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gdukkoq 2nd Feb 2012 14:40

MTR congrats, as for me still waiting but it should be soon now because I spoke to a very good friend of mine working as captain and one of the head of recruitment there, and I told him I was waiting 4 months ! So he went to the office and my file was just laying there, no one was taking care of it, because the lady who was in charge was not there (maybe she left).
So he took my file to someone else and now it is processing, they just ask me more documents (family stuff) and hopefully I'll get some news soon.
I was just wondering that if he didn't do that I could have been waiting much longer...

maddog37 2nd Feb 2012 17:12

Well done gdukkoq! Keep us updated ´cause maybe your case is not the only one...

Black Pudding 2nd Feb 2012 17:46


Trust me, I am sure many as I am are willing you to hear good news soon and I will be soo pleased when you do.

Keep us posted.

Iver 3rd Feb 2012 01:29

What is the likelihood that Qatar (and probably EK and EY) set up special/group interviews in Madrid/Barcelona in the near future for the Spanair pilots? Many qualified Airbus pilots to be found there I would imagine...

N89032 3rd Feb 2012 04:06

Guys anyone knows about the required documents QR asks after you sign the offer letter?
Congrats mtr and in advance to u guddkoq :-)

jibba_jabba 3rd Feb 2012 04:25

They will send you a list shortly. Its will describe the stages you go through in the joining process...eg visa.

You will do a license verification etc. pretty easy stuff. But get in to it early so your not stressing before you leave.

mtr 3rd Feb 2012 07:52

Inner, I did interview mid November! guddkoq I am so happy you FINALLY found what was going on!! I am sure you will receive contract very soon, keep us updated! I am joining end of May. Hope to see you there!

Koninc01 3rd Feb 2012 14:43

Applying for Qatar
Hi guys

I'm applying for a pilot position with the company: I flew the B737, A321/1 and A310 as an FO.
Last 12 years I've been PIC in aircrafts mtow 41 tons (GV).
Am I going to expect an FO position or a PIC on the A320?

Can anyone who is working in the company tell me what to expect if joining the team?


Black Pudding 3rd Feb 2012 15:29

320 I would guess

drfaust 3rd Feb 2012 16:54

I just wanted to say to gukk: That was one epic wait for any progress. I think you currently have the dubious honour to hold the record of longest wait between positive answer and a contract offer. Fingers crossed it gets rewarded somehow hey?

On another note, anyone from the 10th of January group hear anything? Been three weeks now by the way so i realise its early days to be asking. They just contacted me for some documents but no indication of a result yet.

RK303 3rd Feb 2012 17:33

8weeks, no news:zzz:


So he went to the office and my file was just laying there, no one was taking care of it, because the lady who was in charge was not there (maybe she left).

drfaust, too early...be ready if you're not lucky, everything is possible...:hmm::zzz:

inner 3rd Feb 2012 17:42

Hi rk303

Me almost 9 weeks no reply. I think we should anticipate for more than 90days. I must admire gdukkoq's patience. :D

CDNATPL 3rd Feb 2012 18:05

Just to give you guys my timeline....

Took 7 weeks to get positive news after interview and then only 2 weeks for contract.

Shiner Pilot 3rd Feb 2012 18:12

So I hear that between the 1st of December and 31st of Jan they have sacked 30 pilots!
What's the low down?

speedhold 3rd Feb 2012 19:17

@shiner pilot
how did u hear this through a source at the company or just people spreading wild rumours .

RK303 4th Feb 2012 10:04

I'm done with my interview since. Just waiting for the results

AVIATION REFUGEE 5th Feb 2012 09:54

5 weeks, no reply. Found something new.....at the mean time....thinking of "erase" Qatar, and do something else...;)

Esk7 5th Feb 2012 14:21

What is the list of things they require when u join?

rhmj 5th Feb 2012 14:32

Are there Qatar pilots commuting to Dubai? Is it allowed?

nicab 5th Feb 2012 16:29

HELP ANYONE ??? Online Application
Hi folks,

This is to the guys who have just sent in their applications....Just submitted my online application but did not get any automated msg to confirm receit like other airlines do, is it different with Qatar or something might have gone wrong? Worried my application may not have gone through.

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