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Afinehelmet 8th Aug 2010 11:46

During Ramadan, the working hours in the Middle East region tend to be reduced. Therefore I'd expect a slow down of some sorts in the area of recruitment/HR.

bonernow 8th Aug 2010 11:53

I completed the QR assessment recently and was advised that the time period I could expect to wait prior to any notification would be two to three weeks. Given the number of pilots being assessed I wouldn't be surprised if that period was slightly longer. The recruitment team are flat out as well as flying the line. Those guys really are working hard.

inmigrante 15th Aug 2010 18:38

Second change
Hi colleaguesˇ I tryed , a year ago , in QR , I passed the Interview and the ATPL quiz, then went to the Sim ( A330 ) , however , I receivethe NO , Thanks E MAIL , Perhaps somebody may give an advise , The question Is :
anybody has been called for a second change , after been rejected once?
Thanks a lot

Hamid_27 18th Aug 2010 17:24

QR A320 orders vs Bombardier's CSeries twinjet
Hi all,

Does anyone have any information regarding QR A320 orders being replaced by Bombardier's CSeries Twinjet?

who will fly them? any CSeries Rated Pilots out there? :hmm:



leadingedge12 19th Aug 2010 01:57

I don't think you'll find a C-series rated blok out there anywhere!!

Capt Krunch 19th Aug 2010 03:55


the Bombardier's C-Series twinjets are not a replacement for the A320's. They are for the Qatar Executive fleet.

Qatar Airways Confirms Order For Bombardier Jets | Qatar Airways Press Release


Qatar Airways has no problem giving pilots type ratings, thats been proven time and time again. We give B777, A330 and A320 type ratings out on a daily basis and have been for years on some fleets, there would be no difference in the Bombardier fleet.

Poisoned by Compromise

leadingedge12 19th Aug 2010 15:54

My point is there are no type rated guys in the C-Series yet Krunch because there are no C-Series jets in the air!

inmigrante 20th Aug 2010 20:18

Any answer to 1986 , scond change ?

Hamid_27 21st Aug 2010 19:25

Capt Krunch
hey Capt Krunch,

You are correct in saying that qatar has purchased Bombardier jets for its Exceutive fleet - the Global 5000. ( which is not the CSeries)

But i was talking about this artical which says that if Airbus does not have the Re-engined more fuel efficient A320 ready, they with replace the orders with Bombardier CSeries jet.
the upgraded a320 is expected to be offered with CFM International's Leap-X advanced turbofan and a version of Pratt & Whitney's GTF geared turbofan.

Qatar Airways studies re-engined A320 alongside CSeries

any more information on this?



Capt Krunch 22nd Aug 2010 09:42


sorry mate, I cant comment on something I really know nothing about.. Interesting article though.

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169west 22nd Aug 2010 19:29

interview pass rate!
... anybody knows what is the current pass rate at the interview? thanks

bigbear71 22nd Aug 2010 21:41

School fees
Splendid Cruiser

Could somebody with kids in school in Doha, please let me know what the current allowance is?

Hi, I have two kids in Reception, 4 years old, British School and i pay 57000 QAR per year......

50000 QAR is the total allowance.

watchthewarrior 23rd Aug 2010 13:45

Current recruitment needs
Good afternoon all,

I applied to Qatar Airways around 2 months ago as a First Officer. I am currently flying the B757 and have some 2500hrs, of which the majority is on type.
I am yet to receive a response from the recruitment department. Having read back in this thread, people are waiting a considerable length of time longer than I presently have and I understand the recruitment department are working very hard.
I wonder though if anyone is in a position to comment on the length of time one can expect to hear anything?
Is recruitment ongoing for both the B777 and the A320 or just the latter? I understand that there are deliveries taking place of B777 nearly once a month, but are guys already in the pipeline for these aircraft or is more recruitment planned?

Thank you all very much in advance for your comments.

777LR Driver 23rd Aug 2010 14:15

I think the recruitment office is snowed under right now with guys trying to get into QR. I don't know how often they are running selections days either so can't help there - Could be 2 months could be 6 - when you see the way the place works you'll know why it took so long, not saying thats a bad thing but you'll see you've got to remember the very aggressive expansion with a less than perfect infrastructure. ;)

The 777's are coming at one a month, there have been an additional 2 LR's added to the fleet number so at present it stands at 21 (mix of 200LR's, 300's and 200F's) with a further 2 LR's, 1 Freighter and 12 more 773's to come.

The 777 course are currently running at 3 per month I'd heard that there is a big backlog of guys waiting for courses (i'm one of them) so I'd assume its coming to an end - by the time i'm on-line it'll have taken 6 months from joining to being signed off I should think. :\

It seems the 777 guys could end up doing a type rating course wherever there is space, be it London, Dubai, Singapore or in Doha. Also line training is slow as the 777 doesn't do many short haul flights to get sectors up only Dubai, Jeddah, Cairo (sometimes) etc.

Can't really say on the scarebus fleet - majority of guys I know are going on the the A330, but have airbus backgrounds.

If your 757 rated you might be one of the last to join to 777 fleet can't say for definate though it seems to be a bit of a lottery. :hmm:

Good Luck! :ok:

Brie 24th Aug 2010 08:10

Hello there in the sandpit;)

Small question, how is life there as a single? I'm thinking to give it a throw joining QR since i'm fed up with biz flying (and the poor money). I don't have kids or wife, so nothing to take care off. What are you doing if you have days off?


bonernow 24th Aug 2010 12:29

I'm current on the 767 and have been offered A320!! Are QR about to have an exodus from the A320 or is a large A320 order due soon? It seems a strange option offering me the A320. I've never flown any Airbus and it's a good few years since I flew a narrow body!

Any thoughts on the thinking behind this offer?

Capt Krunch 24th Aug 2010 12:53


Qatar Airways will place you where then need you and where they want you at the time of hire. Fortunately / unfortunately this means the A320 fleet for you.

Thats just the way it is here, they have enough money floating around not to worry about training cost.

Poisoned by Compromise.

Captain Partzee 24th Aug 2010 13:01

"I'm current on the 767 and have been offered A320!! Are QR about to have an exodus from the A320 or is a large A320 order due soon?"
None of them. This is Qatar Airways. :E

All the best!

Iver 24th Aug 2010 14:42


watchthewarrior 24th Aug 2010 17:08

777LR Driver,
Thank you very much for your comments

Were you interviewing for a Capt role or FO?

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