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blusky75 14th Sep 2011 06:37

Thank you guys!
no, i m not rated on their aircrafts...i fly the 737, so i supppose it will be 320 but i haven t got this comunication yet.

CDNATPL 14th Sep 2011 20:24

Has anyone been getting interviews or offers with just the command heavy turboprop time? I am wondering if only people with jet time are getting considered at this time.


CadetPilot 14th Sep 2011 21:18

I recieved my confirmation yesterday that I would recieve a contract hopefully in the coming few weeks.
I am a fresh graduate (Normal S/O).

Short listed on december last year.
I believe they are still busy with guys that were shortlisted early this year.
I could be wrong.

Good luck to all! :ok:

Sephore 15th Sep 2011 14:59


congratulations, can I ask you when you passed the interview ? hope you will have the T7 but at least you have a job even on the A320 you have to think about your career not a specific plance.

Well done :D

Non Zero 15th Sep 2011 15:21

even on the A320 you have to think about your career not a specific plance
Guys ... 320 is not that bad ... expect also same very nice destinations ... upward mobility and on the long run ... a pretty stable job in a sunny part of the world ;)!

blusky75 16th Sep 2011 07:19

txh Sephore....yes u have reson! i think the same, a job is a job and as pilot i would fly any kind of aircraft...mine was just a dream... i am happy anyway :)
I did the assessment on the 4th Sept.

Dc10freak 16th Sep 2011 21:27

Joining day November 13
Hello guys,

I'f anybody here has gotten their job offer from QR and you are joining on November 13 Th, please send me a pm.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Non Zero 17th Sep 2011 11:53

Hey Lady
nothing to fear ... just a standard JAA medical (ECG, blood test, urine test... easy easy) but instead of calling it JAA they call it QCAA ... that's it! :ok:

LADY PISCES 17th Sep 2011 12:44

thanks for replying blusky 75
yes he is on 777.......may b procedures have been changed now.....he was called for interview in end on JUNE 2011...and got straight away offer letter after almost a MONTH....and he is joining end of this month...good luck to u too

blusky75 17th Sep 2011 12:51

They sent me an email telling me i passed the interview and within 4 weeks i will receive the job offer and fleet assignment.... Thats all..What about ur friends? 320? Maybe it depends on the starting date...

maddog37 17th Sep 2011 12:58

Does anyone know how long it takes to join the company after the interview?

Non Zero 17th Sep 2011 13:04

my Lady ... if you have an ICAO class 1 there's nothing to worry about the QCAA class 1!

blusky75 17th Sep 2011 13:43

wow...B777...he waited a long period to get the answer but at the end he got the 777:) they took only a week to give me the positive answer...now lets see if they take all the 4 weeks to send me the letter with the fleet assignment...i mhappy anyway but very curious to know where i ll go ;)

iranair 17th Sep 2011 15:09

How long till they give you an interview date after you fill out the online app?

blusky75 17th Sep 2011 17:56

just 3 days!

330airbus 17th Sep 2011 21:23

Did QR change the FCOMs to the newer ones?

zman 18th Sep 2011 02:47

interview atpl test
anyone have the most recent latestpilotjob gouge from the interview!
or is it the same that was posted a while back?

Iver 18th Sep 2011 13:33

Timing of incoming 787s
When are the first 787s expected to arrive (given the delays)? Will they get primarily the 787-900 version? If so, what would be the likely delivery schedule "assuming" Boeing can get it's act together and start deliveries to ANA in 2011? Should we expect to see Qatar 787s in 2013?

A more general question: would both Airbus and existing Boeing pilots be able to bid the 787s or would Airbus pilots stay on Airbus aircraft? Not sure if there is a policy on bidding different fleets (do you stay on your fleet or can you bid across fleets)?

SkyMan2011 18th Sep 2011 15:49


After apply online expect to be invited for interview in a few days.
In my case, I got the email after 4 days! Very quick I think.
Cheers! :ok:

F14 18th Sep 2011 17:25

I noticed in the on-line application, they ask for height & weight info... Are there limits? I applied a while back and never heard anything except automatic reply. Do they inform you if you are not invited to Doha?

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