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gdukkoq 18th Jan 2012 13:53

This wait game is too much... did the interview 1st week of sept... received the good news one month later, and waiting for contract and fleet ever since... Applied as a FTSO but hoping to get FO minimums by joining date, but still 5 months to get the hours... I'd rather start quick...

victor75 18th Jan 2012 16:09

I can compalin to mate! did the interview the 3 rd of november and still havn't got the news!!

gdukkoq 18th Jan 2012 16:28

Victor you are for sure worst than me, I think they froze the SO program for a while and this is why they didn't get back to you. We are both unlucky and it is not a fair system at all some equal grade gets their process much faster than others. But it doesn't matter how much we complain coz it won't change anything. Just suck it and hope for the best. Maybe we'll end up getting 787 slots... :}

rockycommish 19th Jan 2012 11:36

After waiting 7 weeks , result of interview was unsuccessful.:ugh:

Anyway, back to work tomorrow, 7am show to Narita.

Good luck to everyone still waiting!


gdukkoq 19th Jan 2012 12:26

That's Cold... So 7 weeks to tell you that you failed the sim...:{

inner 19th Jan 2012 15:09

@rocky: to clarify, did you mean with interview, the 'interview' or the sim check??

perritopiloto 19th Jan 2012 19:47

Hi all.
Got the good news today.
5th week after assessment.
I know that mail with good news is not a formal offer, but can I take for granted I will receive the contract?

Good luck

mtr 20th Jan 2012 06:25

I received good news at the beginning of December. As far as I know since you got the good news it is sure they are going to send official offer. They just need some time to arrange paperwork, training slots etc. I didn't receive the contract yet.

jibba_jabba 20th Jan 2012 06:29

They will email the contract, so make sure that your spam filters dont add anything with the words qatar in them :-)

It will be titled "QR Offer Letter".

Just be patient.:ok:

mtr 20th Jan 2012 07:09

Many thanks jibba_jabba!!!

perritopiloto 20th Jan 2012 08:51

Thanks mtr and jibba jabba

Global01 21st Jan 2012 17:41

SO Selection
Any one invited for the SO interview on the 28th of Feb :confused:

Flytdeck 21st Jan 2012 19:03

Devine Wind: "Any movement of Pilots from the A320 to other and better Types at QR?"

There is something better than an A320????:confused:

speedhold 21st Jan 2012 19:26


Is your interview for second officer or first officer ...? I have a interview for the first officer on that day

Tritzo 22nd Jan 2012 10:03

some captains even fly airbus AND boeing... dont worry

Global01 22nd Jan 2012 11:23


For SO :ok:

av8tordude 22nd Jan 2012 17:53

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to live in Dubai and commute to Doha?

Expat Pilot 23rd Jan 2012 03:17

Pilots leaving Qatar
With the exception of guys who do not like the Middle East can anyone please tell me why Qatar Airways is loosing so many pilots? Is it that easy to be fired or fail training?

Are these narrow body guys? F/O's or Capt.'s? It appears to be a pretty well run outfit with some nice people (at least the ones I met)

I would appreciate any real input.

perritopiloto 23rd Jan 2012 07:37

Hi all,
Regarding docs to bring to Doha for joining the company, is a report No Acc/incidents neccesary?
In my country, CAA can not provide this as all reports are confidential.


inner 23rd Jan 2012 08:29

Don't think so, only if you were really involved into an accident. They just want to see if you did something against crm. But like you said, also in my country these reports are confidential and can not be used for selection purposes.

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