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ITO 10th May 2012 07:29

Without forgetting that others already did the assessments for NTSO and are still waiting for good news........etc :sad:

High'n Fast 10th May 2012 08:11

Indeed is sad to see CTC supplying Pilots to QR .....

More work for Trolley and Dolly at the Manor !! :mad:

flyforfood1 10th May 2012 08:17

Ah the plague that is CTC - was only a matter of time before they came over here. :ugh:

upwhereIbelong 10th May 2012 08:37

It´s also the Guys who pay for CTC....
and then the complaining ..uuuh im a low time a320 rated guy give me a job ....come on


Stick35 10th May 2012 08:41

Ok just to make clear about the ctc thing. Are we talking about fresh graduates leaving ctc or also experienced pilots delivered by ctc??
Or are we also talkng about selfsponsored guys doing (paying) their type with ctc??. Bit all unclear to me.

SkyMe_and_MyDuprees 10th May 2012 10:15

Hello everybody,

I was wondering, how short noticed are you called for assessment for SO?

Is it hard, I mean studid hard like DLR, or more "down to earth" hard? What sort of subjects do they focus most?

Is this CTC mafia thing to monopolize the low hour cadet real, or in fact that's just another way to get in like any other candidate organization?

And the last one, are they recruiting now SO's? How many? 320 fleet only?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Paparoach 10th May 2012 11:26

I did the selections (ab-initio, NTSO) early Feb. It has been 3 months now, and no feedback (positive or negative) has been received yet...

Tried to contact them (email), they didn't answer...

So there we are, all waiting for news, lets hope this news will come someday... :rolleyes:

victor75 10th May 2012 11:53

I did the selection for SO in November ; received the good news the 24th January and now still waiting for further instruction!

Stick35 10th May 2012 12:07

I tried to call them several times, but cant get them on the phone. Do they have special working hours?

Does anybody know if ctc is only delivering low hour guys? Or also selfsponsored typerated guys?

no sponsor 10th May 2012 19:49

Qatar better be prepared for their new pilots to be trained in EZJ SOPs, since their part-time instructors can't be bothered to learn any other airlines SOPs.

I'm really sorry to hear that they have an exclusive arrangement with CTC.

Airmann 10th May 2012 19:52

Guys, have some hope. The intake of CTC graduates is not going to lead to QR stopping FTSO hiring. These are different programs, the careers page is still displaying an advert for FTSO. Those who have already been interviewed for NTSO and have passed, should not worry about not joining. QR already stopped NTSO applications a long time ago, those who are already in the system and have passed selection should eventually join.

Let me get one thing straight right now: QR DOES NOT EVER SEND EMAILS TO SAY: PLEASE WAIT THERE IS A DELAY. They will ONLY send you three emails if you were successful:

1. You've passed the selection
2. Here's your contract/joining date
3. Here's your ticket and visa

That is it, no one from recruitment will send any unauthorized emails. Go through this forum and see if anyone has reported different. That means that if you have received email #1 you will eventually get email #2. HAS ANYONE EVER RECIEVED EMAIL 1 BUT NOT EMAIL 2? Check the forum it hasn't happened. Some people waited 6 moths but they finally got it.

There are no new NTSO joining right now, except for Qataris as there is a shortage in training resources. Also a whole bunch of pilots have joined from a bankrupt European Carrier, so all training resources will be allocated for them first. They are experienced and can be put on the line quickly. They will resume with joining dates for NTSO soon. Do not think that you have been forgotten. Do not start guessing things in haste and despair. Be patient. The recruitment department is too busy to take your calls and to reply to each and every request. I don't think you realize what a busy place QR is right now.

Hold in there, everyone SO that is in QR went through what you are going through, its not uncommon.

flyer19832007 10th May 2012 20:32

Judging by their expansion plans guys and gals, I hardly think 20-30 cadets a year, maybe up to 50 per year across all schools(this is simply based on the assumption that these were the successful ones at interview) will make a huge difference in the long term with some ridiculous number of aircraft waiting to be delivered.

That only covers about 10 aircraft, and assuming all 320 guys, that doesn't include the guys currently on the 320 that will transfer to the 380, 350 and 787. Or to mention the guys trying to escape!

It really is a waiting game to see how things pan out, not ideal, but often its better to see how things are working out. If of course you have that luxury.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the announcement either, if anything its prob just a PR thing. QR have taken from all different schools before, and different streams, and I have no doubt, at least for the forseeable future, they will continue to do so.

captain.weird 10th May 2012 20:44

They just have to start up a cadet pilot programme for all nationalities:ok:

Global01 10th May 2012 22:37

"They just have to start up a cadet pilot programme for all nationalitieshttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/thumbs.gif"

The programme covers 50 % of the cost which is very good but only for Arab nationalities as far as i know....

