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B767PL 9th Sep 2011 03:51

Does anybody know what are some A320 destinations, or where the A320 destinations can be found?

A21 9th Sep 2011 09:45

Well I got a position as FO and I am not rated (DC-9 rider).
Any one got some info about the routes with A300.


blusky75 9th Sep 2011 11:28

maybe I mistake but I think the A300 flies only Cargo Flights.. but dunno where... i think i read it somewhere...

gdukkoq 9th Sep 2011 15:32

Im suppose to fly to doha next week for the interview, and i havent received any tickets or hotel confirmation yet. I have sent 2 emails to them without reply. Should i be worry yet? I have paid my airline tickets already to join the QR network :ugh:

blusky75 9th Sep 2011 17:58

I got my ticket 5 days before... I sent them an emailjust to be sure and they answered me with the ticket

gdukkoq 9th Sep 2011 22:35

Alright but now its the week end, and it seems the guy who I was talking to no longer works there, and I heard it is a real mess. I hope they will get sort out in time

agvmia 9th Sep 2011 23:06

Bond question
Does anyone know, preferably a current pilot, if the training bond is prorated, decrease every month?

DemarcoV11Heavy 10th Sep 2011 00:27

QR Assessment Experience
Previous posts are pretty spot on: Interviewed August 2011, First Officer

Business Class to Doha, everyone on staff I encountered was extremely gracious, courteous and nice. These attributes were perpetuated by the hiring managers and pilots that conducted the assessment in Doha.

Day One:

8 am refreshments and coffee served as the 10 of us waited near the conference room to begin.

Logbooks, medicals and documents taken for review.

Short introduction to Qatar Airways by one of the airline's Airbus Captains. Informational session that includes description of compensation package, accommodations, medical benefits, transportation allowance, and other similar details.

3 Phases for the assessment

Phase 1
Written test:
50 questions JAA/FAA ATPL questions, most gouges you come across are spot on regarding these questions. Study them along with the ATPL test bank and you'll be fine. .

Phase 2:
Panel Interview:
2 pilots, and an HR professional, this was the most relaxed of any phase. GIVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES when asked about certain experiences while flying for your company. The capitalization in the previous sentence should suffice as to how you should approach the questions posed to you.

Phase 3:
Simulator Assessment

You will be sent the profile prior to traveling for the interview. Image or chair fly and learn the pitch and power settings (important to have at least a ballpark target). I had no prior Airbus experience, I studied the profile and listened to the evaluator about how to decipher information on PFD. The airbus side yoke is particularly sensitive, just try to stay calm and rely on basic skills to help you. That was it. Also try to rest up as much as you can during your break between panel and sim. You may have to enter the sim pretty late and fatigue is the enemy of a decent sim ride, specifically if you don't have Airbus time.

No word yet, hopefully the hiring managers are planning classes and are waiting to assign aircraft before they send a decision.

pm me for more details.

capt_j 12th Sep 2011 07:33

Logbook authentication
I am scheduled for Oct. 19.

What kind of logbook authentication do they want? Stamps? Letters?

blusky75 12th Sep 2011 19:45

I just gave showed them all my logbooks. All pages with the Company's stamp

gdukkoq 12th Sep 2011 20:04

Schedule to go for my interview in 3 days, no tickets received yet... No reply to my emails... :ugh:

turbine100 12th Sep 2011 20:53

Qatar was suppose to have a open day at Heathrow today which was advertised in Flight International. However they were not their at the Radisson.

EGAC_Ramper 12th Sep 2011 20:57

Regarding the open day they were at the Renaissance Heathrow not Radisson.


Bigbus330 12th Sep 2011 21:05

Same tomorrow. Changed from Radisson Blue at MAN, to Renaissance in the city.

gdukkoq 13th Sep 2011 18:52

2 days left still waiting on my tickets and hotel reservation... HELP!

blusky75 13th Sep 2011 19:05

call them!

blusky75 13th Sep 2011 19:07

today is a good day!! I got the job....now waiting to know the dates and the fleet!!! they have been very fast ...less than 10 days for the answer...

Hope everybody can make it!!

Happy Landinsgs

gdukkoq 13th Sep 2011 21:43

I'm very happy for you, I hope I'll get the job as well. Enjoy!

Capt Aviator 13th Sep 2011 21:58


Congratulations on your recent success!!!

Capt Aviator

safelife 13th Sep 2011 22:16

blusky75, happy you made it! Did they assign you to a fleet already? Are you rated on any of their aircraft types?

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