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samuelcam 7th Jan 2012 02:41

Road Show Interview
Do they ask airplnae type specific questions during the road show interview?
Can anybody who's been there lately drop some lines?

Ve764 7th Jan 2012 03:50

Patience Here Also
Yeah me to I applied middle of November 11,000TT B757/767,MD11 Type Ratings still not heard a thing....

vstrom 7th Jan 2012 04:39

Thanks two tone. The big ones are quality of life and pay. Understand on call all the time which leads to pay override. What about flight time are they paying that on the executive side? Also do you know how they pay out perdiem.

Airmann 7th Jan 2012 06:30

Normal SO can expect to be in training for 8-12 months. Please go read the second officer thread, there's info there.

pre2mer 7th Jan 2012 12:43

Fast Track FO
Does anyone have an idea for fleet allocation and start dates to be given to fast track second officers after the congrates u have have a job email and what the start delay is?

karioca 7th Jan 2012 12:47


Dear Colleagues,

Here you can find what was my last experience at QR selection at Doha, attended on the 3rd Jan 2012.

After being invited and shortly before your interview date (within one week), you will be sent an email with travel, accomodation and information for the selection. The package contains:
Travel Tickets to/from DOH. Print it
Visa Copy. Print it
Sim Package (details about sim session, whats gonna be assesed and basic briefing about acft and procs. Mine was in the A320)
Checklist. For them to Xchecked the veracity of your docs. Fill it with your details, print it and bring it with your others docs to interview.
Hotel acomodation and details. Oryx Rotana Hotel,

Arrange to bring the following documents to the interview as it is mandatory:

Original Flying Licences - Valid. Bring original and a copy as well
Original Medical Certificate Valid. Bring original and copy also.
In case of CPL, ATPL theoretical exam results and Multi Crew Cooperation Certificate is required in accordance with JAR-OPS
All Original Logbook(s) Please add up the hours (both PIC and SIC). Copy last two pages
Copy of last Simulator Check
Valid original passport. Bring original and copy also
Letters of Reference/Recommendation
Human performance and limitation certificate (if available)
English Proficiency Certificate if applicable

Interview started at 0800lt (be before) at first floor at meeting plus 1 room (out of the elevator left and left). We were welcomed to QR flight deck recruitment by a group of 4 people (3 pilots and a person from HR) and have a company presentation of 15-20min about history, fleet, destinations, milestones, expansion intentions and Captain, Fo and SO Packages. After the presentation we were invited to briefly introduce ourselfs

1. State name.
2. Where you from.
3. Marital & Family Status.
4. Brief airline career history.
5. Why you want to work for Qatar.

After this, they request your documents. They inmediately start to xcheck all documents.

Assesment comprised 3 stages

1st Stage. Technical Questionary

One hour to complete 50 questions ATPL multiple choice. There are different exams topped with numbers ( I was given number 5 for example). I didnt find the exam difficult, maybe there are 1 or 2 questions to think about, the rest are basics. Mainly performances, aerodynamics and meteo. I prepared myself with Ace book and Atpl banks I have ( you may also use this website www.aviationtire.com ). Questions that i remember
Definition of TORA
Range behaviour with aft CG
Dew point
Press alt and how affect perf
Time of useful consciouss at FL 400. 12 secs
Stadbye horizont energy source. With an independent gyro
Refs speeds. Min and max values of V1 if not limited by VMBE
How slope affects v1 speed
Identify if weather report is metar, TAF 12h, 9h...
ISA parametters. 15 C 1013,25hpa, 1225 gr/m3, lapse 0,65c/100m...
Most dangerous ice type. clear ice

Thats what I remember. I reccomend ACE to be familiar with the subjects and atpl bank questions that you may find around. By the way, there is a very good website called smartcockpit.com where you can find a good pdf doc named How to grips with performance and some other stuff like cold weather and severe weather...i would recomend it.