Thanks AIRMANN for your useful information, thats gives some hope ..

Cheers !

RK303 11th May 2012 04:10

Just to let people know that NTSO have been left in dark ! No rejection, no positive news.
There are answers to everything but absolutely no word about the situation of people who do not even know if they are in or out. We are aware about “the patience” but come on, now 7 months for few of us??!!.Why not just let people go with a rejection or tell them that they were successful ??


FL123 11th May 2012 07:41

perfect post...:D:D:D
7 months is too much for a yes or no mail. Atleast give them an acceptance/rejection mail so that they can relax.
I wonder when will we get a call for the assessment (shortlisted and waiting :ugh:) .... :(:(:(

RK303 11th May 2012 15:54

lol:O I tried it louder FL123, still no results.:}

Be strong SOs colleagues! and don't forget that very hard work is waiting for you in Doha to reach the FO level so no need to be in a rush I guess:ok:

All the best;)

flying apple 12th May 2012 19:42

Bomb on board:
take to a special location in the aircraft and decend to 10000'

Tyre burst:
continue take off, you have more runway available to land again

circling approach:
the missed approach from the approach flown
on final from the landing runway: climb do msa, turn to the circling side and follow the published missed

always, shoulder harness for taxi, takeoff and landing

casablanca 12th May 2012 20:54

with the bomb on board, besides following above advice some aircraft may consider extending gear and flaps in case you later lose hydraulics?

If the blown tire happens within 20 kts of v1 I would also recommend to continue takeoff
wake turbulence descends 300-500 feet per minute and normally dissipates within about a 1000 feet..... I would guess 3 minutes but think answer is "5"

cloudbasher60 14th May 2012 10:25

Just interviewed with QR
Well, it took about 3 months but finally I got invited to interview with QR on May 9. So, it is all over so now just waiting to hear if I made it or not. The whole experience was great from start to finish. They flew me both ways business class and man, best I have every experienced and I have done this lots over the years. Air Canada is dog shit compared to this first class company just to give you an example.

Anyway, all was done in 1 day. 5 star hotel, nice. There were only 8 guys for this 1 day, less than I anticipated. Out of them only me and 1 other guy, had good jet command time, the rest, not much. Some Dash captains but only for first officer position, I think just the 2 of us for captain, me for sure. Meet and greet at 8am, then 50 question MC test in 1 hour. Test not easy, but all of us passed, but you had to know many things to pass and lots of theory of flight and other stuff. There were 2 or 3 different exams, we compared, different. They told us all immediately after exam we passed. I was then told interview in an hour, great and picked first. Interview went well, the usual stuff like tell us about company, yourself, etc. Then, lots of senerioes about situtions, lasted about 40 minutes. Nice folks, only 2 of them, one man, one woman. After interview, told me in 5 minutes I passed, and invited to sim in a few hours. Perfect, time to relax, lunch, and they off to sim. All sims were busy so they put us in 787 one pilot at a time with instructor, he played first officer and ran the box, not ideal situation but was ok. ALL hand flown, no FD, no AT, no NAV, all hand flown and raw data. Short bried before sim, wx ok, couple of approaches, some airwork, 2 ILS approaches with 1 APU fire and evacution. Thats it. Not easy jumping into new type first time, but they arent looking for you to ace flying this bird, more interested in CRM, decision making, and so on. I was a little ropy to start, but last half, did well. You must tell him exactly what you want him to say or do, or he does nothing. Remeber your check calls, and so on. Anyway, it went ok, could always do better but kept blue side up, landed nicely. He never said a word about how I did, didnt press it. So, that was the day. Was told on interview, it takes about 4 weeks just to hear if they plan to hire you, and then, weeks or longer after to get offer. Not once did they hint or tell what plane you would fly, cause they dont know it seems. They gather all the info, the chiefs get together, and decide who gets what. It all depends on timing and of course what you bring to the table. In my case, hard to say. I have pretty good B and AB time as captain, so maybe a chance to get DEC on 777 or hell, even the 787 but I dont know their policy on this or who they have to pick from. It is clear to me that they are NOT getting really high time and experienced captains from what I saw on my assessment. I thought many more pilots and guys with really high time, but not so. So I am not sure where I fit into the mix, but any job they offer would be fine, pay is basically the same but schedules would be different of course. So now, it is a waiting game, just wait and be patient, pushing them will NOT help and make it worse. So I did my best, and all I can do and see what happens. But first, you must pass your exam or you are done. If you pass it but fail your interview, one guy did, you are done. I am just glad I was called and to have the opportunity and I did enjoy the whole experience. QR staff were very friendly, on ground and in the air, and treated me with respect and kindness. Good luck to you guys who are applying.

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