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Immigrant 4th Jul 2011 21:18

Unfair-corrupted-tiring-lots of changes-minimum days off-lots of unpaid

This already VERY well known..... :mad:

Something more specific? :confused:

acgenerator2 4th Jul 2011 23:31

A bit off the topic, but I thought this might be interesting to some of us.

Qatar Airways rents Barwa City for QR7.1bn

TROPICAL-DEPRESSION 5th Jul 2011 10:00

For those of you who are sceptical, you can always get your HRA before it's too late.

A link to Barwa city: Barwa City

Locates in Musameer, just outside of the heart of Doha. Maybe good, maybe a new AKG problem. Who knows.

jamieboy 5th Jul 2011 11:50

Does anybody have any information on what the bond is if you are already type-rated on the Airbus? Thank-you in advance.

Capt Krunch 5th Jul 2011 11:57

Qatar Airways,, 1500+ pilots and 5700+ Cabin Crew, 10,000+ ground staff. Do you logically think this block of flats are for the lesser number ?

One would think that it would might be available for either Flight deck or Cabin Crew, but lets not forget Office staff, Al Maha staff, Premium terminal female staff of which there are nearly 700, the list goes on.

I personally would not jump to the conclusion that this is for Flight Deck, the CEO's favorite employees :cool:

Flightstats 5th Jul 2011 12:25

I had my interview at Qatar last week , can anyone tell me how long they take to give an answer.
I was told that accommodation for a married FO would be Holiday Villas...some info on the apartments?Heard there was some issue with mold..:bored:
I would much rather take the housing allowance, is it possible to get it directly or is it reserved only to Captains?

Would appreciate any info also by PM .



Flightstats 5th Jul 2011 12:32

@Capt. Krunch

At the interview they were talking about new upcoming apartments which are supposed to be better than the compound and holiday villas...
Must be the Barwa thing there...:uhoh:

coldriver 5th Jul 2011 14:27

information for QA interview
first of all , nice to meet you!
sorry if I'm bodering you, but I will be grateful if you can give me some information about the interview in QA. I already received the invitation for the next month and they told me something about a multiple stage process consisting of a technical quiz . a competency based interview and finally a simulator assessment.
Have you any information or examples about it? or do you know somebody that should gige me these information??
thank a lot

coldriver 5th Jul 2011 15:18

Hi, nice to meet you!
I read that you made an interview for QA. I received ther invitation for the next month.
Could you be so kind to tell me something about it?
They told me something about 3 sessions of assessment: writing test (quiz), interview and simulator session.
Do you know something about these tests and this interview???
thanks a lot

jonbj 6th Jul 2011 22:15

August QR interview
Hi guys! I am new on pprune! I have been invited for FO QR assessement on August 9th. Anyone will be there at the same date? Please i will appreciate if someone can give me info regarding panel interview.

Flightstats 6th Jul 2011 22:40

has anyone been offered a 777 FO position lately?
Are they still letting in NG guys which are high in hours?

menikos 7th Jul 2011 03:47

If you don't have widebody experience don't expect such a position, it will be A320 no matter how many hours you have on the NG.

Firegoofy 7th Jul 2011 06:50

Does anybody know, how long it will take to get the result of the hole selection day?
Would you recommend to write an Email after a certain time (Let's say five weeks)??


Miguel. 7th Jul 2011 08:13

They say 3-4 weeks so try and call them.

loc22550 7th Jul 2011 10:29

Oops sorry immigrant::bored:
To be more specific regarding 320 CPT roster:
Well i don't think there is a typical 320 roster but generaly speaking:

-75..80H/month (Duty..150h...)
-Minimum days off/month : 8..9 (forget about bidding 4..5 days off in a row, thats only for long haul guys, you will never get it on 320!).
-Alternance of day time flights and night time flights with minimim rest in between sometime.
-On duty for 6..7 days in a row.
-You must be really lucky to have a nice layover(most of the good flights going to TRE,TRI,LTC,office people..).
-Bidding system useless as we only have a couple of good destinations on 320

hushkit77 7th Jul 2011 17:31


Sorry to piss on your parade. But I know a chap who just got offered 777 FO and he's coming off 737 FO. I guess it still seems if you have Boeing you might get Boeing !! Lucky chap!!!


It took six weeks to the day for me!!
Patience. That's about it!!

Black Pudding 7th Jul 2011 17:57

What you get offered and what you get are sometimes not always the same thing. Still, sometimes its a blessing in disguise.

Immigrant 7th Jul 2011 19:47



Brian Cohen 8th Jul 2011 05:19

What you get offered and what you get are sometimes not always the same thing. Still, sometimes its a blessing in disguise.
Absolutely true! It's a pretty dynamic reality and the scenario changes rapidly. What you get today you need to be lucky that in 6 months from now stays the same (or unlucky, depends on your expectations).
My suggestion ... if you get offer what you like, do not postpone to long your decision to jump on the train unless you have a solid options elsewhere!

A-Fly-Girl 9th Jul 2011 10:58

Proficiency Check/Currency
Does anyone know if you have to be current or show a copy of your last proficiecny check to be hired?

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