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BizPilotBrazil 26th Mar 2009 19:24

Hi Guys,
Any news about April ???
Bye bye!!

pilotara 26th Mar 2009 23:15

Widebody300er can you share what was the number you called and who did you talk with ? I have tried to contact them but no luck.


BizPilotBrazil 27th Mar 2009 01:03


Try on this (974) 4453334 and share with us when you get some news.
Thank you!

widebody300er 31st Mar 2009 17:03

Anybody with any luck for April? haven't heard a thing!!

av8r76 31st Mar 2009 17:30

Called HR today.... Told me to hang tight and they'll get back to us in a 'couple of days'.

200 odd successful applicants... so I'm guessing working out the logistics.

saviboy 31st Mar 2009 18:06

a friend of mine is interested by Qatar. he has jet time in a CRJ. Is a airbus or beoing type rating a must to get an interview?

Canuck15 1st Apr 2009 04:53

As of the latest ..QR has stopped recruitment for a year and half after their drive thru India and Singapore ..

good luck

av8r76 1st Apr 2009 06:23

Had my sim on Feb 25th.. so over a month now.

Good luck

KRUGERFLAP 1st Apr 2009 10:26

Believe me,if you don't be called,somebody up in the sky like you very much and don't want you to go to the Purgatory Airlines.

QataRmite Airways

5 Stars for Passengers and 0,00005 stars for Employees.:yuk:

av8r76 1st Apr 2009 10:42

Thanks for the heads up Kruger.

canflystick 1st Apr 2009 22:49

Best job is qatar
Guys i believe in one thing get a job and respect it
the best job arround in the planet is qatar airways. take it if you get it and hang on to it, as far and as long u can

canflystick 1st Apr 2009 23:14

Qatar airways selection
if you have an offer on ab320 or type rated on b777 or ab 330/340 you will get a reply soon (positive)
if you have an offer on b777 or ab 330/340 non type rated on b777 or ab330/340 than you can expect a wait for about a year (lot of quilfied ,type quys have being selected for the vacancies )

canflystick 1st Apr 2009 23:21

india and singapore
indian from india not a lot will join (may b 737 new jockeys),wiil join
but indians from singapore lot will join (catch no new contracts & age limit FACTOR)

A/c dont matter it is mind over matter fly what u get and only bank matters.

pilotara 2nd Apr 2009 01:16

it looks like recruiting has been stoped. they encourage everyone to keep their resumes updated and they expect to resume hiring end of July.
I supposed to have an interview on Febuary.

KRUGERFLAP 2nd Apr 2009 03:25

hey man are you using any drugs? do you work for the recruitment department?:yuk:

KRUGERFLAP 2nd Apr 2009 03:37

relax the attrition rate is very low.They loose pilots every single day. in 3 months this new batch will be reduced by half.People cannot take this (&(&#@)& company.And if you really wanna join the Purgatory Airways you will have ur spot,but if u don't have the type rating ,u will have to wait,because now they have lots of pilots rated.

canflystick 2nd Apr 2009 06:32

to kruger flap flap flap
,no offence
hello my friend, i dont fly or work or stay in qatar.
and i am certain you do , does that means you are taking drugs

wingmaaan 2nd Apr 2009 21:29

i´minterested in working for qatar, but unfortunately it is not possible to apply online at the moment,...are they still inviting? i´m type rated on the 320 with appr. 2000pic...can anyone answer or maybe pm me?

thanks buddies:D

TCPILOT 6th Apr 2009 11:57

Im also waiting for a call, but looks all quiet.

Seems like all has gone silent on this thread, has anyone heard anything yet. Hope company is not reconsidering its position with recrutiment. The longer it takes the more anxious people will get.


cochise 7th Apr 2009 09:36

Too much training in the pipeline. Everything is backed up. Hurry up and wait style...:} Also heard that no more 777s will come until closer to the end of the year.

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