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fayz76 13th Jun 2011 13:11

Pay rise
Hi mate,

Is the pay rise rumour true? Or are you pulling our legs?

BDD 13th Jun 2011 13:17

It's not a rumor. Check your company mail.

jamieboy 13th Jun 2011 19:35

Hi I was wondering if anyone who has joined recently as a Captain tell me the location of their accommodation please. Thanks

Paper Lad 13th Jun 2011 20:24

Most probs Ain Khaled Gate.


Miguel. 13th Jun 2011 20:37

Guys. What is the time gap between the tine you pass your interview to DOJ for FO and SO's.


42000ft 17th Jun 2011 21:17

Qatar Amiri flight
Hi Guys,

I realised Qatar Amiri now works under the Diwan and not Qatar Airways anymore.
Could anyone give me some info about what it is like to work for Qatar Amiri flight? Work environment for crew and in the office, management etc.

PM me if you prefer.
Thanks :)

SpinDrift17 18th Jun 2011 01:30

Greetings to all ~

I've been up and down this thread...I believe that the answers to most of the questions I have are in here, but either my eyes had glazed over by the time I had seen them, or the info was outdated...either way, I'm going to pose quite a few questions / concerns here. Thanks in advance to any informational replies / links!

My situation : I was just recently (yesterday) awarded an interview for an FO position with QR. While excited, it raises a lot of questions :

1. The interview. I was told to expect an ATPL question bank, panel interview, sim. Any words of wisdom on this? Is there more to the interview, such as math / cognitive / physical, et al? How many days is the interview process?

2. Travel / lodging. The invite stated that QR would pick up the tab for a flight to Doha and lodgings there. Anything else is on me. What sort of expenses are incurred in Doha / how expensive is it to survive there?

3. Fleet. The invite said First Officer interview. I've seen much speculation, but does anyone know what they are hiring in to?

4. Doha / Qatar in general. I am willing to give the expat life a shot, but I want to know what I'm getting in to. I have buddies at EK who swear by Dubai, but I know no one in Doha. Are they similar cities / cultures / lifestyles?
Also, I'm trying to get a handle on the culture itself. Is it "oppressive", or what people think of when they think Middle East? Ive read that they confiscate your passport as soon as you arrive, and you have to have written permission to leave the country once you're in

5. Qatar Airlines quality of life. I've been reading a lot on the internet, and most of it is not flattering towards the company. Is this true, or is this just people being haters? Currently I'm a regional airline pilot is the US, so my QOL is quite low...a lot of the complaints I've read so far are simply a normal day for me, so I'm used to it. I'm not so worried (right now) about command upgrade, equipment changes, et al, because that all changes. How is Qatar as a company to work for? Is the housing allowance adequate?

These are just a few questions that are bouncing around inside my head currently. Certainly not all-inclusive, but hopefully I've gotten the tone across as to what I'm wondering....

Thank you to all in advance


AirSpeedLow 18th Jun 2011 03:56

Hey SpinDrift, check your PM's!


IAEdude 18th Jun 2011 10:23

Hi fellas!

Could please anyone show the new figures for F/O after the payrise?


versos 18th Jun 2011 12:02

Qatar Interview
Hello everyone.
I have attended the interview in Doha late May. I have not gotten any news though just yet on whether I was successful or not
Is there anyone that has gone through the interview around the same time as me, and if so did u have any news whatsoever???

z.khalid 18th Jun 2011 13:18


My friend got a response 2 months after his interview.
It differs from person to other.
What position was this for btw?

versos 18th Jun 2011 13:35

Qatar Interview
Thank u so much for replying
it is for captain's position.
may I ask if your friend was hired eventually?

z.khalid 18th Jun 2011 13:40


He was.
Good luck to you, I hope you hear the good news soon.

versos 18th Jun 2011 13:43

Qatar Interview
thank you so much for taking the time to share this with me
I really do appreciate it and it also gives me hope
Take good care

vserian 19th Jun 2011 17:42

I see on the website that the salary for FO is US$ 8,100, so the pay is same for all aircraft type or is there any slight chance of higher pay on the widebody?

And can anyone kindly share how is the roster on the B777? ( a sample monthly roster would be nice)

Mow 20th Jun 2011 05:26

Can anyone (A320 Captain) share with me his Roster? appreciate that. PM please. :ok:

Guru8904 20th Jun 2011 10:33

Anybody called for interview/hired as FO recently with "1000 hours on high performance military jets"? I am in that category, have applied twice but heard nothing.

A-Fly-Girl 20th Jun 2011 13:56

Qatar Executive
Has anyone interviewed for Qatar Executive?
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

waffles 21st Jun 2011 07:09

B777 F/O average take home salary is about 29-30k QR Riyals (pre-payrise).
An average month is 4/5 trips, sometimes back to back east-west-east etc so v tiring but often blocks of days off (4-5 days). I know some successfully commute.

TwoTone-7 21st Jun 2011 12:50

For anyone who has undergone assessments recently. I will be there soon. Is it still the same structure being:

50 ATPL questions
Midnight Sim?

Many Thanks!

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