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RoyBoy20 24th Apr 2010 11:47


Does anyone have any idea if Qatar will be recruiting this time next year? I would like to join the company around Sept/Oct 2011 as I still have another year left on my bond. Also how long does it take from applying on the to being offered an interview and subsequently being offered a position?

Thanks in advance

Che Xindamail 24th Apr 2010 18:59

Probably just the luck of the draw, but for May every single day was as per my bid (no specific bids, general only), one stand-by, one tbn and eleven days off. April's roster was obviously a manual one, but May's is very good indeed (for A320 Capt).
Hope all of you can say the same!

skya320 24th Apr 2010 20:44

Overall roster in May seems to be better than April for A320 F/O, but still too low on block hrs. Only 52 hrs. :ugh:

Capt Krunch 25th Apr 2010 21:14


And the number of people resigning from the company remains high
not sure why your trying to make news out of something that is not news. For those of us who have been here a long while we all know that it has been this way for years.. New guys keep on flowing thru the doors and we have airplanes on order for years to come. One per month is that way it's been for more than 8 years now and there is no end in sight, so for those of you who are new.. this is all nothing new, it's just the way it is.

as for shedules it's not just the F/O's that have a heavy standby schedule. I for one have the normal average flights and hours these days (75+) with no less than 8 standby days, 8 days off in Doha (Max 2 consecutive) as well as 2 days OFF on layover. Thats just the way it is. Is crying going to change it ? No.. is complaining going to change it ? No.. sitting around in a circle jerk with your mates whining about it going to change things ? No.. and why ? because this is Qatar Airways and thats just the way it is around here, so you might just as well get used to it because in all the years I have been out here it's not gotten any better.. it's changed allot but what you get in one place it quickly taken away in another.. and so it goes.

Poisoned by Compromise

Fubaliera 25th Apr 2010 21:28

For the guy trying to decide whats better Ethihad 320 or Qatar 330.
It doesnt matter to me were you go, but choosing Qatar over Ethihad will be the biggest mistake of your career. You cant compare citys, even though lots of Ehtihad crews living in Dubai. Come visit both citys, come visit the substandard housing in Doha for crews, plus you get 14,000AED for housing at EY compared to no option but company slums here at Qatar.
Anyway its up too you, but do your research if you actually have the option of choosing.

PA44 25th Apr 2010 21:38

Good evening,

I have a few questions,

Does in the last few times QR recruits pilots with the minimus they put on the website?
Being an F/O with an full JAA ATPL license and 2000hours ( 1700 jet time EFIS ) with ICAO english level 6 and with no TR on any Airbus or Boeing what are my changes?
With no rating what fleet may they out you on? and what īs the current bond?


BIGBAD 26th Apr 2010 05:45

Holiday Villas - I'm here and it is fine, definitely not substandard - chances are if you have a family you may be put here initially but there will probably be a chance to move.

330 - largest 330 operator in the world, lots of variety, bit of shorthaul, lots of far east , bits of europe what more do you want - i can't wait !

hours - there are guys here with several hundred hours less than the stated minimum of 2000

Capt Krunch 26th Apr 2010 07:06

I know where your coming from but

And why senior guys like you simply accept this without even saying a word?
what exactly do you think you can do about it around here. if you have been here any amount of time you will realize that being invisable and under the radar it the best way to have longevity here. Once you have that target on your back you will have it much worse than normal. and normal is bad enough. In the end I could care less, give me the jet and let me go, then pay me afterward and the rest disapears when I go home.

Most of the people that joyned the company last 2 years will catch the first occasion to go elsewhere if things remain unchanged.
not just the past 2 years mate.. the past 10.. it's always been that way.. the staff numbers on new joiner ID's are 30,000 higher than mine.. thats allot of people. even with the seperation from 9000 to 18000

can they survive to this way of ruling?
like i've said so many times before.. it's nothing new. it has always been this way and we have always been hiring and a high rate and have always seen aircraft come 1 per month for years and years, and I've seen hundreds come and just as many go.. do you really think it will change, once you realize it will NOT, then you will be another one to go and 2 more at the door to take your place, who will also leave .. round and round we go.. good job I dont get dizzy that easily:yuk:

I just put up and shut up, get what I can out of the place and go when I feel it's time. this is NOT a career airline and never will be.

Poisoned by Compromise

a330flyer 26th Apr 2010 17:53

Capt Krunch: Great post! Spot on!
I really couldn't agree more with your analysis!

All of you guys in QR or intending to join QR: stay under radar and remain invisible! It's not your company after all, so just go flying, enjoy your own skills, take the money, go home to your family and have a life!

When I was there I unfortunately happened to become visible on radar cause somebody didn't like me getting married to a Flight Attendant. So we left and it was the best decision ever. Although we could have lasted a year or two longer without becoming a target on radar...

