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zman 14th Aug 2011 19:36

so as new FO they deduct the fee from day one and you make base until online! that doesnt make sense since your pay will be about 4,000 a month until line pay! i hope not

Non Zero 14th Aug 2011 19:53

... not only FO ... also DEC!

that doesnt make sense since your pay will be about 4,000 a month until line pay! i hope not
My friend what makes sense for you can easily be shockingly bad for somebody else ... your reference system is the one that has to adapt to the new scenario ... but on the other side you have a good grasp of the opposite side reference system too ... in other words ... you can choose ... at the moment ... take it or leave it!

spanner the cat 14th Aug 2011 20:25

Starting the bond from day one can be looked upon as a blessing - not the deduction from salary which sucks, but anyway. Some new joiners a few courses ahead signed a 3 year bond (old arrangements) decreasing from date of FLC. If your training takes 6 months you are able to leave without penalty 4-6 months earlier than the pilots on a 3 year bond under the old arrangements. Scant comfort I know but.....

I think sometimes a deep breath and a look at the big picture may help decide if it's right. If you need a job and there isn't another on the horizon then you don't have much choice - there are considerably worse places to end up. It may be you're coming out here for other reasons.

However you arrive out in DOH, if you do your 4-6 months on basic salary minus deduction the pay then gets much better. 18 months later it gets better still when the deductions stop. Then after 36 months you find you won't have pissed away the stuff you've had deducted - it can happen, cars depreciate a lot in Doha, going out can be expensive.....:}

For the record - I can't see who the deduction actually benefits other than the company but eventually when even less people come beating a path to their door they might rethink. I shall enjoy my week of holiday this winter (and shan't be taking them up on their kind offer of buying it back) in the hope that they will work out why they are unable to attract enough pilots to fly the schedule and why a lot are trying to leave.


aviationboy 15th Aug 2011 00:58


it has been explained many times already over the past few pages, the bond repayment only starts after your final check to line!!! You will be on FULL SALARY before the deductions begin, so don't worry. Otherwise you would be living on food scraps, especially S/Os!! And you get the money back in full after 36 months, so it isn't really a big deal unless you plan to do a runner before then.

If you think cars depreciate a lot in doha, try looking where I live.... cars are dirt cheap in doha!!!! :p

On another note, can someone comment on the sims at QR? Twice yearly cyclics? Lots of training, or all checking? Are they fair, or really difficult? Where I am now.... not so much fun, so I hope for improvement in QR :) cheers

Gimme the Bird 15th Aug 2011 01:01

I understand housing accommodations depend on supply and demand.

Can recent joiners comment on their housing accommodation assignment in August?

freddi16 15th Aug 2011 01:50

Hello how Are the roster for the A 320 fleet?

spanner the cat 15th Aug 2011 06:08


for F/O new joiners deductions start from date of joining and you get the amount back 36 months from date of joining.

For fast track S/O the deduction policy is different and they start after final line check with repayment 36 months after final line check.

There is a difference - presumably due to differences in salary.


aviationboy 15th Aug 2011 07:12

hi spanner, thanks for clearing that up. I thought the policy was the same for everyone :confused:... anyways I take back what I said then! Cheers :ok:

bman351 15th Aug 2011 10:37

Hey Everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster :O

Just curious... I'm currently working for a good outfit (small, single operator of an Excel). It's a great gig, but looking to move up to some bigger metal and something that doesn't have me on call 24/7 :ugh:

I have 3700TT, 2700 PIC (1000 jet, 1500 turbine) all on AC less than 20,000 tonnes. I'm starting to find out that this is becoming a problem, which I fully understand. I'm really curious, though if any newbies at QR have had any luck securing an interview with no time on a heavier jet/airliner.

I realise this is a vague question and I'm just another pilot looking for an airline job, but if you could enlighten me a bit, it would be very appreciated.



acgenerator2 15th Aug 2011 11:51

This is the official e-mail. Does it make it clear for you guys??? I hope so.

Dear All,

With reference to the new company policy, please note all new joiners will be bonded for a period of three years.

The bond amount will be deducted from the pilot’s monthly salary, starting from the date of joining the company at the rate equal to the bond amount divided by 36 Deductions, which shall continue for a total of 18 months .Upon completion of 36 months (3 years) from date of Joining , the total amount actually deducted from the pilot’s salary will be refunded back to the pilot.

