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Aero Crew Solutions 9th Jan 2012 01:03

Thank you for the link to the job fair. Qatar Airways is in need of pilots. Please visit our website for more information. If anybody has questions, please send us an email at [email protected].

vstrom 9th Jan 2012 03:05

90% chop rate
What do u mean by that?

Airmann 9th Jan 2012 03:08

Your numbers are wrong, they aren't hiring 300 new pilots this year they want over 700. so at least 60-65 joining each month, with around 240 being interviewed, so a "chop rate" of 75%.

vstrom 9th Jan 2012 03:26

That sounds better

pilotcpb 9th Jan 2012 03:30

5 passed my interview of 10 people.

inner 9th Jan 2012 07:00

Only 5??? Must be a hard interview then.

jibba_jabba 9th Jan 2012 07:35

or alot of low standard / unprepared people?

Just come and do your best, do your study/research and see how you go. You can always reapply.

Grum 9th Jan 2012 08:51

Is there anywhere I can find photos or video of first officer accommodation? and or what type of accommodation have people gone on to rent after they move out of the company accommodation. I'll have wife and two small children.

pilotcpb 9th Jan 2012 11:20

The interview isn't really *that* difficult, I think it's just a matter of preparation, nerves, and the subjective nature of what the might be looking for. The written was kind of difficult even though I had thoroughly studied the gouge and the "ace the technical pilot interview" book. But I passed! The panel interview went well for me, and the sim went ok. The sim is the most straightforward part as they send you a syllabus for it prior to the interview, but it at the end of a long day and jetlag may set in.

pilotcpb 9th Jan 2012 11:25


Holiday Villa Hotel Accomodation At Doha, Qatar

Links to two of the most common places assigned for guys joining QR. If you have the time to read the nearly 200 pages of this topic you may find a few more too. There are also pics on websites such as Flickr and panoramio if you look hard enough.

Xaxa 9th Jan 2012 14:00


Haha, what a joke of a site.
When you browse the pictures you will see thai resorts and pictures of some high class villas all over the world mixed up with a few actual photos of the AKG compound.
The usual bull**it they feed you up here. :yuk:

pilotcpb 9th Jan 2012 17:40

You're right about the website, it's a bunch of computer images. Do a google image search, there are plenty of pictures. I visited the place and it reminds me of the apartments available in the southwest USA.

flyzede 11th Jan 2012 10:51

Does anyone here knows how long is it taking for Qatar to answer the online application?


inner 11th Jan 2012 11:27

No fixed answer for that. Can be 1 month or 3 months. You need to have a lot of patience, that's for sure.

gdukkoq 11th Jan 2012 11:38

I'm fast track and it's been almost 4 months waiting for contracts and fleet. I did the interview early september. They told me last week that they have huge delays, but on a positive note, I will get FO minimums in 2 months, so the captain chief of recruitment told me that I will join as a FO if I get the hours before joining.

Airmann 11th Jan 2012 12:00

@gdukkoq: Feeling better?

Sounds like you actually lucked out, this is what you will get for waiting 2 more months and joining as an FO:

2.3X the salary of an SO from day 1. The training time for a Fast track SO before he clears line check and is made an FO is 6-7 months, which means you'll make at least $24,000 dollars more during training. And none of that will be deducted for the bond.
During Training you won't need cover pilots so you will also get paid flight time allowances, and the amount will be higher than an SO.
You will not have to share an apartment but will get your own.
You training will be shorter and you will have priority over the Fast Track SOs
Also, almost all SOs (95%) go straight to the A320, you have now increased your chance for the A330 or B777

Looks like far from wanting to join quickly, you will be wishing that they DON'T call you.

Allah says: 41:35 (Y. Ali) And no one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint,- none but persons of the greatest good fortune.

StephanK 11th Jan 2012 12:29

Hi there guys. New to the forum, as u see :)
Is anyone here is off to Doha for the February's interview ?
Where else could i find tech questions to study for the technical quiz except ace the technical pilot in.. and bristol atpl bank ? :)

Regards !

maddog37 11th Jan 2012 13:00

Hi StephanK! Welcome.
I donīt want to be rude, but please read the thread before posting your question... It seems too much(almost 200 pages) but you will see there are a lot of guys asking the same as you every two pages.


speedhold 11th Jan 2012 13:09

Hi all ,
Can anyone tell me if the interview is a one day process or a few days .. for the direct F/O entry .

flyzede 11th Jan 2012 13:30

Thanks inner!

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