So, if you work for QR, mind your own business, be a professional and don't try to change the world. If you should try, better have a backup plan or be ready to have people screw with your life!

sandpit66 28th Apr 2010 10:08

Hi all,

Im hoping some of the guys and gals down in Qatar can give me a heads up about current conditions in Qatar.

They are advertising for pilots but are they actually hiring? What kind of guys are they taking on? Min requirements are 2000 hours, would they be interested in someone with 2500 or are they still looking for higher more experienced guys?

Whats life like in Doha for a single young guy? Pay and roster in Qatar?

Would appreciate any heads up from people that know the airline or are currently working there. Not alot of info to be found on Qatar in the various forums.


Enecosse 28th Apr 2010 10:34


sandpit66 28th Apr 2010 11:17

Hi guys,

Interesting thoughts so far.

Again as with one of the recent posts? Are they actually taking on guys with the min requirements of 2000 hours or are they realisticly looking for guys with more time and experience? What aircraft are they recruiting for at the moment? The 777? Or do new guys start on the 330?

How long does the application process take?

loc22550 28th Apr 2010 12:35

lucky you Che Xinda...
Not the case for everybody....!!
The "good" flight...you never receive it.. even if you request ....;Indian sector off course even without asking anything you will receive some...,
"Good" news...you get now layover in cochin,TRV,HYD....but you will have to fly a gulf sector before your indian night flight....
Do you remember guys 1..2 years..ago when they receive a lot of ASR due to fatigue(expecially 320)..seems (well thatīs my feeling) that we are going back again slowly but surely to this situation...are we getting short of crew again....??:}
Hopefuly iīm wrong..

FlyingTinCans 28th Apr 2010 12:57

Is it possible to commute on an A320 roster at Qatar? With my experiance the A320 is the most likely fleet ill get put on (if I get a job offer of course!), just wondering if there are any guys/girls who commute back to europe?
After reading this new 3 day off rule, and the long-haul guys now struggling to get home, im guessing the answer is no.

Can anyone give me a typical roster pattern for the 320 at Qatar? 5on2off / 6on3off etc.


skya320 28th Apr 2010 13:34

Commuting on A320?? Don't think so. It's the worst fleet in QR. Work the most. Get pay the least. Lots of STBY that won't get call out. Average of 50 block hrs per month with 120+ Duty hours:ugh::ugh:

FlyingTinCans 28th Apr 2010 13:46

Thought as much, unfortuantly for me I am already in a position of 50 block hrs a month with over 100 duty hours and most of my life on un-used SBY, although I am paid far less than I would get at Qatar.

Whats a typical roster Patten for you 320 guys?

The Mrs. would be alot more comfortable moving to Dubai as we have close friends already living there, anybody commute there on days off? seems alot more realistic?

FlyingCroc 28th Apr 2010 16:52

Forget commuting
Not to Europe, not in the sandpit, commuting is a no go here, too much trouble, no time off, custom problems, overbooked flights etc. Also you cannot live in Dubai if you work in Doha, you will not get a residents permit.

mach2mofo 28th Apr 2010 17:13


Does anyone know... Of the bods who have been recruited over the last few months if any ended up on a different type to what they were originally offered?

Ta muchly

sandpit66 28th Apr 2010 17:37

Hi again guys,

Just wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on weather they are actually taking on guys with the min requirements of 2000 hours or are they realisticly looking for guys with more time and experience?

What aircraft are they recruiting for at the moment? The 777? Or do new guys start on the 330 or even the 320?

Thanks for the info in advance!


loc22550 29th Apr 2010 07:42

FlyingTin: good guess... unfortunatly: Commuting( like `Bonus` -`pension plan`...)those words are not part of the vocabulary in QR.

Before we used to have the possibility to bid for up to 9 days off in a row..it gave the chance for a lot of guys to go home every month.Now MAX 3 days off,and still...if you ask for days off,they may give you STBY instead!!(wondering if they really do it by purpose or not !!!) (thanks we have PPRUNE to be advice about the degradation of our condition..otherwise nothing published officially in Qr..amazing!).
777 guys are indeed getting upset at least the one who used to go home everymonth, because instead of giving days off to people to travel home,they give them plenty of useless STBY duty...just to make sure people waste their time in Doha...instead of visiting their family.

Roster A-320.....65 hours/120h+ duty per month
...8...days off/month,No specific rule on/off duty .
Night flight/daytime flight....50/50 depends of your luck.
The most frustrating thing on 320 is that sometime you are just tired.. doing nothing (night flight&short in the gulf with a huge amount of unpaid duty)!!:ugh:
Unlike on 777 ,On 320 you are not paid to sleep half of the Duty but half of your Duty is unpaid!!!!

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