After completing the exam they grade it and inform you if you proceed to next stage

2sd stage. Interview (45 min)

Were divided and assigned a time and room for interview with 2 persons (HR+pilot or pilot+pilot). Is a very straight forward and relax interview so dont be scared. You are asked first about yourself and your background. Afterwards they start asking you questions about different situations and you have to give example when this happend to you. Dont say no it never happend to me or I dont know, take your time think about it and response, if you dont understand the question tell them to explain to you. Be yourself and dont try to impressed, they want to hire you (they need like 600 pilots so they need you). Some questions I was asked; tell me one time that you had to say no, tell me once that you were under stress, tell me one time that you had to adapt to other rules, tell me one time that you took preferences to your own needs against company needs, tell me how you would adapt to a multicultural enviroment...

Inmediately after interview the tell you if you continue to sim and they give you a letter with time and place.

3rd stage. Simulator

You will be given a letter with time for pick up at hotel and time for your session (mine was on a320). Upon reaching the sim center, an instructor welcomes you and take you to the briefing room. He will explain you everything in due course. Session last for 45 min more or less. My session consist on:

EGLL R27R straight ahead 3000, vectors and ILS 27R, land and full stop.
Reposition T/O R27R same rwy heading 3000, FWD CARGO SMOKE, vectors for ils27r and landing

The instructor will act as an assesor, so brief him with everything you want and need using your crm skills. All will be flown raw data, no AP, no AT, no FD.

Note; If you never flew airbus before like me. Try to make very small inputs, acft is very stable, hold the sidestick with 2 fingers, set the attitude you want and leave it.

Over all was a great experience and company seems to have great future plans.

Good Luck!

dan1165 7th Jan 2012 13:10

Thanks :ok:

inner 7th Jan 2012 16:15


tx alot for your info.

1 Question regarding the reference letters. Does it have to be of the 3 references you gave up, or is 1 letter sufficcient??

captain.weird 7th Jan 2012 16:22

Karioka, which plane did you fly before and how much total hours do you have ?

av8tordude 7th Jan 2012 16:35


Excellent job describing your interview experience.:ok:

@ prospective candidates

For those who have upcoming interviews, whether FT SO, SO, FO, or CA, korioca experience was exactly like the interview I had on Nov 8. Not much has changed. The recommended sites and study material mentioned I also used, which were great in preparing for my interview. If you do your due diligence in studying and preparing for your interview, the exam, interview panel, or the sim will not be as difficult!

Good Luck!

captmav 7th Jan 2012 16:38

I would echo these statements, trying to get a reference letter from my current employer could be very awkward and severely 'career limiting' If I was unsuccessful with Qatar.!

Any thoughts from those that have been through it?

no sponsor 7th Jan 2012 17:29

Why do you need an MCC certificate? Under JAR-OPS you hand this in when you do your first multi-crew rating to get your first type-rating. Surely if you already have a type-rating (such as a B767) then you do not need to show an MCC certificate?

samuelcam 7th Jan 2012 17:56

Very kind of you to provide all the details.
Thank you and good luck!:ok:

perritopiloto 7th Jan 2012 19:26

Just letters of previous employers. They won't ask you to bring one from present empl.


Black Pudding 8th Jan 2012 12:48

I know its 10 pilots a day and at least 5 days a week

trackalpha 8th Jan 2012 12:53

Just do the math, they hire 300/ year, 12 interviews a day x 5 days a week =60. Out of that 10% get offered employment which= 6 X 50 weeks a year =300.

Black Pudding 8th Jan 2012 13:16

Yes they do. See the website for info

Black Pudding 8th Jan 2012 13:46

More than 10% I am guessing

Airlifter 8th Jan 2012 16:16

QR in Phoenix
Just found this...

Aero Crew Solutions - Home

Looks like QR will be at the Job Fair in Phoenix, AZ on January 14, giving info only - no interviews.

Flyingstig 8th Jan 2012 16:53

[QUOTE] Out of that 10% get offered employment which= 6 X 50 weeks a year =300.
90% chop rate at interview? That seems a lot! A massive waste of throughput.
One might imagine the initial vetting could be more effective both in terms of time and cost!:ugh:

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