Kindly note this policy applies only to New joiners and NOT for Internal fleet transfer or Command Upgrade.

Best regards

Hello how Are the roster for the A 320 fleet?
8 days off a month, mostly night turns between 20:00 and 06:00 local time, 120-150 hours of duty- 50-70 hours of pay.

Greensman 15th Aug 2011 17:20

I keep hearing about SOs having to share accommodation, even if married........is there any truth to that.....anyone?!?:eek:

Dream Driver 15th Aug 2011 18:51

"meal allowance (per diem) approx. 2000R.
Can we expect approx. 2000 QAR per diem allowance on top of the salary every month, how does the overnight/meal allowance work?
(I guess it depends from the fleet, 320/777 should be diff.)


IMAGINE. 15th Aug 2011 20:25

F.O vs S.O @QR

i do have + 1,000hrs on Jets and+1,300TT :sad:
what would be the best way to apply in QR?
1. as a F.O
2. as a S.O

is there a big Salary-training diff between both?

thank you....

spanner the cat 15th Aug 2011 21:30

Dream driver

It's a one off payment on your first day to help you along.

Expenses are based on the cost of purchasing food at the hotel down route. It is layover dependant not type (although I suppose you could say type is an indirect cause as the 320 is unlikely to go to JFK :}). The system knows how long you are at the hotel and will add an amount per relevant meal period into your salary.

It's then up to you to decide if you wish to dine on caviar threaded with gold for brekkie or nip down to the nearest shop instead.:rolleyes:

aviationboy 16th Aug 2011 00:34


I certainly hope that isn't true, it sounds insane. But if it was, it would be an absolute deal breaker for me!:yuk:

(im going for fast track SO)

R20c 16th Aug 2011 08:52

If you are rated on the 320 is there any chance to join on 330? I'm interested but not to stay on baby bus..

flyforfood1 16th Aug 2011 10:27

Wow, it amazes me. Lots of the SAME questions keep appearing all the time, some of you lot are too lazy, see that thing up there, 3 in from the right, use it.

Or better yet, ask the question at interview!!! Are you really going to decide about taking the job if I give you an answer about "how long it will take to get a work permit" wtf, why does that matter! - they are desperate for pilots, you think there will be some teeth sucking or "hhmm not going to be able to...." you'll be given a number and put on the next available course and then work your backside off!

Come on guys, its flying an aeroplane in a hot country and getting paid for it. Go to work, take the money, go home. Same s*** (potentially a bit more though;)) different colour.

Granted the rules change here every week, but in general.

1. You won't know where you will be living until you get here - FACT

2. You won't know which fleet you going on until they offer you the job, even then it may change - FACT

3. You will be paid what it states in your contract, you will be bonded for whatever you sign against. (If you don't like it, don't take the job!) - FACT

I'm off for a shisha - jeez (oh wait, its ramadan :ugh:)

Non Zero 16th Aug 2011 16:27

I'm off for a shisha - jeez (oh wait, its ramadan :ugh:)
Be careful, you are not in DXB ... :\ ... not for the shisha ... for saying jeez!

... but the network is expanding ... new codeshare for South American

Qatar Airways and Brazil's Gol start code sharing

Posted on 16 August 2011

http://www.arabianaerospace.aero/inc...=160&width=120Rio de Janeiro

Qatar Airways and Brazil´s Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes, have implemented a new code share agreement to connect travellers from Doha to 46 cities across Brazil through Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport.
With this new agreement, Qatar Airways’ customers are able to purchase a single itinerary combining flights on both carriers’ global networks, affording them the ease of one-stop ticketing and through baggage check-in. Qatar Airways, the national airline of the State of Qatar, operates daily non-stop flights between its Doha hub and Brazil’s largest city of Sao Paulo, using its flagship Boeing 777-200 Long Range aircraft. Configured with 42 seats in Business Class and 217 seats in Economy, every passenger in both classes has access to a fully interactive individual audio and video entertainment system

flyforfood1 16th Aug 2011 17:00

Be careful, you are not in DXB ... ... not for the shisha ... for saying jeez!
Ah yes, forgot that rule, buried amongst all the other pathetic rules. Thanks :ok:

flighttimer 17th Aug 2011 02:05

Anybody else invited for interview in Bahrain? :E
Second Officer.

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