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Non Zero 2nd Aug 2011 06:41

The Kuwaiti government launched the privatization of struggling flag carrier Kuwait Airways, putting up for sale 35% of the carrier's KWD220 million ($806.8 million) share capital.

Lets see who's the best offer... bets are open between EK EY and QR ...

flighttimer 2nd Aug 2011 15:54

Can somebody tell me what the pay for a S/O is like.
How much should one expect as a F/O, and how much does he have to start paying back for Type Rating every month, till when does he pay, and does he get that money back at the end of the contract?

Thanks all!

Miguel. 2nd Aug 2011 17:23

Last I checked. They have female pilots as well. You know, the birth bearing mammals!?

aviationboy 3rd Aug 2011 06:45

@ flight timer

all the information you need is in this thread. in fact, look on the previous page :)

hazy85 4th Aug 2011 07:47

Thanks pilotdreamer

bmwm5 4th Aug 2011 13:18

Hi guys assuming you are coming in as a A320 Fo any idea how your progression path be?Do you move from A320 to the 334/340...350 airbus to airbus or do you move from A320 to B777 as well?Thank you...

TROPICAL-DEPRESSION 4th Aug 2011 17:33

To guys seeking information
Hey guys, from the looks of some posts it really seems like to type of pilots we will get from now on in QR are newbees. All the info should be in some of the previous 140 some pages here.

Non Zero 4th Aug 2011 21:53

... cheap monkeys!

xjpilot 5th Aug 2011 12:42

What do you make of this statement?
In the new ACN discussing the new training bond, there is one sentence that raises a question with me:

"Concurrent Reimbursement Training Bonds are applicable to new Employees and to those who have less than three (3) years' service with the Company"

Are those of us hired in the past year - year and a half going to see any changes to our paychecks??

scorpio 5th Aug 2011 16:31

i believe it means if u get any promotion fleet transfer and u r less than 3 yrs in the company they will make u pay for it :E

blusky75 5th Aug 2011 19:13

hi guys.. i should go for the interview on 4th of Sept...

I am reading something about the salary that i have not understood quite well...
As FO the salary should be 8100$ ..... as I uderstood from the forum after th eline check they will take th 50% for the bon..it means that the salary will be around 4000$..Is it correct?? fow how long? 18 months?? and I understood that after 36 months they give u the money back... and about the Housing..it s without cost, isn t it?

Pleas someone who could answer clear!! Also in PM....
thx again!!


aviationboy 6th Aug 2011 09:39

guys relax, as scorpio said I am pretty sure they mean all new joiners will have to pay for the rating, and anyone with < 3 years company time will have to do the same for any upgrades etc. Your pay won't be cut :ok:

@ Blusky

The repayment is $1389 USD/month for the first 18 months, so you will still have $6711 left over. You then get that money back after 36 months, so all is well. And yes housing is included. Good luck with the interview :)

flyforfood1 6th Aug 2011 10:32

Seen as though I've been giving naff all leave (2 weeks for the whole of winter:yuk:) I may as well flog some back - what is the "daily rate"??


blusky75 6th Aug 2011 15:16

thx for the info :) cross fingers!! and studying :(((

flighttimer 6th Aug 2011 16:31

You in for a S/O o position or F/O?

takamasa 6th Aug 2011 17:42

after submitted the application through email, i got the reply as follow
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for submitting your application for Flight Deck opportunities with Qatar Airways. We have recently established a new online recruitment system and are no longer accepting applications via this mailbox.

Please visit the Careers section of the Qatar Airways website at Land a Great Career with Qatar Airways | Qatar Airways in order to see our latest vacancies and apply online.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Qatar Airways and we look forward to receiving your application in the near future.

Kind Regards,

anyone has the same experience.

thunderbird-1 6th Aug 2011 18:18

Yes you're right, they just change with an online application Flight Deck Crew Job Search | Qatar Airways
It's gonna make things much easier for everybody.
Good Luck to all

flighttimer 6th Aug 2011 18:37

I see a vacancy for "Chief Pilot"
Isn't that the ex Bahrain Air guy that had that position?

He's resigned already?
That was fast :E

Daft Wader 7th Aug 2011 17:01

Believe Qatar Executive are currently looking for a CP

May the farce be with you

Daft Wader


leo79 7th Aug 2011 19:13

For the benefit of those attending an interview soon...
I did the QR interview last month and seeing as I gleaned a fair bit of info from the forum, thought I'd return the favour.
The Qatar interview process is just as advertised on the website, but everything takes place in one day.

Early morning at 8,you assemble for a briefing on everything good about QR,its ambitions and plans. After that, you have a 50 question tech quiz which is quite tricky in that you're not really sure whether you've passed or failed. I had questions on performance - damp rwy,climb segments, asda, tora, toda (definitions), met - deciphering the cloud base of a taf,wind direction on taf (true/magnetic), density alt, CB's, aerodynamics - effect of CG in cruise, dutch roll, swept wing, wake turbulence. Also had tcas, holding speed, emergency codes and low vis questions.
The test is an hour long. Studying JAR ATP and ACE should cover the lot.

You're told if you've passed to the next stage (interview) in about 20 mins, then given a time slot for that.
In the interview, I got personal questions, no tech but I can only speak for myself. Why did I become a pilot, what do I know about QR and Doha, why would I want to leave my present company, why QR, a time when I had a disagreement with a fellow crew member, a time when you broke company SOP's (tricky one that). Basically stuff we've been through online
but that might require some thought. I had a lady from HR and a gent (A330 capt), who made me feel relaxed and at ease. About 10 mins later you're told if you've made it through to the sim, for which the pick up is at 2230. Seeing as I'd finished at around 1400, that meant trying to get a nap in which was quite hard as at this point you're full of adrenaline!!

The sim was in an A330 which was the weirdest thing for a boeing dude like me :8 Took off, climbing turns for u to get a feel for the sim then vectors back for an ILS to land. You repeat the procedure, with a non-normal thrown in the second time to spice things up.Use your company procedures the whole time.Whole detail takes about 35 mins.

We finished sim at 6 the next morning which meant I'd been awake for close on 24 hrs! Tough day but like I said you pretty much run through it on adrenaline. I just received an e-mail telling me that I've been successful. (4 weeks after assessment). I know QR may not be everyone's cup of tea,but I've done all the research I need and as they say to each one his own. My current situation is not that much better so please go easy on the negative criticism that I'm bound to attract shortly.
All I can say is that it's not an easy process. Preparing well and doing you're homework (i.e trawling through this thread) ought to spare you nasty surprises.

Good luck to all and happy landings.

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