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8th Apr 2010, 16:09
i applied for the cx cadet scheme but no reply and it just say We are unable to accept an additional application as your current application is being processed. but its said that for last sixth month can anyone help with contact details to cathaypacfic?

9th Apr 2010, 03:37
Quick question. Does anyone know if you can apply once completing the CPL and then do directly into their instructor program to gain experience? I haven't yet started my CPL, but plan to next month, and and just looking at my options.


9th Apr 2010, 04:54
Hello all,

first time posting. Just got a quick question for your guys with regards to the interview process. Stage 1 is the initial interview right? then stage 2 and 3 are the further tests and interviewing? is stage 4 the flight grading in australia then?

I guess what i'm wondering is when do you actually start flight training as a cadet... is it after stage 4? do they have a qouta that they have to fill or does everyone who pass stage 4 get to go on?

Anyway, your information is much appreciated as always!


9th Apr 2010, 09:20
Hi northbound207

You seem to be on the right track. The whole interview process is conducted over 4 stages, you need to pass each stage to move on to the next. Stage 4 is the final stage where you will go to Adelaide for flight grading.

You have to pass all four stages to get onto the program which is when you will begin the flight training.

I'm not sure if there will be a delay between success in stage 4 and the start of your training. I suppose it depends on when you complete stage 4 and when the next schedule starts.

Presently Cathay Pacific's Flight Crew Recruitment team are anticipating a probable delay, for cadets training this year, between finishing their training and starting as SO - due to high no's of staff and economic downturn. But who knows, things change rapidly.

9th Apr 2010, 09:49
Hey everyone. I just completed my Cathay Stage 1A interview (initial interview). I said before I would keep everyone posted and share any knowledge I had. The day was about four hours long. We all sat in a small waiting room and filled out a questionnaire until about 2pm when everything started. There were a total of 7 applicants (7th April) I think another group of 7 were scheduled for the 8th.

The recruiter came and we started with the english and grammar tests. The test really wasn't too bad until the end. On the recording, people say sentences that correspond to a sentence on your paper. You have to figure out which word is being said in the sentence, but because of the thick british accents, some words sound very similar like 68 or 60A or sneakers and snickers. Just listen carefully and you will be fine.

Next we divided groups 4 went to the aptitude test and 3 of us in the reasoning test. The reasoning test sucked. It started out easy and I was feeling great. By the end of the 40 minutes, all i could see was a blurry set of dots, shapes, squiggle lines, straight lines, stars.....it was really hard by the end. For those who are unsure, the reasoning test is the test where you try to notice a pattern. You will have eight pictures in front, and have to figure out (from eight possible answers) which one completes the pattern.

We all then gave our presentations (one on one) with a recruiter. If you are prepared for the presentation then you will do fine. Some people have written that the presentation is just for them to see your english skills and thats it. That is only part of it. If your presentation is lacking, she will ask you questions about it. Many applicants said they were asked about the aircraft used for training at FTA and what types of planes/sizes/names they were. If you cover your topic completely, they wont ask any more questions about it. Next there is a small HR interview.
I was asked:
Why I wanted to be a Pilot
What my parents think of me becoming a pilot
What my favorite aircraft was (she even asked me model number: B777-300ER very specific)
Why the aircraft I picked was my favorite
What did I do to get ready for today
What will I do if selected for stage 1B to prepare myself

There were a few more questions, but I don't remember

Finally, I did the aptitude test (as I had already done the reasoning test). This was done on computer. 5 games total. You may think your doing horribly on it, but they are not so bad. They were mostly games to test your hand eye coordination and see the error you would have while trying to keep up (everyone has error, it is impossible to be perfect at them). There is quick subtraction game as well.

That was it. When we were done, she informed us that she would let us know in two days how we did and would contact us by email if we were invited for stage 1B. I am very happy to say I got a call the following morning and invited to stage 1B. Wish me luck. I will keep updating. And thanks to everyone who has shared any info they could to help me through my interviews.

9th Apr 2010, 14:51
Hello Happyguy99,

thanks your info is much appreciated as always.

furthermore, can anyone let me know quickly if stage 1a/1b is only for applicants doing their interviews in hong kong? I read most of the posts and it seems to be a fairly different process than applicants who do their interviews abroad.

Thanks as always.


9th Apr 2010, 14:58
Hey everyone,

just to make things easier, from what i gather the hong kong stage 1a/1b is the same as the stage one for applicants abroad but just broken into two parts. So i assume that the rest of the process is identical then?

Please let me know if i have this right.


9th Apr 2010, 19:25
Hi Guys,
A few question raised on my mind:

1. How do the SOs log their flight time in Cathay? As a Second Officer? or any other rules on that?

2. Can we expect any help from CX to find a house? Or any financial assistances?

3. what about medical insurance ? Do they support you with that?


