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shamonwillye 9th Jul 2011 12:45

Flight Pay amount?
Guys Quick One on Duty/Flight/Sector pay?

I hear is 90QR per hour...so is it Duty hours or flight hours only?

What I mean is if there is an overnight are you still on 90QR per hour while your in your hotel overnighting?

Also is there Overnight Pay? or other allowances im not seeing, such as Meal Pay etc?

Thanks all...

menikos 9th Jul 2011 13:55


oh I'm very surprised maybe he has widebody experience, no ? if not that's a very good news :ok: thx for sharing.

hushkit77 9th Jul 2011 15:20

You're right, good news indeed. If you can get it!!
He only had 737 and lighter!!!
Good luck!

flyforfood1 9th Jul 2011 16:20

Flying pay is 90QR per hour, there is NO DUTY PAY :ugh: There are other allowances on layover, dependent on destination - there is a break down of amounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner all written down somewhere.

So for example Madrid is around 500QAR for 24 hours whereas some of the India night stops are approx 200QAR.

planeboy_777 10th Jul 2011 05:52

@ loc22550

Please Chk your PM :ok::ok:

thank you

Flightstats 11th Jul 2011 09:02

How long does it take Qatar Airways to send out negative answers after the interview?

salsaboy 11th Jul 2011 12:51

Negative - email after about a week
Positive - offer about 3-6weeks

TwoTone-7 11th Jul 2011 13:44

It also appears the team are out doing roadshows in the US and Egypt at present. That may delay things a little.

salsaboy 11th Jul 2011 14:16

Delay things?
I do hope not!

Flightstats 11th Jul 2011 14:18

LoL @ Salsa

I don't hope either !it's been a bit over 2 weeks..already torture;)

thicoo 11th Jul 2011 15:06


Hey guys,
I was wondering what would be a reason to be given a negative response if you do a "good" simulator? maybe the experience you have?

thanks in advance:ok:

salsaboy 11th Jul 2011 17:18

I have no idea why they would say no.
Sorry. Maybe someone else does know.
Good luck.

A380 Jockey 11th Jul 2011 17:20

Any word on whether they are hiring type rated 777/380 captains?
Maybe now or in the near future? Or is it all thru internal upgrades only.
Heard QR placed a large airbus order in the Paris airshow. Therefore this question. Thanks in advance.
Also,an indication of the widebody captain salary would be nice.

thicoo 11th Jul 2011 17:38

I have no idea why they would say no.
Sorry. Maybe someone else does know.
Good luck.
Thank you for your feedback mate :ok:
Good luck

TwoTone-7 11th Jul 2011 17:43

Devine Wind, no definitive timescale to getting an interview. I have seen as little as one month to six months.

A380 Jockey - QR hiring rated Captains. Except do not expect 100% to be on 777. You could even be on A320, depends on requirements. At Paris, order was placed for 6 B777's.

topofdescent 11th Jul 2011 20:05

not always true, i got positive within a few days

TwoTone-7 11th Jul 2011 20:07

Depends, I know someone who got positive in QR Exec within 8 days.

topofdescent, are you mainline or exec and how long ago was your positive news?


Flightstats 11th Jul 2011 20:17

What background do they look for when employing for QR executive?
Are the T&Cs similar to mainline?

A380 Jockey 12th Jul 2011 11:59

Thx for the info TT7.
But if its type rated they are hiring then its gonna have to be the type i've flown right?
Just wondering

Freight 12th Jul 2011 13:02

Assestment result
Hello guys,

According with yours and your friends experience, after the intervew, no news for 10 days may be expected as good news?

Thanks everybody!!

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