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tdk90 5th Feb 2012 17:16

What's the bonding arrangement for upgrading a QR FO? The website mentions a reimbursement training bond for command upgrade..


gourm 5th Feb 2012 17:54

@bond 737

Same here , applied last August , updated my application last december... no news :ugh:

Did anyone get call for March?

FO 3500h jet

Shiner Pilot 5th Feb 2012 19:31

I heard through some people who work for QR.

Black Pudding 5th Feb 2012 20:46


30 pilots in 8 weeks ? Maybe

Maybe some failed training, maybe some did stupid things and got fired. Some may have been really really unlucky ? I don't know

Nearly 1500 pilots here with lots starting every week due to the expansion and filling the gap of those deciding to leave of their own accord. So 15 a month, 3-4 a week may be true. I am sure its not the norm.

Do I go into work in fear, nope. Simply do my job to the best of my ability and try to stick to the rules of the company, how hard can it be.

You make it sound as if its a place where everyone lives in fear. Its not.

30 does seem a little high a figure and I am not so sure thats true

KBC 5th Feb 2012 20:51

So just to confirm. Some of you have been waiting for upwards of 8+ weeks and you have heard nothing from Qatar?? I applied about three weeks ago and have heard nothing as well.

Is this normal with Qatar or are they going through a transition period wrt hiring? How do they 'get in touch' with you? Phone, email? With a heavy military background and 3000hrs - can I expect a look from the company? Hope to hear something soon.


HighRider 5th Feb 2012 21:22

Be patient
Yeah, I can confirm that I waited more than 90 days for any response and, a few days ago, finally I got an invitation for interview. I think they are working flat out and it just takes time to go through everything with all the applications. Obviously I dunno this for sure but I believe patience is required- and update your application once in a while won't hurt either.
They contacted me by email.

LiftOverDrag 5th Feb 2012 21:31

Partner, girlfriend...
Is it possible to have your girlfriend on a visitors visa in Doha...stay for a month in your (captains) accommodation, and then either leave or get another stamp on passport for example flying to Dubai and back? Are there any problems either in immigration, or getting in and out of the compound or any other issues?

At immigration is it OK her to say she will stay "with a friend" in Doha...

I am desperate anyone to shed light on this...

Thank you in advance...


inner 6th Feb 2012 06:49


I'm waiting now for 9 or 10 weeks ( i already lost the count) after submission and did not hear anything. So yes be prepared for a long waiting period.

gdukkoq 6th Feb 2012 08:30

Just received the offer letter after 5 months since the interview. :d

dvj 6th Feb 2012 09:37

stuck forever on A320

can anybody tell me an exact figure for last year how many guys captain A320 have been transferred to other fleets?

Just got an offer to start on the Airbus 320, but don't want to be stuck on the Airbus 320 till I retire :ugh:

With transfers do they look at previous experience or is it just pure luck?


Sephore 6th Feb 2012 09:41

Congratulations, are you finally joining as a FO ?

All the best :ok:

gcc_ 6th Feb 2012 09:52


Lol about time isn't it.
Well did you get offered a FO position? What fleet?

Good luck:ok:

Capt Aviator 6th Feb 2012 11:37

Congratulations:D!!! Best wishes to you and thanks again:ok:
Which fleet and how much time did they give you to join?


gdukkoq 6th Feb 2012 11:43

No joining date yet, I suspect around june or july (with current backlog in training). My contract is FTSO 320. But again I most probably start as FO since I am very short of FO minimums. We keep u update since I've been faithful to this forum for the last 7 months.

YV757 6th Feb 2012 12:50

Hey gdukkoq...

Finally!! Well done my friend....you have been an example of patience and perseverance....See you soon in Doha....

All the best!!

StephanK 6th Feb 2012 15:14

Hi guys.
I'm invited for the 12th February interview and still haven't received the relevant paperwork including visa , ticket and hotel accommodation.
Is that normal ? I thought a week before everything would have been sent to the candidates ... Arghh i'm worried .. :ooh: :confused:

maddog37 6th Feb 2012 16:28

Congrats gdukkop!!! And you stablished the record in how many weeks???:) It would be hard to beat you....
Sthepank I got it 5 days before going there, but give them a call if you donīt get it.
Once again, well done gdukkop :D

StephanK 6th Feb 2012 17:21

Ok mad ! Is that the correct number ? +974 4 462-9708

Thanks a lot !

Cat3BNoDH 6th Feb 2012 17:46

Sent my application on September for DEC and heard back from them in Jannuary to attend the PSP in February! The email requested confirmation which I gave and the 2nd email was to request documentation for Visa and send simulator profile. It also stated that visa, e-ticket and other relevant documentation will be sent just 1 week prior to the interview.
Hope it helps.

Good luck for the interview

Black Pudding 6th Feb 2012 19:11


Pleased for you

See you in Doha when you get here

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