10th Apr 2010, 03:11
Hello everyone. I got through Stage1A Wednesday morning and got an email the next day for me to attend Stage1B next Wednesday.

Looks like there were two shifts of 7 applicants for a few days last week (at least 2 days?), since my shift started at 0830 and i see that Bizzle284's started at 2pm.

However, i am to prepare for the JKI MC test as well, the interview should be 30-45 mins long and the JKI booklet test should be 45 mins long.

Good luck everyone! This is getting exciting!

10th Apr 2010, 08:46
Hey guys!

I attended stage 1a at Cathay City on the 8th. I was part of the Morning batch too! Will be looking forward to seeing you guys back for stage 1b.

Cathay say stage 1b is a multiple choice technical test from the booklet. What sort of technical questions are we looking at though? And, would it all be from the booklet itself, or will other sources also be included? Anybody who has gone through these interviews can shed some light, perhaps?

10th Apr 2010, 08:58
HR interview during Stage 1A? That must be something new, I've never heard of anyone being interviewed in 1A. Makes me wonder what the differences between that interview and the one in Stage 1B are.

10th Apr 2010, 09:22
holdmetight.. thx for shedding some light on the engines in the other thread.. and yes it is very odd how we were asked those questions in stage 1a. makes us think what are they going to ask in 1b?

kinda confused as well.. so in 1b we have jki test.. then in the interview they will ask us more questions on the jki booklet? or will it pertain more towards cathay and their fleet?

ham.. i guess knowing that they dont train with cessnas and the kiss and wink to the lady was the trick! lol what date is your 1b?

whoever wants to join me we can try to find a library or someplace to go over interview questions with one another and make up some good 'true' stories lol

10th Apr 2010, 09:34
0lancer0, I think their mini-interview in Stage 1A is setting the stage for the Stage 1B interview. Perhaps it is so they can quiz you further during the 1B interview, instead of having to use the time getting to know you. That is just my guess though, maybe we will get to know more after next week.

From what I've gathered, Stage 1B is a 45 minute JKI quiz (multiple-choice), followed by a 30-minute interview with a HR lady and pilot. I believe the test is strictly on material from the booklet, though a few questions on the company will be asked too.

10th Apr 2010, 12:17
0lancer0: I suppose it was more the kiss than anything else! :P
I got my stage 1b for 15th (wednesday) at 0930hrs.

I also wanted to ask if second officers fly cargo or commercial? and, is there a difference in terms of knowledge of goods that are being carried etc? And, what routes do second officers fly to?

10th Apr 2010, 12:35
Second Officers fly on routes with block times of 8 hours or more. If my memory serves me right, these routes are serviced by crews with S/Os.

Europe: LHR, CDG, FRA, AMS, MXP, FCO, SVO (from July 2010)

Middle East: BAH, RUH, DXB, JED

Australasia: BNE, SYD, ADL, MEL, AKL

Africa: JNB

North America: YVR, SFO, LAX, YYZ, JFK

10th Apr 2010, 12:44
It seems Second Officers are deployed primarily on passenger flights, as with cargo operations the jumbos seem to have enough based pilots that can operate as relief pilots as well. Don't quote me on that though, I am saying this because my research hasn't showed me otherwise.

is there a difference in terms of knowledge of goods that are being carried

Not quite sure what you mean there.

10th Apr 2010, 12:50
thanks for your response. What i meant by saying that was, are there different regulations in terms of cargo operations and passenger operations that pilots need to be trained for/aware of?

10th Apr 2010, 13:02
are there different regulations in terms of cargo operations and passenger operations that pilots need to be trained for/aware of?

That beats me. I can guess some possible differences, but I wouldn't want to point you down the wrong path, just in case I'm wrong. Hell, we all know cargo pilots are part-time flight attendants as well... but we can't exactly say that in the interview now, can we? :}

11th Apr 2010, 03:44
Has anyone who had an interview in Vancouver a couple weeks ago heard back from Cathay yet?

For others who have heard back; how long did it take them to contact you?



CaptainCourageous au
11th Apr 2010, 07:14
I remember asking during the interview about the possibility of being put on as a second officer on cargo flights if i was successful with the cadetship. The interviewerís response was that it was unlikely and most cadets were assigned to passenger flights.

11th Apr 2010, 09:28
Hi mmrassi,

I can answer two of your questions:

"1. How do the SOs log their flight time in Cathay? As a Second Officer? or any other rules on that?" - Not sure about this one sorry :(

"2. Can we expect any help from CX to find a house? Or any financial assistances?"

