

Daft Wader


Flytdeck 2nd Jan 2012 21:44

B777 route information
Thanks Daft. Starting as DEC in February and that is great information. If you are willing, would like to know more about the Health and Dental Insurance coverage. Need to know if I have to arrange supplemental insurance before I leave home. Little information seems to be forthcoming from Qatar Airways (no replies, suspect they are swamped).

Thanks again for the destination information. Should be interesting! Had to look up four of the codes! :ooh:

maddog37 2nd Jan 2012 22:06

Dental, pregnancy and something more that I am missing is not included.... hope it helps!

Flytdeck 3rd Jan 2012 01:01

Thanks Madog. Lots of questions, not many answers. My wife and I have the feeling we are parachuting into unknown territory. The contract offer left a lot of blank areas which, in my experience, is somewhat unusual when joining an airline. :confused:

The interview process and people we met were great. Looking forward to starting but could certainly use a bit more in the way of information to help with planning.

Will be following this thread closely.....:ok:

Black Pudding 3rd Jan 2012 11:16


Get your teeth checked and polished before you come here. I would not use a dentist here unless I had to and I get my checked every 12 months back in the UK when I can. I would not take my horse to a dentist in Doha.

Congrats to you and all getting the good news. I understand peoples frustration but there is a massive back log in training. Trust me, they need people but can't get you here and through the training quick enough, not because they don't want too, but because they only have so much capacity and flight available for training. Its like a gearbox with no oil in it. its beginning to grind to a halt as it was not oiled enough when it should have.

gdukkoq 3rd Jan 2012 12:20

I would love to join and only feel positive about QR, but this wait is really getting in my system, 12 weeks waiting on fleet allocation and contract FTSO, told me again today still processing... Killing me...

ManualFlight 3rd Jan 2012 15:08

Good evening!

I have just completed the application as F/O - it worked fine and submission was confirmed also.

...for those who have experienced "Job is no longer available" within the last days....

Background: >2500 TT, medium jet & looking for a more or less secure job since my company (subsidary of an european legacy carrier) might lay off people later this spring....

Kind regards all!

RK303 3rd Jan 2012 16:56

For those who've already received their fleet allocation, does your contract include a firm date of joining taking into account your notice period ?

Or are you still waiting to know when you'll start your training?

Deconneur 3rd Jan 2012 17:03


Same here!

Really loved the interview process and people were very amicable.Also, I think Qatar is a great Airline
On the other hand, I felt like i didn't get precise info or brochures about medical, insurances, schooling.....
my belief is that Qatar is growing rapidly and they need more people and resources to handle that massive expansion. This relates to HR, pilots, engineers... Once they get everything in control, Qatar Airways will be THE AIRLINES.
Meanwhile, I feel like going into a labyrinth hoping for a great outcome.

The Grand Deconneur

Black Pudding 3rd Jan 2012 17:54


I feel for you, but don't worry

Mega backlog in everything here in Doha. Lots going through training at the moment and not enought trainers or flights to get everyone through quick enough.

Be thankful you have not failed.

Are you working at the moment ?

You should plan that it could be a couple of months before you get here.

You will be ok

Flytdeck 3rd Jan 2012 19:51


Replied to your PM but your inbox is not accepting messages. Send me another message if you can clear up the problem or send your email address.

inner 3rd Jan 2012 20:00

Small question: if you want to update your data, do you just have to save it or do you need again to submit it, with the risk that you have to start again waiting 90 days?

Flytdeck 3rd Jan 2012 20:02

Horse dentist?
Thanks for the suggestion on the Dentist. Fortunately I do not own a horse ;) Hopefully the Doctors are better. Will make sure that all teeth are functioning and accounted for prior to leaving. Usually visit our local dentist every six months for inspection and cleaning (we have a great dental plan here).

Still not sure about the medical/dental coverage provided but will stock up on the extended benefits here before leaving until we find out how it works.

RSaltre 3rd Jan 2012 23:46

Got the good news yesterday.. Fleet allocation in 6 weeks!!!

Iver 4th Jan 2012 02:06

Good job RSaltre. Who knows, with a little luck, maybe you will get a 787 FO training slot??? You never know - depends on timing and your experience... Perhaps those slots will be filled later in the Spring.

rockycommish 4th Jan 2012 02:28

Application sent: Sep. 12, 2011
Supplementary docs request:SEP. 16, 2011
Interview invitation: SEP. 26, 2011
Interview Date: NOV. 26, 2011

No news yet..applied FO position

Wait and see!

jibba_jabba 4th Jan 2012 06:46

For information about Qatar laws/visas,exit visas/investing ...and anything else you can think of check this link out.
Qatar Government website:
Topics - Hukoomi - Qatar E-government

Map with ability to find shops etc on it:

captmav 4th Jan 2012 09:50

Wives working?
I may have missed this whilst trawling through a hundred something pages but can wives work in Qatar on whatever visa you get?

jibba_jabba 4th Jan 2012 09:57

For information about Qatar laws/visas,exit visas/investing ...and anything else you can think of check this link out.
Qatar Government website:
Topics - Hukoomi - Qatar E-government

Map with ability to find shops etc on it:

I may have missed this whilst trawling through a hundred something pages but can wives work in Qatar on whatever visa you get?
I cant bring myself to answer this question when the link to all you ask was posted right above you.

ITO 4th Jan 2012 16:16

Hi allm
I am going for normal SO Interview very soon. Upon receipt of my travel documents, it is mentionned that in case of a F.ATPL holder, MCC must be provided. Now I am totally confused as there was no mention of MCC on the normal SO application, nor mentionned on the normal SO requirements. And I do not have an MCC for now.

Now the question is : Are MCC required for F.SO and above, or normal SO is included with even if It was not mentionned ?

Any person went through the same situation while doing a normal SO interview ? What was the output ?

Your feedback will be really appreciated.

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