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skya320 12th Feb 2009 14:21

QR no longer give you a letter to apply for auto loan unless you have completed 6 months in the company.
Most bank here also required the same ( 6 months in the country)
It's much more difficult to get a loan here now. Too many people left the country with defult loans.


Capt Krunch 13th Feb 2009 02:43

well said SpamCanDriver.

the financial institution I'm associated in this country had stopped giving loans all together about 1 month ago, siting financial crisis reasons, they also mentioned the loan policy is being revised.. and it would be a month or 2 before some type of loan would be available to QA staff once again.. and yes he also mentioned .. Inshala..

due to the many people who leave the country with default loan ( not just in QA) the banks have tightened up with regards to loaning money, as well the financial crisis and the fall of the housing prices ( i.e. The pearl project) has gotten the banks to do a massive re-think.

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KRUGERFLAP 13th Feb 2009 03:35

1) AIN KHALID GATE (Version 2.0) is almost complete i guess. So you gonna go there. Or if you single get the housing allowance and rent a place close to the corniche.Get a beautifull asian girlfriend and she gonna help you a lot bro.The lazy europeans NO GOOD.LOL

Now they close the AL MANSOURA Apartments and Mushereib,so you gonna be safe.I think they will put you in a hotel for the first week.

2) IF you got any medical problems,go to DOHA CLINIC. You gonna love the doctors. They gonna give you tons of medicine that u get for free in the next door pharmacy.

3) Don't bother about car .With the salary you can buy anything up to 250.000 Qatari Ryals.(Used to be up to 500.000,but the credit crunch arrived)

4) Wellcome to the worst place to work for in the middle east. You gonna need lots of ,i mean LOTS of PATIENCE.




The worst 5 five star Airline.


Massalama = bye bye

Chukram = Thanks

Habib = Friend

Ya la Ya la = move, go

SAlam Aleikum = Peace for you

Welcome to the EXPAT WORLD!

ecp 13th Feb 2009 04:50

Qatar Medical
Hi Capt. Krunch
Can you tell me something abaut the Medical Check for new pilots joining QR.


tangalanga 13th Feb 2009 05:57

IVER, CAPT KRUNCH, SPAM, KRUGERFLAP and all the otters, thank you for sharing your thoughts !!!!!!!! It really helps a lot.:D
Just like IVER said, some of you guys are missing something very important, QR may not be the best place in the world to work for, not even close to, but let me tell you something that is a fact and not just my appreciation, there are many many places worst than that, and for many people, like me, is a blessing to be hire by this company.
I bet you all that nobody will prefer to stay waiting tables like I am, than be flying for QR. Do not be selfish, there is many otter situations more frustrated than flying for Qatar. We are a lot of people out there without a job or few options.:{
Thank you any way for all the inputs, the good ones and the bad ones too, I am sure they are sincere, and they help to get a big picture of the whole QR thing.
There is an old saying “Do not bite the hand that is feeding you”:ok:

tangalanga 13th Feb 2009 06:06

One more thing, if you see a crazy guy riding a bicycle around all Doha, that probably will be me !!!!!!!!!!:}
Just get out of my way mo:mad:er!!!!!!!!:}:}:}

loc22550 13th Feb 2009 06:33

Oh my god..Tagalanga...you wish...!
Cars here will NOT get out of your way !Courtesy doesn't exist here on the road.
Anyway if you insist..let me give you one tip:The safest time to take your bicycle on the road "might" be between 1.00am and 5.00am or friday morning.:uhoh:
Anyway you have been advised.:ok:

ECP: medical test, standard one :
-Basic examination:weight,size,blood pressure,E.C.G,
-Ears test,eyes test;+X-ray,blood test for new joiners.
No need to be an astronaut ..like for Korean air for example...

Not everybody has a lot of money here..I known some F/O who can't save anything here! After renting the villa for their family(not everybody is willing to put their family into a flat!),pay the expensive school's fees for their kids, loan for car.....

TheChitterneFlyer 13th Feb 2009 11:39

The global downturn of the economy hasn't made it possible to make specific choices as to where you might get a flying job, so when needs must... anything is better than nothing!

Having said that, God, I'm sooooooo pleased to be back amongst the ranks of the unemployed here in the UK.

Take a few 'top tips'... DON'T ship anything out there until you've served your probationary period. RENT a car during your probationary period... you might otherwise be sorry if you decide to leave, because you'll owe the bank a huge pile of wonga that you must clear prior to your departure. DON'T risk your life riding a bicycle; Qatar has the worst driving skills that I've ever come accross in my not inconsiderable travels around the planet. It would be rare 'not' to witness a rear end shunt on the way to the office every morning. On the rare occasions when it rains... stay at home! If you're going out for dinner in the evening... allow at least one hour to crawl accross the grid-locked city; better still... take a cab. DON'T be tempted to get pissed-off by other inconsiderate road users and give them the finger... you'll be on the first flight out of the country, or, if you owe wonga to the bank... you'll end up in a prison cell!

