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mo320777 12th Jul 2011 16:20

has any of you guys attended an open day for pilots for Qatar airways before
am wondering what its all about what are the procedures and how we should get prepared ?? and how about the personal interview ?

Daft Wader 13th Jul 2011 18:04

A380Guy - If you are B777 TR then you will go to the B777 .

May the farce be with you

Daft Wader


TwoTone-7 13th Jul 2011 19:03

Thanks for the clarification Daft Wader.

Flyer1015 14th Jul 2011 18:19

Tricia Takanawa............ hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I love it! I wonder how many people get the reference. It's probably banned in Doha I would imagine.

"Diane, I'm standing outside the Park Barrington Hotel because they don't allow Asians inside."

Capt Krunch 14th Jul 2011 18:52

Yes Flyer.. some people do get it

Thank you, Tricia, for setting your people back a thousand years…
(Tom Tucker):}

broompusher 15th Jul 2011 03:28


Iver 16th Jul 2011 19:39

787 programme at QR - timing?
Anyone know the "estimated" details on the 787 programme at QR? I know QR order a lot of them and I am wondering about what time (appox) they might be on the line. 2012? 2013? I know the delays have thrown the schedule. That said, I know the QR CEO is aggressive and I assume is pushing for deliveries sooner than later. Any delivery estimates? What about first-year delivery numbers?

Also, here's a question that has likely been answered many times. If you have Boeing time, are you more likely to get placed on the Boeing fleet or does it simply not matter (i.e., depends on fleet needs)?


mo320777 17th Jul 2011 01:50

just wondering about the question being asked in the personal interview ?

does they focus on something specific ?

Flightstats 17th Jul 2011 18:22

@all who are waiting for news after the interview..

3 weeks now...could be another 3 ??!!!:confused:

Solaiko 17th Jul 2011 19:16

Is that true???
I went for an interview in the end of June still no news...... Another 3 weeks would be harder

Flightstats 17th Jul 2011 19:44

I have no clue could be any day...but some people have waited 6 weeks for an answer ..

So I guess we will keep on checking our mailboxes like crazy everyday.

safelife 17th Jul 2011 20:46

787 timing? Early 2012, inshallah. Sim is here and up and running.

Freight 17th Jul 2011 21:39

Really it is possible to wait 3 more weeks? The question is if this is so for a negative answer as well?

Ohh please, can anybody explain whitch is the process after passing the assestment? Who is taking the decision about you, the same panel or another one with the notes taken on the intervew?...

Thanks mates!!

inmigrante 18th Jul 2011 05:14

Hi everybody , any advise from your past experience at last assesment interview ?

menikos 18th Jul 2011 05:16

Don't worry, many people on holidays and month of ramadhan around the corner so the process is slowing down, all the best :ok:

Freight 18th Jul 2011 08:59

Ramadan Kareem!!

TwoTone-7 18th Jul 2011 09:25

Autopilot mode on. Say goodbye to August. :ouch:

pilotbaba 20th Jul 2011 07:19

Hi Guys,

a question regarding F/O requirement. 1000 Hrs on jet above 20 tonnes, Are people getting called with just that much time or is it just to attract applications......

I read this question was asked a couple of times in the last 2-3 months but no answers on it.....

Can someone with ATPL & 1000 JET time really count on getting the F/O offer

Freight 20th Jul 2011 10:24

Hi mate,

just try on it. In my case I received an invitation in around 1 month. But my experience is 3300 on jet >60t and 4500TT.

Good Luck!!

Still waiting for a reponse of the outcome... 3 weeks. Does anybody received any news either positive or negative?

radarbeam 20th Jul 2011 22:01

F/O interview
Hey everybody,

It's amazing how the thread says ' everything you need to know' about recruitment but I couldn't find anything specific about the interview (in the last 6-7 pages - I admit) altghough several guys had asked the questions (but no public replies).

So I apologize if I proved too hasty jumping to conclusions, but can anyone tell me about the three stages of the interview:
-what areas of the atpl does the written cover? only principles of flight and meteo? do they ask about turboprop too or only jet? which is a good source for preparing the quizz - is Ace still enough or get on aviaitonexam.com?
-what kind of questions during the interview? tech, personal? is there a way, bibliography to prepare for this one?
-info on the sim would be appreciated as well...

And another one...I read here there are guys boeing rated with NO widebody exp who got the 777. Can anybody confirm that? Can someone with only 1000 on 737NG hope that? Or do I even get called for an interview with such low hrs?

Clear sky, everybody

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