Yes, you will get financial assistance from Cathay Pacific. While training as a Cadet you will receive an allowance of AU$100 per week, in addition to this, your accommodation and meals will be catered for at the FTA campus.

Once you begin employment as a SO you will receive a basic salary of HK$398,148 per annum. In addition to the basic salary, there is an hourly duty pay based on 84 hours per month equating to HK$29,398 per annum. Finally, a discretionary bonus equivalent to one month's salary is normally paid with 12 months qualifying service as at 31st December in the relevant year. For those of you who have less than 1 year service, the discretionary annual bonus is paid on a pro-rata basis. Cathay Pacific has not paid staff this 'Christmas bonus' recently due to large losses due to the economic down-turn.

Officers Basic Salaries (This is a rough guide!)

SO - year 1 - HK$398,148
- year 2 - HK$445,949
- year 3 - HK$499,486
- year 4 - HK$559,401

JFO - year 1 - HK$610,848
- year 2 - HK$684,168

FO - year 1 - HK$794,315
- year 2 - HK$807,639
- year 3 - HK$821,235
- year 4 - HK$835,103

SFO - year 1 - HK$863,395
- year 2 - HK$885,458
- year 3 - HK$908,188
- year 4 - HK$931,585
- year 5 - HK$955,699
- year 6 - HK$980,531

Captain - year 1 - HK$1,215,915
- year 2 - HK$1,237,668

Snr Captain - year 1 - HK$1,259,830
- year 2 - HK$1,282,448

Children's Education Allowance

Officers with the rank of First Officer or higher and living in HK are paid a children's education allowance. This equates to 50% of education costs for children aged 3 -4 years. For children aged between 5 and 18 years attending a recognized International School in HK, Cathay will reimburse 75% of the rate for the International School, or 90% of the rate for ESF schools (Primary or Secondary, as appropriate) in HK, whichever rate is the higher.

Retirement/Provident Fund

Cathay Pacific contributes the equivalent of 15.5% of its officer's salary into the Provident Fund. Officers may also elect to transfer the benefit entitlements from previous employment to the Provident Fund.

Travel and Rebated Cargo Benefits

After the applicable qualifying period, concessional travel on Cathay Pacific and most other major arilines will be available to officers and their spouses. Officer's parents will also enjoy discounts of Cathay Pacific flights. In addition, employees are entitled to a bookable free return no-subload ticket of a Cathay Pacific flight each year. Rebated Cargo is a staff benefit offered for staff to ship cargo at a discounted freight charge.

"3. what about medical insurance ? Do they support you with that?"

Loss of Licence Insurance

Cathay Pacific insures the Officer's flying licence to a maximum of 24 months salary.

Death Benefit

Cathay Pacific insures for the death of an officer equivalent to the sum of 60 months' salary.

Medical and Dental Benefits

The medical scheme covers consultations, medication, surgery and hospitalisation charges at a company appointed panel of doctors and at recommended hospitals. The dental plan is an optional benefit which provides access to comprehensive dental care in HK. You may select from a choice of three dental clinics and the specific treatments and procedures that are covered under the plan. Such benefits may also be extended to your spouse and dependants.

Travel Insurance

This optional benefit pays for loss of cash or personal belongings, the cancellation of a pre-paid holiday or unexpected medical treatment anywhere in the world for you, your spouse and dependants.

Critical Illness Insurance

This optional insurance will pay a cash benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Income Protection Insurance

This optional insurance provides up to 50% of your salary if you become disabled and are unable to work for an extended period.

Housing Allowance

Cathay Pacific does not (at this time) offer a housing allowance to officers who join through the Cadet Pilot Program. All Cathay Pacific staff are able to apply, from a recommended bank, for a mortgage which is offered to Cathay staff at a lower interest rate than the current market rate.

This is everything I can find about Cathay Pacific's salaries and benefits offered to SO joining through the Cadet Pilot Program.

11th Apr 2010, 09:53
Happyguy99, that is some impressive research you have done there. Thanks a lot for that, it is easy to see why they picked you above everyone else, if you have gone to pains to find information of that detail.

How do the SOs log their flight time in Cathay? As a Second Officer? or any other rules on that?

As far as I know, SOs are given a P2X rating on the aircraft they fly. The training that SOs are given for their P2X rating includes everything a new FO would receive, except they are not given base training (actual takeoff and landing training in the real aircraft), since they are only expected/allowed to operate at altitudes of 10,000ft or above. As such, the time they log while flying is called P2X time, and there is a specific column in the HKCAD-issued logbook for this. P2X time is practically useless when used to apply for jobs in other major airlines, as most of them do not recognize SO/P2X time as practical flying experience.

For interest, FOs and CNs possess P1 ratings, which allows you to log some actual time that is considered real flying experience by the other big boys in the aviation world.