All the very best of luck. Stay cool. Stay calm. Or... sod it; I'm outta here!


SonnyCrockett 14th Feb 2009 01:44

Been using the Search Function all week.....

I understand about Muslim Culture, I ment the "Buy a Beer" as tounge in cheek....

So sorry for the pun......

MYROSTERSUCKS 14th Feb 2009 17:43

QR day to day life/flying
A lot of you on this forum probably know about the hiring spree in India.!! On behalf of all the prospective new joinees may I ask all the pilots already with QR to shed some light on stuff like roster/leave/travel priviliges/ allowances/work atmosphere whilst on board/general treatment of pilots etc.
Many thanks!!

Capt Krunch 14th Feb 2009 19:21

Use the SEARCH function.. thats what it's there for.

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MYROSTERSUCKS 14th Feb 2009 20:06

Yes Krunch ,I know there is a search function n yes I've used it too. However you can't really blame a guy who's considering a big move to ask other pilots if there's anything UPDATED that they might want to add. If everything could be read on the old threads, there never would be any need for another one about Qatar, right??
Thanks for your time though!

shneidertrophy 14th Feb 2009 20:40

One thing I can tell you....

Rosters suck here as well!

Capt Krunch 15th Feb 2009 05:38


A lot of you on this forum probably know about the hiring spree in India it was just a road show, not a spree,
they are doing this all over the world these days, just so happens they are targeting area where the aviation industry has come to a low point and there are some desperate pilots looking for work, with common fleet experience.

][roster/leave/travel privileges/ /work atmosphere whilst on board/general treatment of pilots etc/
roster: depends on your fleet, A320 really bad.. A330 can be Very busy at times but reasonable, lots of DH for F/O's... A300 pretty busy these days as they too are short...A346 routes are limited, some say they're busy some say they love it... B777 because it's a new addition it's the least busy of all fleets, but that will soon change.
in short.. 8 days off per month ( NOT consecutive). On fleets like ( but not limited too) the A330 you'll have some of those 8 days off while on layover giving less days off in Doha.

leave/travel privileges: 42 days per year taken in 2 blocks / unlimited ID90, Capt's can opt for First Class tickets, F/O can opt for Business class tickets. NO upgrade policy in and has always been in affect. a jump-seat is a Y class ticket.

allowances: OK noting to write home about, you can Make a living. in India you can make a BIG living.

work atmosphere whilst on board
: all depends who your jumping in the aircraft with, some flights can be good fun and some flights can be your worse nightmare.

general treatment of pilots: after all you have read on these forums, I'm not even going to answer this question, what makes you think things have changed.

enough for you ??

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MYROSTERSUCKS 15th Feb 2009 10:17

Thanx a lot for ur time AND patience in answering my queries!! U might not realize it, but every bit of info does help.
Have a pleasant day!

justchilling 15th Feb 2009 21:42

Capt Krunch
What's happening with the February screening?

I have been given a date to choose and chose 25th/26th of February. Since then I have been sending them emails requesting the confirmation but I don't gety any reply and it's only 10 days to go!

Have they cancelled the screening for February?

Capt Krunch 16th Feb 2009 03:56


as mentioned previously, the dates you have picked are not set in stone and might not be honored, they will try their best but it's not a top priority to meet your personal request.
(remember, don't shoot the messenger)
hiring is continuing like normal as it has for many years now, we have batches of 6 to 12 qualified persons every week that make it thru the screening and eventually arrive here for the scheduled courses that start twice a month for the Boeing and twice a month for the Airbus.

so, NO screening for FEB is still on going, just hold on and don't get to excited, you will hear from the guys.

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S.F.L.Y 16th Feb 2009 05:07

Hello Capt. Krunch,
is it that they were overloaded as you said it or is it that they "replaced" the Feb candidates with new more attractive guys from the recent roadshows ?

Capt Krunch 16th Feb 2009 10:36


to be perfectly honest, I'm not in the position to say exactly what the HR does and does not do, I only have some knowledge due to longevity and some friends in some places of interest within.

having said that, it would only make sense to me ( maybe I'm a bit jaded in thinking this way) but if we had candidates with little or no type experience waiting to screen and along came someone who better met our needs, and with little effort to get him up to speed in our operation. I would have to opt to take the experienced ones. after all this is a commercial operation in ( and always been ) desperate for experienced crew to operate. things cannot always be fair and Rosy, we all know that.

Keep in mind this is not normal economic times and it is unusual to have this many experience guys / girl in the pipe line wanting employment. also some of the routes that QA are planning require much more than the normal crew figures to operate at the level requested by commercial. all things considered, they are in a bit of an overload and this does delay things quite a bit, so I would venture to say most are just delayed for a short period of time if at all.

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cosmiccomet 16th Feb 2009 11:01

Shorlisted erased from the data base
I have been short listed on July 22nd, 2008.
HR sent me the letter saying that, but there has not been
any email for the interview dates up to now.

I talked with a friend who is flying A330 for QR and he went
to the HR and they don't have my application in the data base:{:{:{

So, I have reapplied again...

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