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Fly4Fun 17th Aug 2011 17:10

Can someone kindly inform the average block hours for Captains on the A300-600 freighter fleet?

Thanks in advance.
Happy landings

SkyMan2011 17th Aug 2011 20:35

Hello guys!
Does anyone here has interview for September 6th ?
Can we share experience?

SkyMan2011 17th Aug 2011 21:20

Hello guys! Does anyone here has screening for September 6th ?

zman 17th Aug 2011 22:09

I take it is a multiple choice test?

i have seen guys use ace book and JAA Airlaw is that right?

US ATP does not get into these type questions thats why im asking!


qatari001 18th Aug 2011 00:47

Fly4Fun expect an average of 50hrs. It can be more in a busy month but also less sometimes...

..Quagmire.. 18th Aug 2011 00:59


Not true

29486d28f808a6c37bc0 18th Aug 2011 12:12

I received an offer for a First officer interview and replied confirming I will attend over a week ago. I have had no confirmation and have now started to search. I have been given a number which just rings out and now when I send an email to the email address which I received the invite from a reply is sent saying the mail box is full.

Any ideas or useful info as what to do next?

mineok65 18th Aug 2011 14:41

One for the married guys.
Interview questions aside, there is a huge financial question to answer, hopefully from married guys in Doha. Is the possibility of divorce going to outweigh the benefits of taking a job with Qatar???
What's life like for the lady folk in town whilst the boys are off on trips? Do Western women get treated differently by the locals?
For a guy with two kids what's the standard of provided accommodation like and is there stuff for the short people to enjoy (both under five). Finally do many people employ an amar to help around the house like in HK ?
We're both good socialisers and love dinner parties etc , is there a good expat social network to enjoy like in Dubai ?
If we go we want to enjoy the experience as much as is possible, any thoughts ??

SkyMan2011 18th Aug 2011 15:34

I have some friends living in Doha and his wifes are very happy.
They can develop a great social network there.
Their wifes can go shopping wearing shorts, dress, etc... and there is no problem about it. The city is very calm and in my opinion is the best place to raise our families.

SkyMan2011 18th Aug 2011 15:46

Hello 29486d28f808a6c37bc0,
donīt worry they will confirm you onother email or something like that.
As they are receiving a lot of applications at the moment, we can expect some delay in the process.

FasterStronger 18th Aug 2011 17:42

Hi! I've gone through 130 pages and most of it is pros and cons, but maybe someone could shed some light on the tasks of a second officer in Qatar? And the "fast track" - is it a fast track to see how others fly and you sit back or is it a fast track to first officer position?

All the best!


FlyingHigh330 18th Aug 2011 19:27

If you come to Doha get used for delays, everything is delayed in this place!!

spanner the cat 18th Aug 2011 20:32

You asked a similar question 3 or 4 pages previously and someone answered you (correctly). :hmm:

It's essentially extended F/O training.

Ilija 18th Aug 2011 22:55

Good evening gentlemen,

Maybe you can help me. I am a Turboprop TRI with a nice salary, housing
and very nice treatment in my company in Abu Dhabi. I am aware of all the problems in qatar airways, read all post. I 30y married 1 kid and dog have 3500 TT, no jet, no efis. I passed the interview and got offered a320 F/O. What you guys think, should i maybe stay with my current company and look for a better job (also offer 737 F/O and after 500h upgrade, but not so good company) or should i try Qatar Airways. I know that I need jet experience.

Thanks in advance

SkyMan2011 18th Aug 2011 23:33

Are you still thinking my friend?
Donīt think twice and go there fly an excelent plane. I can sure that in a near future you will se that you made the correct choice.

Happy landings!

TJ1F 19th Aug 2011 10:28

Hi Guys.. Just preparing for interview , i noticed on an earlier post that Dream Driver had written a very useful post on questions in the tech Exam... Is it just me or has that post been removed ?? if so would really appreciate if anyone could fwd it on.. Many thanks..

Capt Krunch 19th Aug 2011 16:18


IMHO and nothing more, you have to ask.. do you want to work for a good company and be treated like sh#t while working your azz off and being unhappy or would you rather for for a sh!tty company that treats you well and fly around happy ?
Thats basically what it seems like your choices are.

Furthermore, if you are really wanting the jet time then get something that will give you a quick left seat regardless of the company (it will be 4 to 5 years or more at QA). once you get some left seat time then apply for QA as a DEC, dont worry.. they will still be around and hiring then.

aviator_sultan 19th Aug 2011 16:25

guys how many days usually before your interview until your supposed to get your ticket arrangement email ?

thanks in advance :)

Capt Krunch 19th Aug 2011 17:03


can go as close as just a week before.

aviationboy 20th Aug 2011 11:01


I highly doubt QR will stop recruitment and cancel courses, they have over a hundred new aircraft on the way. Who is going to fly them when everyone is leaving?? If you read back through this thread, there doesn't seem to be much talk of slow recruitment during 2008 either. :)

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