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Miss Aviator 12th Aug 2011 08:52

Yes they are still hiring... be patient... they are swamped with applications I'm sure. It took them 5 months to get back to me, however my friend heard back in 2 months.

Good luck,
Miss A.

djuvki 12th Aug 2011 15:11

need info
Hi everyone,
I just received my contract and I really don't know what to do.
It says that if I fail for any reason or decide to leave I will have to pay the company the amount of QR7350, they will deduct QR 350 every month for 21 months. At the screening they told us that they will also deduct from salary for accommodation, so I am really worried if the balance amount from the salary will be enough for leaving in Doha. Can anyone who is a cabin crew member give me an advice.
And also I would really like to know what is the life in Doha, what you can do in your free time ( if you have)...any kind of information :)

Many thanks!!!

B767PL 12th Aug 2011 17:13

For cabin crew try this forum

Cabin Crew Wannabes - PPRuNe Forums

There is a Qatar thread there.

planeboy_777 13th Aug 2011 06:47

guys how is the Rostering like on Long haul flights of A330.

aviationboy 13th Aug 2011 07:54

somebody posted a sample a330 roster in this thread. possibly 10 or 20 pages back you will have to look for it :)

330contrail 13th Aug 2011 08:38




There is a new application process on the airline's website. The pilot recruitment folks are still transitioning to the new system, but it will speed things up for both candidates the recruitment staff. It's been active for just a couple of months so if you applied before then, you should consider re-applying using the new system.

The more info you can input into the online application, the better. Applications are usually held up due to lack of information, so be diligent about reading the questions and providing required documents.

nutwrencher 13th Aug 2011 09:58

@Zman.....for FO, basic until final line check. (21500 rials per month)
after that, 21500R per month, plus 90R per hour for every hour flown, plus 1500R "transport allowance" and 300R utility allowance, plus "exchange rate protection (varies from approx. 500-900R per month), plus "meal allowance (per diem) approx. 2000R.
expect deductions to be around 500R per month, to include utility, not very much, and telephone, which depends on your chosen internet speed, (1,2,4,8 mbps)
on a bad month you might get 24000R, on a good 95 hour month 34500R. (6600-9500usd)

you will not get the housing allowance. they will put you in the compound or serviced apartment. don't believe them if they tell you otherwise. they do lie! of course they will say something like "things change so quickly often the information is not up to date", but no newbie will get housing allowance for the foreseeable future.
Minus QR1390/month from salary for your training bond :yuk:

aviationboy 13th Aug 2011 10:03

nutwrencher, you get it all back after 36 months anyway... think of it as forced saving :)

JCUERVO 13th Aug 2011 10:19

Ooooor take it for what it is! A short siighted pathetic attempt to further demean the aviation profession by a group of bean counting idiots who dont have enough knowledge between them to manage a Mcdonalds

Non of us are 12 years old where Daddy airline has to help us save money! Its your choice though, so if u come and sign it guys and gals DONT complain...

Ps: forgot to add just to clear up, the bond deduction is in USD not QTR ($1,390 per m/o)

Dream Driver 13th Aug 2011 12:02

@ Av8whore: Are you sure about the figure given. I thought you get, QAR 21500 basic + 1500 transport + 300 utility + 400 telephone, from day 1, joining date. You then get QAR 90/hour + per diem, as soon as you start flying, start of line training.

Non Zero 13th Aug 2011 14:21

And an other beauty is almost ready to be picked up!
Boeing more than halves time to assemble 777 sections | Boeing and Aerospace News - seattlepi.com

spanner the cat 13th Aug 2011 14:32

Dream Driver

The utility and telephone allowance are only given to you if you are in accomodation requiring it. I'm in Holiday Villas and don't get the allowances, no utilities bills. The 2000QAR is a one off payment to get you up and running and dished out on the first day. Don't forget about the bond deduction which is $1390 for 18 months (5059QAR) which commences on DOJ except for Fast Track S/O's where deductions start from line check (as do ab-initio bonds which is less deduction but lasts 36 months). :\

Currency protection depends on where you come from and how your home currency is doing against the Riyal.

FWIW I'm a year one F/O on the triple and got anywhere between 26000 - 32000QAR before the pay rise. My monthly hours for pay ranged from 52 - 91hrs. I don't bid for trips which would probably increase my average monthly pay (days off in blocks are my thang and I normally get a good block).



nutwrencher 13th Aug 2011 14:55

Yes apologies it's minus $1390 (QR 5000) as others mentioned.

And yes it is up to you if you want to join the enforced QR savings club with the amazing interest rate of 0%

aviationboy 14th Aug 2011 01:23


It isn't ideal I know, but you get the money back so there is no point in making a big deal out of it. I have been offered jobs in my home country which pay MUCH less than QR and still require a bond payment, and you never get the money back!! If you plan to stay at least 3 years it will be fine, and you get a free endorsement :)

Capt Krunch 14th Aug 2011 06:46

1. How is the training back log these days? I knew a few guys who joined a couple of years back and waited ages to get online. Is this still the case?
That would depend on when you join, it's all up to chance. Your batch might get thru in as little as 3 months, the guys who joined the week after you might take as long as 6 months or more. There is no way of knowing, the training department has some insight on this but you'll never know.. when you work here your strictly on a need to know basis.. and you don't need to know

2. How do they determine your home country, if you have two? For example an American married to an Kiwi, having lived in both recently. Do they ask you to specify?
The way you ask the question seems you know the answer, yes of course you must specify. For reasons beyond QA, the Ministry of the Interior also must know your official nationality. This nationality will be your 'home Country' .. and NO you cannot change it in future. well you can but it would require you to leave the country and start the entire joining process over as a new entry.. and once you have done it once you will know why you don't want that to happen.. not to mention they will have your passport for a very long time.. meaning you cant leave the country, not even on a operational flight (obviously all our flights are international, which requires a valid passport)

also, for those who want to know.. flight pay starts on the successful completion of final line check (FLC)

acgenerator2 14th Aug 2011 10:03

flight pay starts on the successful completion of final line check (FLC)
Not true, flight pay starts after release of the safety pilot. This normally takes four sectors.

Capt Krunch 14th Aug 2011 10:33


This might be the case now. It has not always been that way. my information (somewhat dated) might stand to be corrected on this occasion.. Then again, things here change faster that one can keep up.

whats here today will not be here tomorrow, and if it is.. it will look different.:E

acgenerator2 14th Aug 2011 10:46

whats here today will not be here tomorrow, and if it is.. it will look different.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/evil.gif

Very true, seems some things change on a daily basis.

zman 14th Aug 2011 14:21

bond deduction
so they dont start taking the bond fee out until you are online flying right?
not from day 1 i hope! since my take home will be so much less!

Non Zero 14th Aug 2011 15:01

it might change soon ... but the new bond apply to NTR from day 1!

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