This is as far as I can go. If anyone knows more or knows better, please feel free to correct or update.

Just found something on how much in-seat time you log when flying as an SO.

In seat time amounts to approximately:
(flight time - 1.5 hours) divided by 2 for an ultra-long haul flight (4 crew), and (flight time - 1.5 hours) times two thirds for a three-crew flight.

11th Apr 2010, 11:40
Hi guys....I need some information from you.

I applied last july for this cadet pilot, but since then no answer.
If i remember correctly, I chose for an italian or uk location for the selection.

in november I contacted them and they said that they will contact me when the selected location became available for the selection....but no answer yet.

As i can read from this thread ,there is a selection in progress...and now:

why they don't contact me?
is there any italian guys doing the selection?
may I contact them now and tell them if i can change location??

thanks to everyone:ok::ok:

11th Apr 2010, 19:10
Thanks a lot on that info. They were more than enough for me. Many thanks!

I applied for CPP at 5th of march and I wake up everyday with the hope to receive a call from CX. I'm getting boring on this and I want to go through the interview as soon as possible. Any idea on how can I find out the approximate date for interview?! I know it may be a funny question but this makes me cry everyday !!!!

11th Apr 2010, 20:58
Hey guys!

For those waiting a long time with no reply from CX, try sending them an e-mail. More often than not, they will reply back. Look on PILOT CAREER CENTER - Latest Pilot Jobs, Pilot Resume / Pilot CV Design, Interview Preps and more... (http://www.pilotcareercenter.com) for contact details.

Best of luck in your career endeavors!


12th Apr 2010, 05:42
Any words of wisdom or internet links that would help for attending Phase 2/3 in HK? Im slightly worried about this math test everyone has been talking about as thats not a strong point for me.


12th Apr 2010, 06:24
Hey there. Sorry I am not at stage 2 yet, going to stage 1b on the 15th. I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your stage 1 experiences. I'm a little nervous about the interview and would like all the help I could get (I'm sure others agree).

As far as stage 2 I've heard that the math test is general math questions and if you can do quick subtraction and addition you should be alright. However, it does include some graph problems which I heard are a little difficult and you have to get the first question right to get the rest of them correct.

When is your stage 2? I want to see if its close at all to the stage 1 interview.

12th Apr 2010, 09:56
The questions you will find in the Stage 2 math test are quite similar to those used in typical management graduate jobs, with data interpretation and arithmetic-based questions. These are all mathematically very simple but often very tedious. You will be given a pencil and paper, and asked to do the test on a computer screen. The test is made of 30 MC questions, each question with 16 possible answers. There is one graph/scenario for every 4 questions.

Numeric (http://www.shldirect.com/numerical.html)

Have a look at the link for an idea of what to expect. The actual questions in the Cathay test are harder though. I found it better to read the questions first, then reading the information provided in the scenario to solve them. Don't hesitate to move on if you're not sure of how to solve a problem.

You can buy or borrow some books that are dedicated towards training people for numerical aptitude tests, which usually have a variety of useful exercises in them. Back in my day, I also did some GMAT questions to get my brain into gear. Just keep your cool and do your best, and let Cathay decide everything else. Good luck!

12th Apr 2010, 16:24
what about the european guys??....so far, I ve have seen only people from USA and Canada..

Best of luck for those already under screening:ok:

12th Apr 2010, 17:49
Thanks holdmetight for the sample questions.

To everyone going for stage 1A and 2. I was searching the web and stumbled accross a very old PPrunes forum from 2006 for people who were practicing for their interviews. I found links to some aptitude tests that are similar to the ones from cathay.

Here is the Grammar test which is very similar to cathay's, except for one of the tests imagine someone speaking the words and you are guessing which word they are saying.
http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/advdicts/web...t_expt2htm.htm (http://redirectingat.com/?id=42X487496&url=http%3A%2F%2Felc.polyu.edu.hk%2Fadvdicts%2Fwebsuppmats%2Fdiagnostic_grammar_test_expt2htm.htm&sref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pprune.org%2Ffragrant-harbour-wannabes%2F106953-sample-aptitude-test-cx-cadet-cadet-merged.html)

This next test is a reflex tester. It's not a cathay test, but in one of the games for cathay, shoot the bandit, you have to respond as quickly as you can. You have 1.5 sec to decide if you want to shoot down an enemy plane. This reflex test is a fun way to get ready for it. These games are just more fun to play than anything else.
The Reflex Tester (http://www.happyhub.com/network/reflex/)
Reflex (http://oos.moxiecode.com/examples/reflex/)

This test is just plain silly, but sadly is, in its own way, similar to one of the cathay tests. There is an aptitude test where you have to keep a cross inside of a box using the rudder pedals and joystick. The computer, which is simulating changing wind direction, is constantly trying to push you outside of the box in different directions. Your job is to keep correcting it. This game is funny, but is the same principle. Enjoy it. The Pissing Game, The Pissing, Pissing game on net, Online The Pissing Game Coolbuddy.com (http://www.coolbuddy.com/games/pissing/default.htm)

This is the link to the forum I got these games from if you want to take a look.
Sample Aptitude Test for CX cadet & 'Cadet' (Merged). (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=106953)

Remember don't take everything to seriously. Designed to be funny, but it relates.

