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aviator_sultan 20th Aug 2011 15:18

quick help guys,

im trying to pay through visa on latestpilotjobs.com but for some reason im forced to pick a state from within the USA, can anyone assist me on how to pay for it as an international purchase?

SkyMan2011 20th Aug 2011 17:25

Try paypal. Its the fastest and safer way to deal this situation.

Fly4Fun 20th Aug 2011 19:21

Thanks qatari001.

So, one can expect to be sent for the A300-600 fleet if type rated on it?
As they have just 3 aircrafts it's fair to assume that this fleet will be phased out soon?

Thanks in advance
Happy landings

A330ETOPS 20th Aug 2011 20:25

Hello, got an email last week inviting me for assessment on 24 sept (a320 fo). I then got an email 1hr later saying the assessment is on hold and they'll be back in contact in the near future. Has anybody else had this and how long is "near future"


freddi16 21st Aug 2011 05:38

Hi how long it takes to' be' call for the interview?

Twinotterguy 21st Aug 2011 09:12

Hi guys

I have some 1500 hrs on the twin otter, 1000+PIC on it. Will I be eligible for the fast track? I know it does meet the requirement but did anyone went on the big one with Twin otter time? Its said to be a one man pilot crew but almost all twin otter operations in the world are multi crew so how does qatar see this? and yes I have MCC too

SkyMan2011 21st Aug 2011 12:45

A320 Chief Pilot
Hi guys does anyone know the name of QR A320 Chief Pilot? Is he British?
Thanks! :ok:

Non Zero 21st Aug 2011 15:26

are you based in Maldives?
... it looks like an MV curriculum, isn't it!

Twinotterguy 21st Aug 2011 18:13

Nope I am not in Maldives, I am flying in Africa. Wanted to do a degree and move to management side of flying but since Qatar is doing fast track and it seems I meet the requirement so giving a try for that..so anyone on the same boat as me?

Dc10freak 22nd Aug 2011 02:25

A330 I believe the reason why the assessment might be postponed is due to the pilot hiring having fallen from a motor bike and breaking a leg or some bones. Hopefully you will get re-schedule soon.


Non Zero 22nd Aug 2011 10:08

... you have all the numbers ... good luck!

freddi16 22nd Aug 2011 11:26

Hello wich kind of medical assistance is included in the contract?


clearedfortaxi 22nd Aug 2011 14:17

I wonder if anyone can help me with the application for QR, on the form it asks for certain references( 2 business 1 personal ) which is not a problem. And in the work history section it just asks for employers and country/city etc.

Can anyone tell me if the references are the only people that QR will contact or would they also contact all of the current/previous employers.

minwas 22nd Aug 2011 20:49

Hey guys,

is there anyone out there flying the 320 for QR willing to answer few questions I have concerning the job offer? If yes, please PM me. Got a few days to decide.



Capt Krunch 23rd Aug 2011 06:04


That is definitely NOT the case.

Note: the hiring process does not revolve around 1 individual but rather a department of many. The airline interviews roughly a dozen (give or take) candidates daily, one man falling off a motorbike or a cliff for that matter would have no affect on the system as a whole.

perritopiloto 23rd Aug 2011 08:22

Does anyone know the aprox. rate interviewes/hirings.
It surprise me a bit that lots of applicants but still seems to be short of crews.
Is the skill at process so high?
Thanks for the info

PozativeR8 23rd Aug 2011 09:40

There seems to be atleast a 70% failure rate in the interviews. Which is a fairly conservative figure. I have seen groups of 12 and all 12 fail = 100% .. recently a group of 5 or 6 came and all got thru = 100%
Some that get thru the process do not show up for the job in the end, and the story never ends.
so it's hit and miss.. but many people go home:eek: or stay home:cool:


nutwrencher 23rd Aug 2011 10:05

PozativeR8 has summed it up very nicely!

And as he mentioned as a lot of people are always leaving (cabin crew now have a limit on how many can resign per day! :eek:) coupled with the massive expansion you can see what the problem is!

They've already only allowed us to take only 1week leave for the next 6 months :{

Non Zero 23rd Aug 2011 10:10

Yes PR8 got the numbers correct ... lot of kills in the interview ... the bar has been constantly raised no matter what ... be prepared but must important, remember to be lucky (if you want to land the job)!

jonbj 23rd Aug 2011 15:39

Hi colleagues! I went for the interview few weeks ago...we were 12 at the beginning, only 4 passed the first stage (technical test). I think that latestpilot database is a good support. I suggest to answer each question by using ace book or jeppesen manual. On the exam you will find some very strange question, take the time to answer, read carefully evey word. For the personnal inteview, i have had 1captain and a lady from HR. They do not put you under pressure, keep relax, but prepare the answers and some stories (latestpilot). Simulator assessement will be probably on A330, climbing on rwy heading (lhr rwy27), right or left turn to a special heading, then you will be asked on which radial you are....and to intercept a radial inbound. Approaching overhead station, vectors for downwind, visual circuit and landing. Take off again....and a non-normal situation (cargo fire, hot brakes, engine failure....)....brief your intention and course of action. Vectors landig ils raw data. Last 40mn. Qatar airways need pilots but i think that you have to be prepared, do not think that you will be hired just because of your experience and cv. I hope that this post will help you and wish you good luck.
I have a question... Do QR provide laptop for new joiners with cbt and company manual included?


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