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a4mrav8r 27th Feb 2009 16:04

What is going on with the recruiting right now? Web site only indicates recruitment for 777. Any input is appreciated. Cheers.

Capt Krunch 28th Feb 2009 03:00

Senior guys ( here before there ever was such a thing as company accommodations) are NOT allowed company housing, although we have some of the fortunate senior and semi senior pilots that have moved into company housing, it does not happen without putting up a stiff battle, which is lost most of the time.

all housing is mainly for new joiners.

this is why.
attract the monkey with a banana, catch him, put him in a cage. take the banana away so you can use it to attract another monkey.:ugh:

Poisoned by Compromise

expat400 28th Feb 2009 08:36

OK, so if I become the monkey, how is the company cage/accomodation?

Room for a maid?
3 or 4 bedrooms?
Close to schools?
Utilities included?
Pool in the compound?
Garage for my Ferrari?;)

RnR 28th Feb 2009 09:01

expat 400,
the Cage!!!!

Normally 3, maybe 4 bedrooms
maid room ... yes
depends on which schools... but there are a couple close by
amenities included.. fully furnished
nice clubhouse, pool/gym/snooker/squash/tennis...
even an own costa coffee in the compound...

hope this helps...
Welcome to the cage:}

Off to

Shaman 28th Feb 2009 10:18

loc22550 ,

Thank you very much indeed for such a prompt and helpful answer.

VARIG737 28th Feb 2009 11:28

Accommodation depends on your status: F/O or Cpt?
F/O: If single - 2 bedroom flats. If married - 3 bedroom flats + maid room/study room. The problem is that the company is out of 3 bedroom accommodation at Ain Khalid for more than 1 year now, so if you are an F/O, expect a 2 bedroom apartment (even if you have 10 kids :}) and to join a 50+ names in a waiting list. :{
If you are a Capt - single or married, you will get a 4 bedroom villa.

Shaman 28th Feb 2009 18:28

loc22550 ,

Another question if you don't mind - how often would a pilot have two consecutive overnight flights (I don't mind doing one a week but I have never been keen on back to back overnight flights)?

Capt Krunch 1st Mar 2009 04:57


LOL.. this place is NOT for you mate.

Poisoned by compromise

Plutos 1st Mar 2009 12:56

yes but for how long will you be considered a new joiner...?
I mean why can't you buy/rent your own accomodation if you wish to .

Spirit1 1st Mar 2009 14:54

Ask when you arrive
The answer will be given by a head-shaking person :8and will be something like
“You just can’t and by the way you can not leave the country for the next 3 month”.
Surprise you just got your self in jail…:ouch:
Only take this job if you are in deep shi…:eek:

NoJoke 1st Mar 2009 17:10

Sharman - Please join QR. I would love to have a beer with you, we would laugh all night !!!!!!

Sandstormer 1st Mar 2009 21:01

I would have thought that the Company Accom would be a welcome thing, as the rents are so high in the private sector? Or am I missing something here?

ninja 1st Mar 2009 23:20

The rental prices are high but there are 2 bedroom apartments available for a lot less than 10,000QR (F/O housing allowance). If you have children you probably want something bigger than a 2 bed apartment but with this new rule we dont have a choice. Rental prices have started to drop in Doha, i've seen some nice 3/4 bed villa's coming onto the market priced between 10-12,000QR.

av8r76 2nd Mar 2009 07:15

With 4 kids, it's just not feasible for me to join this airline. Pity things are so bad.

I can't believe that they expect us to just suck it up and accept what is doled out to us. The T&C's given to us are a world away from the ground reality.

As someone said earlier, you have to be DESPERATE to take this job right now.:sad:

Capt Krunch 2nd Mar 2009 08:47

and that being said, av8r76

Thats why we have so many applicants these days,,, allot of desperation out there:{.

in the end, this place is what you make of it.. just need to compromise? a bit/allot:confused:

Poisoned by Compromise

widebody300er 3rd Mar 2009 13:29

Talked to QR HR today they told me that guys that did not get screened in Feb could get a call for April screening in Doha...:D

Fubaliera 3rd Mar 2009 13:59

Its not true that youcannot leave the country in 3 months. As soon as you get the resident permit you can apply for for your multy exit visa and egate pass. What you do need to do is wait 3months for ID90s.What the company said in a memo about the housing was there not accepting applications to leave company accomodation until Jun2009.

jetman61 4th Mar 2009 15:10

capt krunch
do you know any thing about their vip operation..cl series

BuzzLightyears 4th Mar 2009 16:20

... ffor Feb interview!
Hello Guys

since you are fresh from the QR interview can you please tell us a little bit of what's going on there from (i.e. tech, HR, PSY... etc):D


JOB HUNTER 17th Mar 2009 21:39

Next Qatar walking interview
Hi all,
anybody of you knows the next dates for the qatar interviews and also the place?

thanks in advance

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