13th Apr 2010, 08:47
I sent an email to CPP group and asked them about the possible interview date, I also wrote them I'm ready to go and do the interview in other cities.

But they just said my application is not confirmed yet and let me know when they got the confirmation!
They said noting regarding the change of interview location.

Still need to wait, now I understand why they say Aviation in Patience!

13th Apr 2010, 13:34
Any info.on the CX initial interview in Kuala Lumpur ? Please share some info. on the interview and written test(JKI and reasoning test) Thank you.

13th Apr 2010, 13:45
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows about this medical cert they asked during the application. I remember them asking if i held a hong kong medical cert which proclaims one to be medically fit. I said no as I've never been to Hong Kong. Does this make a difference? help me out here yeah... thanks guys

13th Apr 2010, 15:58
I don't think it makes a difference, if you already hold the HKCAD medical then great, if not then they will arrange a medical examination for you when the time comes.

14th Apr 2010, 16:02
Thank you so much for your reply!!!! :)

16th Apr 2010, 05:44
hey guys i am new to this forum but have been reading since page 1. anyways i applied in early march and was wondering how long it takes for them to respond to stage 1 interview for first preference in HK?

i randomly chose HK as my first preference as i didn't know that they do interviews outside HK lol. anyways i heard that choosing HK as your first preference my get you an interview sooner? is that true?

thanks guys much appreciated. :)

16th Apr 2010, 06:04
Hi happyguy99,

It's very encouraging to hear of your success with Cathay. I am also in your boat in terms of age. Am 30 this year. I have applied via thier online application in january but have not hear anything from them.

I think i should srop them a call or at least a mail. Given my age I probably don't have much time to waste. Am wondering if you could help me out with CX recruitment contact (number, e-mail) since you are already in contact?

Thanks so much in advance. happyguy99 and wish you all the success ate stage 4.

16th Apr 2010, 07:58
so after 6 years contract.. you wont be able to be a cathay pacific pilot?

16th Apr 2010, 09:51
I applied july 09 and still waiting for an asnwer (for italy or england as location)....I don't know how they choose people to interview,maybe if you choose,you will get more chance to start sooner!
hope for you! :ok:

17th Apr 2010, 08:17
Hi wood_terence

Regarding your application in January 2010, it will take them time to go through all the applications from your geographic region to decide on who they will interview. The interviews will then be conducted when they are next in your region. From my point of view this is how it appears the recruitment team work. I applied first half 2009 and first heard from the recruitment team almost 6 months later.

If I were you I would not put my life on hold just in case they call. If you want to be a pilot, I encourage you to find a way on your own steam - as the saying goes 'where there's a will there's a way.' If in the meantime you do get an interview then fantastic.

Here is the contact details for the recruitment team you requested:

email: [email protected]<hidden>

I hope this information is useful, if you have any other questions - feel free!


18th Apr 2010, 17:47
Anyone here applied for Locations Dubai and Johannesburg and still wait to hear from CX?

And if yes please tell us your application date.

Thanks alot

19th Apr 2010, 08:45
Does Cathay let the candidates know if they are not successful in stage 1?
or does it just end there like with the applications?

19th Apr 2010, 11:58
They send rejection e-mails to people who don't make it past Stage 1.

19th Apr 2010, 13:54
Am I to understand that those who pass their stage 1 (initial interview) will receive a call from CX and those who were unfortunate will receive a rejection mail? any enlightenment regarding this matter will be highly appreciated. Thank you :)

19th Apr 2010, 22:26
I'll keep waiting then.

22nd Apr 2010, 14:35
Is it just me or is recruitment being slowed down? It seems less people are talking about getting stage 1 calls. E.g. London stage 1 interviews were in early Sept/late Nov/early Feb.

CX's 2009 Annual Report states they are looking to fill an extra 36 places in 2010. With CP38 (correct me if i'm wrong) starting in May, that leaves it down to about 26 places remaining for the year.

22nd Apr 2010, 19:37

Do you mean they're going to start interviewing in May 2010?
I didn't get what you mean about CP38? Could you please explain it to me?


