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HiddenDragon 29th Mar 2010 13:04

Thank you very much for your response!
Well, that "destroys" my will to Qatar Airways


HiddenDragon 29th Mar 2010 18:39

You applied for Qatar Airways in January, so as I!

I am 757/767 type rated...

And you, are you type rated? Still waiting?


mile low 30th Mar 2010 01:46

Are you guys applying for a captain or fo position ??? Is Qatar hiring both at the moment ? Guess my chances with 6500 h 737NG are not the best at the moment!!!

Capt Krunch 30th Mar 2010 05:50

as mentioned by loc22550, commuting is NOT possible at QA. For those of you new potential hires, do not come here thinking that you can commute. For the time being and for whatever reason, we are now limited to a max of 3 days off consecutive (not applicable to Cabin Crew). no more than that.
Most of our flights are quite full and as usual with ID90 travel, we are at the end of the list for available seats. If you are away from your home base on days off and fail to make it back for a duty period, well, then you might just as well stay where you are.. know what i mean. In most all cases excuses will not be accepted. Your life is expected to be at your home base (Doha). Thats just the way it is :rolleyes:

Poisoned by Compromise

azlee_19 30th Mar 2010 10:43

Yess i m t7 rated with 1400 hrs on type. Nevermind.

TOGA744 1st Apr 2010 12:17

OK here is the deal....

Applied for DEC, got the call up about a month later.

Just got the email with travel details, sim package, and visa for late Apr.

The itinerary they have given me has in interview scheduled at 8am, and then sim 2330 - 0330 (ok I get the low priority and back of the clock, but *ugh* nevertheless). In bold letters is also a note letting me know that the transport to the sim building has been booked 1hr 15min prior.

Nowhere is there any mention of an exam, my question is then, has it been scrapped? Or do they simply not say anything in this email?


blueline_climb 1st Apr 2010 21:46

Hey all!! After looking at Qatar Airways requirements, I see for First Officers, they require 2000 hours TT and 500 hours on EFIS equipped aircraft.

This may be a silly thing to ask and I always invest some hope into these things, but would it be realistic to say with 2600 hours TT and 1500 hours on EFIS equipped aircraft (Beech 1900), that I'd have a shot at recruitment? I've got my application all filled out and I'm ready to submit it.

Thanks gents!

jetstreamhoney 2nd Apr 2010 13:27

Can anyone give me some info?
Hi I was just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have tried on the cabin crew forums and there doesn't seem to be any cc currently working for Qatar there, only people who have applied or recently been accepted. In fact there are some people who have been accepted and since leaving for Doha they haven't put any posts up.

I got accepted two days ago but I have some worries. I have been reading some really bad things about the living on another forum. I was also wondering if the cc accommodation has swimming pools, gyms and how far the accommodation is from shopping hotels etc as I read that cc cannnot use private taxis??

The main reason I'm so worried is that I have long term boyfriend in the UK. He is all for me going out to fly but I don't want to quit job here and not see boyfriend for so long if it's going to be so awful. I thought maybe you guys would have an idea of the real state of things for cc at the mo. Would appreciate any help

QRCCREW 2nd Apr 2010 14:33

Joining QR

Hey i'm going to save you a lot of trouble, at present QR is hiring less than they can to handle current attrition- There are aproximately 10-15 people leaving cabin crew a WEEK (not to meantion other departments), and they hire about 30 people a week.

Accomodations do not have pools, except one or two of them, but there are about 60 bldgs. so the chances of getting in them are very slim as they normally go to seniors.

If you bid for London Gatwick or Heathrow, chances are you will get it every time hands down, as this is the worst flight to work. I havent experienced it but i hear its hell.

Most accomodations are with a gym, if im not mistaken, or there will be another bldg with one nearby that you can use.

Now, Taxis. You can use a private taxi, but normally its better to take Karwa Taxi, as its cheaper. All taxis are DIRT cheap in comparison to the UK. You may not be dropped off at the airport by a male driver if you are female, unless he is your husband or your father. No matter if he is a friend or not. Apparently there was a rumor regarding female cabin crew and men that caused this change in policy. However, id not not like to post that rumor on here.

If I were you, i would choose Emirates, as they are hiring right now and you would have a good chance at them if QR chose you. Most crew working at QR did not make the choice to come here as a first choice, Emirates was a lot of people's first choice.

