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TwoTone-7 26th Jul 2011 13:37

Yes you are, oh pretty poor you. :{

perritopiloto 26th Jul 2011 13:49

I am thinking about applying for QA,
Rated on the A320. Can I expect any fleet upgrade in the future?
Are they really so desperate for rated FOs? I am happy in my company but considering to move to the sandpit with my family and so stop commuting.

thunderbird-1 26th Jul 2011 13:57

Ouai mais en face ya pas le droit de faire joujou sans AP :8
Mais si ya trops de tocards comme celui 2 posts au dessus je te rejoindrai a la nage :}
(jeudi c'est pas la derniere O/N, encore une bonne semaine :ugh: on y est presque!)

TwoTone-7 26th Jul 2011 14:09

Peritto, depends how experienced on 320. Some are getting 330 (whilst people waiting internally for upgrade). Others getting 320, safe bet and most probably expect A320.

Need the pilots, urgently.

loc22550 26th Jul 2011 15:34

Thanks THR MCT for all this "encouraging" news,sure its gone Boost the (already) low morale of 320 skippers!!:\
just hope you are wrong...:}

Flyer1015 26th Jul 2011 20:47

Since a medical is not part of the interview, at what point does a pilot otain a QR CAA 1st class medical?

Non Zero 27th Jul 2011 03:18

Usually during the first couple of weeks after joining ... but it might depends on your ability to pass at the first shoot!

obetdana 27th Jul 2011 04:23

Qatar exam
hi pilota16 . can you suggest a reviewer for the qatar pilot technical knowlegde exam. thanks

obetdana 27th Jul 2011 04:28

Qatar exam
Hi everyone. can you tell me what reviewer to use for the qatar flight deck technical knowledge exam. thanks

Non Zero 27th Jul 2011 05:57

... sorry ... ACE and JAR ATP quiz and you'll be fine ...

shamonwillye 27th Jul 2011 22:34

20% pay raise for new joiners?
Guys Hi!

I got a letter of employment back in June, as fast track 2nd officer A330, but ive heard that a new contract will be sent out with the new TRAINING BOND which is fine but i heard the 20% pay rise that everyone got wont apply to new guys like myself...?

Anyone have any feedback on this?? please? :confused:

Says 30 days LEAVE per year? Thought it was 42 days? or is it only 30 until you finish the FAST TRACK 2nd officer part??

wannabejetpilot 28th Jul 2011 11:32


The 20% pay rise is not applicable to SO. It's only for FO, SFO and CPT. It is 42 days a year. I think it's a mistake in the contract. When I joined as a SO it also said 30 days but once I found out from the chaps who do the leave, they said it was 42. Congrats on the selection btw! :ok:

turn_in_too 28th Jul 2011 17:20

@ shamonwillye

I've been trying to find out for so long what the actual package is for a Fast track SO. Would you enlighten me?

Also, do you know how long you expect it to be until you move to FO?

Thanks in advance

turn_in_too 28th Jul 2011 17:21

oh, and what was your experience level?


perritopiloto 28th Jul 2011 17:33

Does anyone knows if there is any chance to apply without the min 1000 jet time but quite close to that and rated on A320?
At present near 900 jet time

Thanks for the info

aviationboy 28th Jul 2011 22:53

@ turn_in_too

SO package is 10,000 QAR per month (including transport allowance) plus flight pay of 90QAR per hour after safety FO is released. A 3 year bond applies and 50% of the bond amount is deducted from your salary after your first check to line for a period of 18 months. This depends on your bond amount but numbers floating around on here suggest $1389 USD/month. The total sum of these payments will be returned to you without interest when your bond expires, ie 36 months.

Fast track SO is somewhere between 40 and 80 sectors from what i can find, so in terms of time it will depends on which fleet you land on. A320 I would only expect max 2 months as SO but A330 possibly 6-8 months.


You can either wait to meet the FO requirements of 1000 jet (the website won't let you apply if you don't meet their requirements), or apply now for fast track SO which only requires 300 jet. IMO there is only a month line training difference between the two so who cares??

Note I don't work for Qatar I just read through the last 50 pages of this thread to find this information :)

turn_in_too 29th Jul 2011 07:55

@ aviationboy

Firstly a massive thank you for trawling through all that to provide the information, very kind and much appreciated.

So basically sounds like you're skint till you move on to the FO salary. 10,000QAR is working out at about $2,700 a month and if they are taking $1400 away, living on $1300 would be very very difficult.

Hmm choices choices. Think I will have to exhaust all UK options first.

Thanks again

aviationboy 29th Jul 2011 09:21

No problem. The bond repayments only start after your check to line as FO, so you won't have to pay that out of your SO salary. You will still get the full $2700 a month as far as I am aware :)

TwoTone-7 29th Jul 2011 09:31

turn in too

The bond starts after final line check so you will start getting flight pay which in effect will pay for the bond so you will be on $2700. You wont be on $1300.

turn_in_too 29th Jul 2011 11:32

thanks again, thats sounds much better and far more reasonable.

Seeing as you guys seem to have quite a handle on this please excuse me for asking another question.

Somewhere it mentioned that staying in the company accommodation was at a cost which was then deducted from your monthly salary? Is that correct, ie is it the $8000 per month as advertised for an FO then minus living expenses, and the bond?

Final question, there does seem to be a lot of negative comments about being an expat for Qatar, any experience of this, or is it ok as long as you go in knowing what to expect?

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