22nd Apr 2010, 21:52
In May the next batch of successful applicants will start in Adelaide. Each training group is given a 'code'. The next code should be CP38 i.e. the 38th group.

23rd Apr 2010, 01:41
so people interviewed in September and late November didn't get a reply yet?

23rd Apr 2010, 01:58
Thanks for the earlier reply regarding preparing for the tests! I have a feeling that if anything is going to affect me during Phase 2 (hopefully 3 as well) will be the aptitude/numeracy exams.

I have found what I think is a useful website to prep for these, those who have done the exams with Cathay, are the exams on this site similar to what I can expect?

How to pass aptitude tests with example tests (http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/psychotests.htm)


23rd Apr 2010, 02:40
No, what i mean is are they slowing down recruitment since London interviews have been every 2 months at least. Now with May approaching and nobody mentioning being called for interviews, it looks like it's the case.

23rd Apr 2010, 02:57
quick question, what am I supposed to put down for this part in the application? I graduated h.s in the United States. I put down my SAT scores, but it says I need to write down the results for all subjects or something like that.. Any ideas??

Secondary Education Results *

Provide details of secondary education qualifications obtained (e.g. HKCEE, HKALE, GCSE, GCE A Level, IB, OAC, HSC etc.), listing ALL subjects and results


23rd Apr 2010, 07:16
Does anybody know when is the round of interviews? I made the application but I'd like to know when are they going to start interviews again? Please if anybody has an idea on that share it with me.


23rd Apr 2010, 09:22

yea, I don't think they have resumed the London interviews yet. (at least that's what I am hoping for anyway)

I applied in Nov 09, still nothing. You?

23rd Apr 2010, 10:49
I was wondering, when is the next stage 1 interview in Australia? I heard from someone that there is one coming up soon, does anyone know when it is or is going to it?

23rd Apr 2010, 10:52
i heard it's may apparently

23rd Apr 2010, 10:56

I'm assuming you are from HKG? Locals who have never applied before seem to get replies rather quickly, say within 1-2 months. Locals who are re-applying seem to wait much longer than that... an estimate of 6 months would be likely. So which category do you fall into?

23rd Apr 2010, 11:04
Oversea with permanent HKID - never applied before. Chose London as first choice.

23rd Apr 2010, 11:12
Hey there,

I applied early january '10. If there are any other AUSTRALIAN applicants on here who would like to touch base. feel free to sling me a PM.

23rd Apr 2010, 11:16
I know it sounds pretty obvious and is easier said than done, but choosing HKG as your interview location could probably land you an interview much quicker. I have a few friends who are locals and were applying for the first time, all of them were invited for interviews within 1-2 months of applying.

23rd Apr 2010, 15:39
I applied early this year. My friend applied in October and got the Feb interview in London.

"Oversea with permanent HKID - never applied before. Chose London as first choice." Me too :D

24th Apr 2010, 06:04

If I choose HKG as my first choice for stage 1, will they consider me as a local and proceed my interview process much longer than those from overseas? I am coming back in HK in Dec this year but my Uni starts in Feb next year, I wonder if I have enough time to finish all the stages before my semester starts.

Thanks :)

24th Apr 2010, 10:37
Hey there, long time no see! :)

For the record, the past practice of providing overseas candidates with an accelerated interview has gone. Locals and international candidates are now screened together in Stage 2, so in any case they will be under a common selection schedule.

As for your question, unfortunately I can't give you anything concrete. All I can say is that I have some friends who are locals and were applying for the first time, and they were called within 1-2 months of their application. I can't tell you exactly how long it takes to get from Stage 1A to Stage 3 either, but a ballpark figure would be around 2 months. The 2 months starts from the day you do the Initial Test, and ends the day you do your Management Interview. Hope this helps.

Perhaps you can send them an enquiry e-mail stating when you will be in HKG, and ask whether or not they can accomodate you. Only the recruitment personnel can answer your questions. Good luck!

24th Apr 2010, 11:38
Does the presentation for stage 1a happen for everyone? Seems some talk about doing it and some don't. Just curious.

thanks for the answers,


24th Apr 2010, 19:13
Yeah that is true, just because you have submitted an application doesn't mean that you will be called for an interview. Sitting by the phone and waiting doesn't work as well either as I have heard you are not contacted if your application is rejected.

Words of wisdom, go out, stay busy, try to make a couple extra bucks to take some flying lessons. If CX calls, hey great, go for it! (and it looks better in the interview if you were out working towards an aviation career while waiting). If they don't call, you already have a great start on your career and you have the opportunity to see if its really for you.

Take the expected call back times with a grain of salt, and if you bank on doing all of your stages and getting selected for training in the next 6 months, that is just setting up for disappointment.

