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Miguel. 4th Jun 2011 09:23

Cheers mate!

Is the 320 take home pay a lot less? Does staff travel start after a probationary period or from Date of Joining?

hushkit77 4th Jun 2011 09:28

Hey there.
For sim practice in the UK try Virtual Aviation.
They're very helpful and they use Oxford at LGW amongst others I think.
For the tech test a calculator should do you. Depending what paper you get you may not need any. Most of us don't remember how to use a CRP 5 !!!

Miguel. 4th Jun 2011 09:36

Cheers mate!

Is the 320 take home pay a lot less? Does staff travel start after a probationary period or from Date of Joining?

Miguel. 4th Jun 2011 09:37

Haha, good ol CRP5!

Guessing there are no flight planning or Gen Nav questions then!? :ok:

flyforfood1 4th Jun 2011 09:39

I don't know what the take home is on 320, I guess its less as their flight hours vs block hours are very different (you don't get paid per block only flying hour) plus there aren't as many layovers, although that has increased recently. The pay structure here is unfair on all fleets with the 777 being the highest paid to the 320 the lowest.

Staff travel starts after 3 months from DOJ, I think.

loc22550 4th Jun 2011 09:52

Compared to the duty performed yes...definitely the money is less on A-320!(meal allowance as well!)
How do you feel when you a have a 12 hours duty time and you known you gone be paid only for ..7 hours..or a 9...10 hours duty and being paid only for 5 hours or less??
Lovely isn't?
This company should pay the crew from sign in to sign out! But they won't do that off course,knowning that on top of that with such an unadequate airport,the only think we might get in the near future is more and more delays, mean more and more "free Duty" performed by the crew.

DADDY-OH! 4th Jun 2011 11:29

Are the rates of pay, posted on Pilotsjobnetwork up to date? 26500 QAR's for a Year 1 Captain, 18000 QAR's housing allowance & 120 QAR's Block Pay?

Is it 'commutable' from Europe?

Thanks in advance

ERJ145 Driver 4th Jun 2011 13:27

Qatar F/O seat - Questions for recent hires - THKS in advance :)
Hi guys,

I have a few questions regarding F/O seat in Qatar fleet.

1 - Is it mandatory to send copies of last two sim checks upon application? I'm missing these for obvious reasons and they aren't in English...
2 - How long would it take since their approval until the end of training? How much do you earn in that period?
2 - If sucessfull, is it possible to choose fleet, or will it be assigned to you at their discretion?
3 - How's your life in the sand pit? How much freedom do you really have? Do you get to play watersports or golf? Other distractions?
4 - Are western women harassed on the beach/other public places (even spouses)? Are they allowed to?

Please kindly take the liberty to add something you may find relevant even if not asked.

Please send PM if preferred.

Thank you all

loc22550 4th Jun 2011 14:25

Not Totally correct DaDDy:
Housing allowance for Cpt: 12000 QAR.
(18000QAR is the basic salary for new joiner F/O)

jaarrgh 4th Jun 2011 17:58

Just to add. My average monthly over the whole year as an FO A330 is closer to 26000 seem to be doing 60ish hours. A fair poercentage of your total is allowance and productivity based.

Miguel. 4th Jun 2011 18:16

Guys anyone feel free to help out this chap! Everything here points to the JAR atpl exams to be from the JAA question bank. Am I right? I am scheduled for end of the month. :ok:


loc22550 4th Jun 2011 19:07

Indeed JAARGH..
You feel the difference when you go on leave!
Nothing for free here...

pinkflaps 4th Jun 2011 19:58

Hi guys, I posted before but no one answered my question yet.. If you have a choice to go to flydubai, qatar or etihad, which one do you choose? I read this thread and found there used to be a lot of complains but now there is not much. Is everyone quite happy there now?!

skya320 4th Jun 2011 21:14

Etihad, Fly Dubai, and Qatar. 1, 2, and 3 Goodluck!

dubaigong 5th Jun 2011 01:15


It depends what you are looking for ?
In Etihad and Qatar Airways you will have the opportunity to fly long haul...
In Flydubai there are only B737 so no long haul BUT you will be home every day , no jet lag .

Also Flydubai is a low cost company while the 2 other ones are flag carrier so the way you will be treated will not be the same ( salary , medical insurance , loss of license , school allowances etc are better than in Flydubai...

So it is really up to you to see what is more important for you ?

pinkflaps 5th Jun 2011 03:52

Thanks, guys... I just don't have good feeling of flydubai after I was told to pay for the interview :eek: and they don't even give me a ticket to go to the interview neither :eek:. Qatar on the other hand, they give me a confirm ticket.... I have to think hard...!

Miguel. 7th Jun 2011 06:56

Good morning! I have a quick question.

Guys is it correct that the FO/SO tech atpl question resemble very closely to the Cathay Pacific ones?


Brie 7th Jun 2011 08:28

On pilotjobsnetwork, it says that you are getting paid by block hours instead flight hours.

loc22550 7th Jun 2011 09:08

Indeed Brie..you get paid according the SCHEDULE BLOCK time of the sector you fly.

DADDY-OH! 7th Jun 2011 23:27

Thanks Loc' for the correction.

I've trawled this thread but please can someone show a link or redirect me to how much would a widebody DEC with no kids take home & has anyone posted typical A330/B777 rosters anywhere?

Thanks in advance

DO! :ok:

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