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SAS-A321 21st Jul 2011 07:01

Do they still apply the initial JAR eyesight requirements for the medical and will you still have to go through it, if you have a valid JAR Class 1 medical?

Miguel. 21st Jul 2011 08:46

Morning People,

Got an email with status saying:

Offer under process

What does that mean!? I had assessment 5 weeks ago.


Solaiko 21st Jul 2011 10:23

Thx for the info Miguel, no idea what does that mean but sounds positive congrats anyway......
Freight how about you, any news? Coz for me it's been 4 weeks no news

Flightstats 21st Jul 2011 10:38

Hi guys

And congrats to Miguel!At least they let you know after 5 weeks that it's positive and they are preparing the offer.

For me it will soon be 4 weeks...also no news

I hope by end of July we will know..cause when Ramadan starts everything slows down drastically..

menikos 21st Jul 2011 10:46

Hi guys,

which type they offered you ? A320 or B777.

Cheers :ok:

Freight 21st Jul 2011 11:25

Hey guys!!

Still waiting mates. :ugh::ugh::ugh: There is about 3 weeks with any news.
It sounds good Miguel, ''offer under process'' must be ''OFFER''. I hope you to receive a good offer soon my friend.:ok:

I know that I am repetitve, but don't you guys think that if you're not accepted they won't take to much time to notify? Just as someone posted around 1 week?

Good luck everybody!!

Flightstats 23rd Jul 2011 13:18

Can anyone please tell me something about the 777 rosters and destinations ?How is the salary on the 777?

Would appreciate an answer here or via PM.


flighttimer 23rd Jul 2011 22:08

Mate of mine waited 8 weeks before he got a positive response.
Depends on your luck i'd say.

Stay positive all though :ok:

jupilair 23rd Jul 2011 22:31

Waouw, I am so happy after 3 weeks just received an offer on the 777...future seems brighter now...

Iver 24th Jul 2011 03:20

Just think, in a year or two newhires might be getting 787 FO slots instead of 777 slots. I assume Jupiliar had Boeing time, no? Congrats!

menikos 24th Jul 2011 06:59

Congratulations Jupilair,

I guess you're NG rated or/with wide body experience. Did they give you a date of join ?


radarbeam 24th Jul 2011 07:05

widebody experience?

congrats!! :ok:

mignolo 24th Jul 2011 16:59

Infos & assesment
Hi everybody in the forum,
I am going to attend an interview in the next days, looking for infos on QR about roster and genereal topics.
PM will be appreciated.

Non Zero 24th Jul 2011 17:05

All the information needed are in these big thread ... non just read it but study it from page 1 and it'll be easy!
Caution: new joiner be careful ... money is not that much ... salary became very thin (after bond [-2 K$/month] and must stay in company accommodation [-2.7 K$/month]). Do your own math!

Fubaliera 25th Jul 2011 10:03

Bahrain Air unofficial direct flowthru with Qatar Airways
Guys the latest from Bahrain Air is that the ex Chief Pilot is sending its pilots the questions and answers for the written test and Interview. For those of you who dont know the ex chief pilot Bahrain air is now fleet manager for A320 at QR. Im trying to get a copy, as soon as I get it ill post the questions and answers. Anyway corruption at QR isnt limited to western asians anymore, now its a white Brit mafia, CPF/A320/A330 fleet managment.:=

Non Zero 25th Jul 2011 10:24

Anyway corruption at QR isnt limited to western asians anymore, now its a white Brit mafia
... isn't the other way around!

loc22550 26th Jul 2011 04:10

The A-320 fleet is on the verge of asphyxia(as well as the crew!) due to shortness of crew!
Lets just hope ..at least.. that his ex Barhrain Air colleagues will join the 320 fleet not the330 or 777!!!:\

THR MCT 26th Jul 2011 09:42

You must be joking they are already positioned for the Dream liner B787 and the A380 just have a look at the posting from the new joiner still in the interview stage and talking about either they gonna join on the B777 or B787 complete madness:ugh:
My batch mate stuck in the A320 for more than 5 years and no hope for any fleet transfer for 2011 the key word is sorry we have shortage :D

Recruitment Process and fleet assignment

Cessna 152 Direct entry A380
Beach 1900 short listed for B787
Q400 Direct A340 it matches with the 4
CRJ Direct B777 up graded after one year
Challenger A330
MD80 and up A320 for life

Fly safe high and fast

thunderbird-1 26th Jul 2011 13:13

am I the unlucky one then :confused: avrorj to A320 :rolleyes:

lfrk 26th Jul 2011 13:32

Eh oui...pas de bol :)
Enfin 1 an a faire du 320 et hop 330 sur la rive en face !!
La derniere O/N thursday, ca promet...

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