Best of luck to everyone

24th Apr 2010, 20:50
I wrote them an email about changing my interview location to Hong Kong. I selected Dubai and Johannesburg. They replied and said your application is under process and they will inform me about the application status if they accept it. They said nothing regarding my request on changing the location. I hope they consider it. I afraid of the day I find a job in aviation and make a contract and then I receive a call from CX !!!!

25th Apr 2010, 12:28
Hey holdmetight, thanks! :)

How are you? Did you apply last year? I didn't, I am giving myself one more year to prepare. Hopefully I will be ready by the end of the year.

26th Apr 2010, 04:31
will be attending the 1st interview in mid may in brisbane.

any fellow ppruners?

26th Apr 2010, 05:49
Yeah, I'm going to the interviews in Brisbane in May.:ok:

26th Apr 2010, 11:08
I am wondering if someone could give me some advice. I understand the cadet program takes on pilots with some experience, although is it beneficial for a pilot with most of the 2nd officer requirements to wait and apply for that rather than apply for the cadet program. I do have all, apart from the ATPL exams.

If anyone who knows cathay of their system could give me some advice on this would be great.


26th Apr 2010, 11:30

I think it is widely understood that cadets will be the main source of pilots in the future, and as such the Direct Entry scheme for S/Os and F/Os has probably been closed or reduced to a miniscule scale. It is safe to say that in the future, the only way into a CX cockpit will be via the cadetship.

For an expatriate with a substantial amount of flying experience, and hence a choice of where to go, the Cathay cadetship may or may not be the best option for you. As you may have realized, the scheme mostly appeals to people with minimal flying experience. Check out some other threads, the debate of "whether it is worth it" has been done to the death. Good luck!

26th Apr 2010, 13:01
Before you read on, take the usual pinch of salt. I would advise everyone to make sure of the accuracy of this information before regurgitating in the interview. This post is about the "training aspects of the cadet pilot programme", a topic that people doing Stage 1 in HKG need to do a presentation on. For those who are doing Stage 1 elsewhere, perhaps you might be quizzed during your interview, so have a look. Please feel free to correct or update as necessary, and good luck to all.

Basically during the cadetship training in FTA, you do seven modules. Each module is a series of sorties and exercises aimed at achieving a main goal. You must pass an exercise before being allowed to move onto the next. Information on the modules are as follows.

Module 1 - Basic Handling Skills
You fly the Grob 115 and learn BAC in the local training area. When you complete your first solo, you officially move onto Module 2.

Module 2 - Handling Skills Consolidation
You fly the Grob 115 and refine your handling skills, and you learn "advanced" procedures such as PFL, PSL, Advanced Stalls, etc. You officially finish Module 2 and move onto Module 3 when you are awarded your GFPT.

Module 3 - VFR Navigation
You fly the Tobago TB10, and are introduced to CSU operation and given a Tobago endorsement before starting. The focus of this module is self-explanatory. I don't think there is any special milestone to signal your passing onto Module 4, but you can expect it to happen when you finish the series of navigation exercises meted out by the school.

Module 4 - IFR Navigation
You fly the Tobago TB10, and the focus of this module is, again, self-explanatory. This is not your instrument rating training, it is just to give you a "taste" of what IFR is like. Perhaps it is also used to satisfy the requirements of an Australian PPL, though they don't actually give you one. If you pass this module, you are given gold bars on your epaulettes that you wear on your uniform, to signify you are have reached the level of a PPL pilot.

Module 5 - HKCPL
You fly the Tobago TB10, and you mainly do the required (cross-country) navigation exercises to build your command time for the issue of your HKCPL. As you may have already guessed, you officially finish this module when you pass your GFT (General Flying Test) and are awarded your HKCPL. When you get your HKCPL, the school will hold a Wings Ceremony in which you are awarded a pair of silver wings to wear with your uniform.

Module 6 - MECIR
You fly the Diamond DA42, and you are taught Instrument Flying and Multi-Engine procedures. When you finish this module, you are awarded with your MECIR. With that your flying in FTA should be finished, and it is time to do the dreaded ATPL examinations.

Module 7 - Aerobatics
I'm not sure if this is an official module. Aerobatics flights can be spread out through the course of your cadet training. You fly the Mudry CAP10 and do aerobatics. I'm not sure of the exact details though. You aren't expected to gain an aerobatics endorsement through the training, I suppose the aim is to make you confident in recovery from super unusual attitudes.

Jet Transport Simulator
After finishing your ATPL exams and before graduating, you do 15 sorties in a B737 simulator. You are taught multi-crew operations in a jet environment, and I think that you are taught to use Cathay procedures as well (Dragonair procedures if you are a KA cadet).

