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DXman 7th Jun 2012 02:03

Few crew agencies work with Qatar Airways.

I already applied online on the QR website. Still no news.

If I applied thru one of these agencies, would that change anything as far as waiting?


ironbutt57 7th Jun 2012 03:32

DX man, don't apply through an agency if you are direct entry FO or Capt...apply online as you did, give it plenty of time...they have 50billion USD of aircraft on order, and have taken around 4 airplanes since April, and it's non-stop..from internal sources there, they are rather busy, so apply and keep it updated, emails and attempted phone calls are not appreciated, as it interrupts their work, patience is a key to joining any airline here, QR is no exception, be patient, it will come....if you got the online completed and received a reference number, then wait it out.....advice given me by a person in "the department" there...good luck to all...

casablanca 7th Jun 2012 06:43

I applied through an agency(paramount) but often wondered if that would be a hindrance or a help. I honestly don't know but I seem to be proceeding through the process like everyone else. They are still advertising for positions on their website.

Hasibt 7th Jun 2012 07:31

Any chance
Hi everybody
I m 40 and have 4000 hr no jet over 1000 hr on atr72 as FO, 1000 hr BE1900 and plenty of small ac, any chance for SO fast track? :confused:Thanks for the info.

Jansy 7th Jun 2012 10:40

Hi guys!

I did the selections early February (ab-initio, NTSO, 200hrs FT). It has been almost 4 months now, and still waiting for any feedback (positive or negative)...

Any of you guys experienced the same amount of waiting time?


ironbutt57 7th Jun 2012 11:20

@Casablanca, how exactly is/was the agency involved?

casablanca 7th Jun 2012 16:34

RE: Agency
I saw an ad on paramountarg.com advertising for 777 captains for a 5 star airline.
I applied, and it merely redirected me to application for Qatar.
I had applied directly with Qatar previously about a year prior and never heard anything.
I honestly don't know what is the connection with the agency... They seem to be in touch with someone there as my recruiter called me day before the interview invite to give me a heads up.
I assume they get a finders fee or something.

ITO 7th Jun 2012 19:30

Hi guys,

QR is game over for me.Unfortunately. I still can`t believe what happened but it is unfortunately real.I think we have been around this thread for sometime and most of us almost knowwhich position we applied for, and somost of you know that I applied for NTSO. I have been waiting for the past 5months as a crazy, every single day, for any single feedback. Managed to knowlater on that I did pass the Interview. Tried to call HR every day to find outwhere I was standing, if there was something about to happen, a nerve wrecking stressfulsituation, to end up with what? They called me two days ago announcing me thatI was about to turn 31 in 5 days and that I am not fulfilling anymore the agerequirement for joining as NTSO and as a result, they are canceling myapplication. I was left with no voice.

I can`t describe now how disappointedI am, especially that because of this waiting…etc I lost 2 other firm joboffers that were initially my plan to reach the FTSO. At the end of the day, Ifind myself with absolutely nothing in my hands. It`s harsh, it`s really harsh.
Most of you do not know, but Iworked previously with QR as a cabin crew, and when I was about to turn 28years old, I had also the same thing…had tried everything…etc to be told 1month before turning 28 SORRY..TOO late. Still, resigned from the company, undergonea Flight Instructor course to pursu that dream of being with the company, todo something that will get my experience going on toward FTSO. Have beenworking for the past almost two years and a half as a full time FI with nearly2000H, doing all sort of training, all focused and determined to get back tothe company, and yet, the same thing happens in an even worse situation, afterpassing the interview this time.

It just cracked me. I am disgusted.Why waiting 5 months to just then realize ohh…shit..the guy is about to reachthe age limit -which I had NO CLUE about it at all- lets call him and announce himthe very nice news !
I can`t describe how hard it isnor how I feel. I am in the middle of nowhere now with all doors shut andlocked.

Stick35 7th Jun 2012 19:59

Ito, my condolences. This is really [email protected] what happened to you. Somehow it shows that QR is still full of surprises. There is still a live without QR. You can compare it with a girl who is rejecting you. First you die but later on you realize there are more girls outthere. Same here. One day you will find a better outfit than thisone. I wish you all the best. You'll get there. Thats for sure.:ok:

RK303 7th Jun 2012 20:08

And may I ask what's the age limit is?? 31?

bond737 7th Jun 2012 21:42


I feel for you man. It's a total mess up.

Sincere condolences. :oh:

upwhereIbelong 7th Jun 2012 22:42

Wow.....really sorry ,mate.
But if there's one door closing ,normally another one opens.
Feel with you,and hope u find power soon to continue your journey.

All the best ,


FL123 7th Jun 2012 22:58

Felt sorry for you, after reading your post mate..... Hope there something pops up for you IA!!! I know its easy for all of us to say this to you but trust me ----as said above.... there will be other doors for you. Check pm

Linerider 7th Jun 2012 23:22

Give the chief pilot a call. Tell him that you already passed the assessments and you used to be QR cabin crew etc. You have nothing to lose by doing this.

future-pilot 7th Jun 2012 23:31

Hi everyone,
I've read that qatar airways and CTC aviation have an agreement for low-hour pilots supply. Does anyone know anything about it ( contract salary and terms)?

Check Airman 8th Jun 2012 02:09

Truly sorry to hear what has happened to you. Most unfortunate. I wasn't even aware there was an age limit for the SO.

casablanca 8th Jun 2012 06:46

Sorry.. Maybe a thread drift but had a surprise visit of a b-787 doing touch and goes at KBIL-Billings, Mt. I look forward to seeing it in Qatar colors! Anyone know if it is still on schedule for June?

RK303 8th Jun 2012 06:48

Sorry for you ITO, I tried to warn you as much as I can.

Even if today, it's still hard for me to understand how you managed to refuse 2 firm jobs opportunities knowing you are reaching 31 years old soon and no congratulation email from QR...

Good luck for your recovery.

bond737 8th Jun 2012 08:06


More like July-August.

ironbutt57 8th Jun 2012 08:12

KBIL-Billings, Mt.

Wow, that's a "happening place" :}:}

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