I have been flying for a number of years back home and trust me, this is not a good choice of companies to work for. TAKE MY ADVICE, SAVE YOURSELF HEART ACHE, WAIT IT OUT AND TRY FOR EMIRATES. At current time, there has been no efforts from management to keep crew happy in QR and thus people are leaving at record numbers. Those who stay here are not here for the :=JOY OF FLYING, Most are here for the money, which makes for quite a fun time stuck in a metal tube with them. Emirates pays mostly the same, and they truely have better places to fly!!! But, even though you may not know me and you may not trust my opinion, take your own path in life, I didnt listen to this website before going to QR. It was definately the most interesting chapter in my life. Next time, ill listen, ill try Emirates.

Hope life leads you well!

Former Crew.

ntaizy 3rd Apr 2010 17:29

Cabin Crew + F/O in qatar
Hello every one I'm Cabin crew and my husband F/O on the A320-1
We are thinking about moving in qatar to continue our careers there .Could any of you please give us some advises and informations about the company and Doha?
Are they Hiring Couples?
Can we have same schedules and (or) days off?
How much gonna be the monthly incomes?
We dont have kids at the moment but we would like to have the next years will I be able to work again after that?
Thank you in advance

Fubaliera 3rd Apr 2010 18:58

Forget about it, Qatar doesnt hire married woman. You can come but as a house wife. Why on earth would they hire a married chick when there are so many young and single. (Arab Mentality). If you come here single need minimum 3 years to get permission from management to get married. Its in your contract.

169west 4th Apr 2010 13:05

... new application form for QR wannabe!

andy767 4th Apr 2010 14:36

Application to Qatar
Hi Guys,

I recently re-applied to QR....I applied over a year ago and heard nothing back,so resent another application.

Do they normally respond to advise you about being shortlisted or not?

How long have some waited before being contacted?



blueline_climb 4th Apr 2010 21:44

Hey all!! After looking at Qatar Airways requirements, I see for First Officers, they require 2000 hours TT and 500 hours on EFIS equipped aircraft.

This may be a silly thing to ask and I always invest some hope into these things, but would it be realistic to say with 2600 hours TT and 1500 hours on EFIS equipped aircraft (Beech 1900), that I'd have a shot at recruitment? I've got my application all filled out and I'm ready to submit it.

Thanks gents!

Can anyone here shed light on this? Thanks!

forceindia320 4th Apr 2010 23:12

qr questions
im new here!!!! any help to get some questions of the interview??? many thankssss

dash8james 4th Apr 2010 23:16

Hello Guys,
I have sent my application via email approximately 2 months ago, and so far nothing heard from QR. I am a guy with total flying experience rounding to 10,000 hrs most of which is on the EFIS equipped and approximately 5000 on PIC on turboprops.. I am yet to receive a reply from them.
can anyone clarify my point
1. whether they respond to a the online application?
or they just call u up for the interview?
3. those who haven't received any response QR, within some period of time, .. can these ppl consider that his application is not valid any longer?
how do u make them respond to your email.... i mean im not sure whther they have received formal response from the recruiting officer?

Fubaliera 4th Apr 2010 23:25

You guys must be hungry or cant read

Capt Krunch 5th Apr 2010 04:01

Easy on the new guys Fubaliera :} (I find it just as annoying)

dash8james, forceindia32, andy767.
Try using the SEARCH function for these answers, They have been covered millions of times in the past. :ok:

with the pilot surplus there is now, we have no problem at all finding very experienced pilots. Please don't hold your breath for a position here for the time being. I don't mean that in a bad way, just straight forward. In answer to your question, they do not consider the B1900 a full EFIS aircraft and the fact you have not mentioned anything about Jet time would leave you way behind the rest.. I'm not saying do not apply, but just don't expect allot.

Poisoned by Compromise

andy767 5th Apr 2010 04:20

Capt Krunch,

Many thanks....that's all I needed to know:ok:


Would of been nice as a newbie to have been treated with some respect,just because we ask a question does not mean we are total tosser's.......I assume you have your reasons.


blueline_climb 5th Apr 2010 08:03

You guys must be hungry or cant read
Actually it's both. Thanks for noticing ;)

Krunch, thanks for the tip!

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