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versos 21st Jun 2011 20:12

Qatar assessment
Two Tone-7
Yes. Structure is exactly as u described
good luck

Flyer1015 21st Jun 2011 22:37

I know at EK, day 4 of the interview process is a medical, and if you have issues, you'll either be denied or deferred for more info. But at least you know that there is a hiccup, and not to quit your job. At Qatar, from what I've read it seems there is no medical portion for the interview. Theoretically, you could be hired first, quit your job in your home country, and then come to QR to find a potential medical issue?

Anyone ever been bitten by this? What's the QR medical process?

Brie 22nd Jun 2011 07:42

What about the bond you have to sign? On the qr website, it says 3year but on the aeropersonnel global website they say only 2years??

TwoTone-7 22nd Jun 2011 08:46

Versos, thanks for the reply.

Can anyone tell me / advise just how indepth the multiple choice atpl questions are because I've read almost half the people fail the test.

Is it just purely a straight forward answer. For example, what is ASDA OR WHAT IS A VIRGA? type question or more in depth like, EXPLAIN TEMPERATURE CHANGES BEFORE AND AFTER THE PASSING OF A BOW WAVE? type question?

Is it also common to not have been told about the atpl test in the invite e mail. It just says I have to attend interview at 0830 and sim at night.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Balvenie 22nd Jun 2011 11:14

Two-Tone 7

That is the type of question. Very typical ATPL stuff, you can get from ACE -tech pilot.

questions about - minima, lights, c of g , aerodynamics, definitions, performance, human factors, etc

babysandbox 22nd Jun 2011 21:19

GUYS, apply only if you are desperate!! Or unemployed!!

They just put an adjustment on the basic pay but only with the scope of making you pay at least for half of your type rating or command upgrade.

And remember, F/O in qatar means TWO stripes not THREE ( you can just imagine the eyes of our passengers, full of discomfort, when they see a couple of "cadets" boarding on a 77 or a 330)........

You are warned, don't say nobody advised you before.


Obbie 22nd Jun 2011 22:52

What ???????

That didn't make any sense. :hmm:

Like to try again. :D

babysandbox 23rd Jun 2011 11:09

If you don't know even what ya talking about.....at least shut up....

qatarpilot123 23rd Jun 2011 12:32

Unfortunately it is semi true.
For employees with less than 3 years service up to 50% of bond will be withheld from monthly pay until 36 months of service is finished (bond amount/36 for 18 months) or (bond amount/24 for 12 months) depending on the type of training. After that it is paid back to the employee without interest.
Up to 3 years service the bond is for 100% of training cost.
After 3 years service it is based on a sliding percentage down to 20% of training cost after 15 years of service. With no amount withheld from salary.
If the employee has less than 3 years service the training cost shall include all associated costs of travel, accommodation, per diems, transportation, salaries and allowances. (this does not apply to Qatari Nationals.)
Any training over 5000QR shall be bonded.
This is a new low for QR.

qatarpilot123 23rd Jun 2011 13:48

You don't have to believe me, just go see or call your FM or FTM as I did.
To be published in next revision of Part A.

Brian Cohen 23rd Jun 2011 15:08

Unfortunately looks very true! Like it's true that things can change very rapidly, and hopefully toward a better way. The overall scenario looks pretty dynamic and fleet order is gigantic without previous comparison...
... and remember the last laugh is always on you!

jamieboy 23rd Jun 2011 16:17

So I'm a little confused. I'm to join Qatar as a Captain in October. Am I right in saying that my bond will be for 3 years (changed from 2 as was told to me in the presentation and on the career website) and I will have to pay for my type rating out of my salary every month?

Miguel. 23rd Jun 2011 17:22

I believe that you are bonded. Also depends on what you're coming from.

Out if interest, you have a year gap between interview to start!?


TwoTone-7 24th Jun 2011 06:21

Another quick question guys.

Is the use of CRP-5 computer and calculator allowed in the tech exam? :E


salsaboy 24th Jun 2011 08:16

Calculator - yes
CRP5 - not mentioned and I didn't need.

TwoTone-7 24th Jun 2011 08:39

Thanks salsaboy.

I was thinking namely using CRP-5 for True Altitude, Temp Conversion type questions. :bored:

Lastly, any of the rotten Great Circle, Rhumb Lines, Convergency type q's? I hope not seeing that the test is only what, 30 mins?


salsaboy 24th Jun 2011 09:35

None of those in mine,
50q's in 60mins... Fairly straight forward after some study.
Good luck.

TwoTone-7 24th Jun 2011 09:50

Thanks for the heads up mate. Both looking forward and not so much looking forward to the assessment- if there is one!.

Although, the invite and my ticket e mail only say that the time of my interview is 0800 and sim at 2230. No mention of a test. :ugh:

salsaboy 24th Jun 2011 11:04

08:00-08:45 Qatar airways presentation
Coffee break
09:00-10:00 technical test
10:45-15:45 interviews (slot allocated when test passed)
22:30 bus to sim centre
23:30-03:30 sim assessment (each candidate in for about 30-40mins)

All times approx but should give u rough idea.
Long day, but plenty of time to rest.

TwoTone-7 24th Jun 2011 12:06

Thanks salsaboy. Is there any chance you could perhaps drop me an e mail on..................

I have one other question which I could do with some guidance on.

Many Thanks!

Edit, just realised I can PM you!

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