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SkyMan2011 1st Sep 2011 07:01

6th Sept.
Hi blusky75,
IŽll be applying for 6h September.
Studying a lot my friend.
Good luck for us!

flyforfood1 1st Sep 2011 07:28


Basic year one = QR21500
Hourly Rate = QR90 x 85 hours = QR7650
Layover Allowance = Avg QR2350 (this cannot be worked out as each place has its own amount for breakfast/lunch/dinner)
Transport Allowance = QR1500

Fleet dependant - Long Haul = Average 33000QR at todays rate -> $9065.

Can't speak for 320 as I have no idea, but less layovers and possibly lower hours as they do longer duty hours (which is NOT paid) :=

zerotohero 1st Sep 2011 10:04


Is it likly you will get sqrewed onto the short haul fleet once you start? I am only interested in the Long Haul as working for Ryan at the min and had enough of going back to base after every flight.

I hear that they just lie and get you to the door then say your on the 320,, at which point I would be saying I am on the next 330 going home thanks.

Airmann 1st Sep 2011 11:11

From what I've heard the 330 is doing 3.5hr India turn around's and night stops at exciting destinations, like sunny Dhaka, Bangladesh. The 330 is not flying to the greatest destinations. Can someone second this, its what I've heard.

flyforfood1 1st Sep 2011 12:10

A330 destinations generally are:-

London Heathrow (shared with 777 and A346)
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
Singapore (shared with 777)
Delhi (Any fleet)
Dubai (shared with A320)
Manilla (shared with 777)
Oslo (coming soon)

I'm sure there are a couple of others but generally that is what you'd have to go at. Bidding on the whole works well. They seem to be recruiting for ALL fleets just depends on total time and experience, don't think that just because you have Boeing time thats where you will go.....its a lottery, even if you're offered a course and get here, again don't be surprised if it changes. :E

Airmann 1st Sep 2011 12:17

nope guess I was wrong, there are some nice ones on there, I guess when you have 100+ destinations every fleet is bound to have some nice routes (if you'll pardon the pun:p). More than a few on the 330.

Is Delhi a turn around? whats the flight time for the leg?

flyforfood1 1st Sep 2011 12:30

Yes Delhi is a turnaround - I think 3.75 hours per leg. You'll be lucky if you see maybe 1 every 6 months if you bid for what you want/correctly. :}

I missed off:-


Not sure about the bottom 2 anymore though.

menikos 1st Sep 2011 14:01

Capt Aviator, it took about a month in a half for my friend to be called he just came back from Doha but he's very concern about his sim which wasn't good as he's not airbus rated, he had a lot of trouble to handle the big birg A330.

For me as I know that they are not honest regarding the fleet I know that they will put me on the A320 even if I ask for the B777 and I'm not interested so I wait before applying until I'll have enough hours to pretend for the big birds or simply waiting for the venue of the 787 it's just a matter of time.

nevilinio 1st Sep 2011 17:44

SO Pay deal
Apologies if this has already been answered earlier on....

Does anybody have the full info on what an SO can expect pay wise until they pass the line check (Basic, hourly rates, type of accommodation etc etc)?

I'm rated on the A320 series now, so I'm guessing I'd be dumped onto that fleet if I were to get through the assessment.

As I'm already rated, can I assume that I won't be bonded?


Nev :ok:

Capt Krunch 2nd Sep 2011 06:33

For me as I know that they are not honest regarding the fleet I know that they will put me on the A320 even if I ask for the B777
This is the only place I know where candidates NOT rated or experienced comes to an interview and tells them what fleet they want.
Just realize, guys who do that are definitely not put on the top of the pile.

For those who are wondering about the rest, yes, it has happened in the past where a candidate has been offered a specific fleet and upon arrival it was changed to another fleet due to commercial operational needs. That does not happen very often, but can happen.

Turbo-prop pilots as well as tiny jet pilots coming and stomping their feet, banging on tables wanting a widebody fleet, only makes for a good laugh at the water cooler. it does not help your cause.

alinda 2nd Sep 2011 06:42

Is it agood idea for get sponsorship because i like

menikos 2nd Sep 2011 11:05


What they are looking for is the Basic, such as if the approach is not stable would he Go Around or continue.....
Just the basics

I understand but when you never flew the airbus how can you be so prepared I think it takes more than 2 shoots to be confident and stabilized and as far as I know the ceiling that day was 2500 OVC so if you can make it visual in that case you do down to 500ft and no need to G/A but for me it's unfair even if you G/A nothing guarantee you that the next approach will be ok.

I still don't understand the point to use airbus sim for boeing rated pilots.

Gypsy 2nd Sep 2011 13:20

A question about the medical. Does anyone know if they have a BMI limit?

vlatkomk 2nd Sep 2011 16:15

What are the odds of getting on with QA with a misdemeanor offense? A&B.

infiniti757 3rd Sep 2011 20:17

Housing for families.
Interviewing next month. I have actually read all 3060 replies to this post ( I am a nerd). I don't get a real clear picture of how the housing is set up out there. I'm married with a daughter, 4 years old.

What type of housing will we be provided?
Where will it be?
Does QR have a single unified housing facility for flight crew or is it all spread about?

I've read about Ain Khaled Gate, some new Barwa complex, Falcon Tower, Pearl Tower and Holiday Villas.

Does anyone have a comprehensive breakdown of the different flight crew accommodations? CA vs FO? Single vs Married? Children or no? Ease of access to the airport? Parking situation? Etc. etc...

I understand there will be some variation but any info is appreciated, especially from someone who is on property. Thanks so much.

skyflyer737 4th Sep 2011 15:56

Qatar Open days
Hi - I am considering going to the QR Open day in London next week. Just wondering what the format of the day is and whether they do interviews there or is it simply an information session?

Pilots Open Days - UK | Qatar Airways


Sephore 4th Sep 2011 17:54


coming back from Doha for the interview everything ran smooth until the sim, it was a long day and had to wait until the middle of the night for my turn. I was very tired and to be honest I had a lot of problem to handle the airbus (not rated) and with the fatigue my CRM was very poor even forgetting to call for the after T/O checklist as I was trying to keep the big bird on the limit.

To be honest I'm a little bit frustrated as I wasn't as good as I should be and as I use to be when I'm flying the 737.

Nevertheless they are very nice, they don't put any pressure on your shoulder I think they just want be sure that you have a good CRM and good basic flying even if it is difficult because it's a fly by wire and without previous experience it was for me very difficult.

All the best for those who are going to attend the interview (don't expect the T7 it is clearly for the A320 except if you have widebody experience or a lot of hours, but who knows)

Sephore 4th Sep 2011 20:59


we were 7 only 1 failed the ATPL test.


B767PL 4th Sep 2011 21:06


Can you confirm whether any of the gouges on the ATPL test have been accurate that you have seen? What did you use to prepare?

You may have felt it went weak in sim, but perhaps they saw different. Best of luck.

Sephore 5th Sep 2011 10:30


well for the ATPL not so accurate many questions not in the file I have but still able to answer it is JAA questions so for the FAA guys it might be a little bit diffucult but they can definitely make it.

I know that I made mistakes as I saw the examiner correcting my test but still below 10 mistakes so I knew it was a pass.

Believe me my sim was terrible the worst in all my life if I do it again I'll know what to expect regarding how to fly the airbus so it will be easier.

All the best :ok:

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