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Jester2 7th Aug 2011 20:44

Hi guys

I have an interview lined up later this month. I would be very grateful if anybody could send me any info on the tech quiz??

Before I'm whipped/shot .............I have read all of this thread back to front! Also searched and trawled through other forums and threads/ google etc

Im also aware of the difficulties and underlining unrest in posts on this website ref Qatar. Ive been flying for a while now, and know enough to still want to join.

So if anyone can shed any light (ATPL's were a good few years ago for me!)I am willing to pay the bar tab.

Cheers in advance

aviationboy 8th Aug 2011 06:34

Thanks Leo that was most helpful, sounds spot on compared to what another guy said a few pages back. Hopefully I will be given an interview date soon, but by the sounds of it I should start studying now!! :{

Congrats :ok:

Bike 8th Aug 2011 11:29


Before I'm whipped/shot .............I have read all of this thread back to front! Also searched and trawled through other forums and threads/ google etc
leo79 gave you/us a quite detailed, near perfect description on what to expect and a specific suggestion on what to read! And that was the post just prior yours, for god's sake!!!!

Nevertheless, you don't want to be whipped...

Some of you are really unbelievable :ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

Btw, thanks a lot leo, very kind of you:ok:

wince 8th Aug 2011 14:23

Licence/Medical conversion?
Hi everyone, thanks for all the info on this thread.

Can anyone tell me if you need to convert your licence and medical upon joining? Do you also need to do a full medical checkup when you get to Doha?



loc22550 8th Aug 2011 15:28

-You do need to convert your licence into a Qatari licence. Qatar airways will do it for you.
-Full Class I medical check up as well here in Doha.(blood test,X-ray, eyes,ears,ECG...)
-Small medical check up (blood test,X-ray..) for your resident permit as well.

cruzetr 8th Aug 2011 18:21

Housin Allowance

I am also new here,

I am planned for an interview for F/O on 20th Sept, anybody else ?

So, question is: Are you allowed to get housing allowance and choose your own house, or do you have to live in designated housing area? What is the current policy?

Thanks in advance.

Jester2 8th Aug 2011 18:27

Leo thanks for the info.


You obviously are someone who cant help yourself, why bother? Just overlook the the fact I'd been off the thread for a couple of hours on another tab, and the one with pprune on it had not updated at the time.

But thank you ever so much for taking the time to show me the error of my ways. When i grow up I hope to be just like you.......

"some of you really are unbelievable"

Dont bother to reply to this, I really dont have time for anyone like you ....

DQ4 9th Aug 2011 10:57

Is the new Qatar bonding procedure also applicable to Non Type Rated DEC?

aviationboy 9th Aug 2011 11:35

Wow Dream Driver, are those the actual questions?? I copied them anyway, thanks a million! All great! :ok:

I also just ordered the ACE book, for the questions not the answers of course :E

Dream Driver 9th Aug 2011 12:40

I found quite a few in my test or very similar one. Go through that and Ace (where you'll find almost all the answers) and you should just be fine, it worked for me :rolleyes:
Good Luck

blusky75 9th Aug 2011 20:54

hi, i m going to Qatar as FO....experience on jet..mainly B737 Classic

menikos 9th Aug 2011 22:27


congratulation for those who made it, could you enlight us about your profile and type offered by QA ?

Thanks :ok:

TwoTone-7 9th Aug 2011 23:38

I had not seen this till today. Sure it's a recent addition to the site:

http://www.qatarairways.com/global/eFlight Deck Crew Selection Process Guide

The Qatar Airways Flight Deck Crew Selection Process is a one-day multiple stage process. If you meet the requirements at each stage, you will be invited for the next stage.

You will go through the following exercises:

Technical Exam (General knowledge) for 1 hour.
Competency interviews for 1 hour.
The simulator test. This is done using Qatar Airways own flight simulators.
If you are successful, we will contact you to make you an offer of employment within one month.n/flightdeck-selection.html

Airmann 10th Aug 2011 13:59

Found this website, it outlines the pay for all the major airlines, should put an end to all the questions about remunerations.

Qatar Airways jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

Greensman 10th Aug 2011 20:42

Hey guys and girls. Can anyone give me an idea of what its like on the A300 fleet; roster patterns etc. Any plans to be phased out soon?

aviationboy 11th Aug 2011 09:35


If I am not mistaken, QR SO's are just FO's under extended training with a safety pilot. I am not sure how it works with long haul though :confused:

DQ4 11th Aug 2011 10:33

Can anyone provide a copy of a Qatar Captain contract or a breakdown of the terms and conditions. E.G. Education, Medical, Allowances etc.

copernicus 11th Aug 2011 12:23

Thanks a ton Dream Driver, Leo79.
You have both been a serious help!

zman 11th Aug 2011 13:13

assessment is Sept
Hello guys,

I am going to the interview in Sept.
If anyone has done it recently can you confirm the questions as listed from latestpilotjobs!!!!

Also accommodation situation for a family I heard in condo building but you are able to go outside to get own villa?

Staff travel for family and recip id 90 or zed fares??

Pay is listed $8,100 a month us. is that from day one or just basic salary until you get online ?


MiroslavAnti87 12th Aug 2011 07:43

hiring during Ramadan!
Are they still hiring during Ramadan? How many pilots do they interview each month? I send my application but haven't hear anything. two months now.:ugh:

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