Total Flying Time Logged: ~220 hours
Licenses Awarded: Australian GFPT, HKCPL, HKMECIR, HKfATPL

Ground School
My source of information comes mainly from the HKCAD website, so if anyone who knows better can correct me, please feel free to do so. You do a lot of theory in FTA, there are so many subjects that I don't really feel confident of naming them all, in case I mislead anyone. However, there are a list of subjects that the HKCAD has named for the CPL and ATPL examinations. They are as follows:

HKTECH (CPL ground-school exams)
Aerodynamics, Engines, Electrics and Autoflight, Airframe Systems, Loading, Performance, Human Performance, Signals

HKATPL subjects
Meteorology (Practical), Meteorology (Theory), Navigation, Flight Planning, Instruments, Radio Navigation, Radio Telephony

Besides these, you do a jumble of other things, such as type endorsement exams for each aircraft you fly, HK Air Law, Pre-(Area)Solo exams, BAK, maths and physics, etc. If asked in the interview, I would advise people to focus on the subjects for HKTECH and ATPL, unless you have solid information on the variety of other subjects done outside these exams.

Hope this helps. Good luck all! :ok:

26th Apr 2010, 16:39

Thanks for the info. on top, they're helpful for sure.

One question I'm struggling with is how they are going to deal with those cadets who already have their CPL/IR? Do they need to pass all these courses and write the exams or not?

27th Apr 2010, 02:40
how they are going to deal with those cadets who already have their CPL/IR? Do they need to pass all these courses and write the exams or not?

If you haven't already seen in other threads or posts, Cathay are going to set up an abbrieviated "short" cadet course for cadets with substantial flying experience. In this case cadets would not need to re-do the training and exams that lead up to the issue of their HKCPL. I'm not sure about the exact details concerning this scheme as it has yet to be released.

28th Apr 2010, 04:35
Suprisingly I made it to Stage 2! I thought I did horrible in the Stage 1 Interview as I didn't know the answer to many questions. So I don't really know what they are looking for.

However, Stage 2 for me will be two days in the first week of June. They will arrange the flights for me back to HK.

Good luck everyone!

28th Apr 2010, 08:02
congratulations AsL402! good luck in your stage 2 interview.
as for your question what they are looking for is the right attitude and i'm guessing you had that :ok:

did you have your stage 1 in HK or else where? and when did you apply?
it seems cathay has an unknown way of inviting people for interviews.

28th Apr 2010, 10:43
Congrats buddy!!!! I found out tonight as well, that I made stage 2. Catch you there! Good luck to you...and everyone else as well.

28th Apr 2010, 10:53
Congrats guys!
How were you notified?

28th Apr 2010, 19:43
Thanks everyone. Congrats to you too Bizzle284! Good to see another fellow American made it! Are we the only 2? i didn't see anyone else from US during Stage 1.


I did my Stage 1 in HK in Mid April. I guess attitude was really what they were looking for. I went home so sad after the Stage 1 interview thinking I completely failed it.


I was first notified by a phone call from HK. Then probably 6 hrs later, I got an email confirming which airport will I be flying from.

28th Apr 2010, 20:21
Got a phone call last night from Cathay.

I'm off to HK for stage two interviews at the end of May! :ok:

Anyone know if a job interview counts as a visit and therefore I don't need to get a visa?

29th Apr 2010, 15:17
@<hidden> AsL402 - Yea I think we are the only ones so far...but there will be more LOL. Do you have any info on the stage 2 interviews?

@<hidden> - Congrats good luck to you.

29th Apr 2010, 23:11
From the looks of the older posts, and from Wowpeter, i think its more interviews and tests (Math, Psychology, ICAO English) .

I'm just going to read everything i can about Cathay, their Fleet and practice some of my math. Not too sure where and how to prepare for this one.

30th Apr 2010, 06:37
Gotcha! I have been looking online for some math tests. I found a GMAT test and someone else posted some tests from the forum. I will put them on again once I find the websites (They are on my laptop...sorry). I will put them up for you tomorrow, to practice some math tests....Good luck.....

For everyone else in here....Did anyone else besides us three get a call for stage 2?

30th Apr 2010, 07:05
I actually have the whole GMAT review book with practice questions (I was planning to go to Grad school before). But i thought that those questions might be too hard for the Stage 2 test?

If you want some more GMAT practice questions, i can scan them for you as well.


30th Apr 2010, 09:50
LOL yea that would be good. I was wondering what the GMAT questions were like. I figure...if you can pass the questions that are TOO hard for the test, then you can pass the test with flying colors,

30th Apr 2010, 10:10
Just a reminder that the actual questions in the test aren't remotely close to the ones you see in GMAT. For a more accurate sample of the Cathay test, looking into some numerical aptitude tests for management/administrative jobs would be a better idea. Use GMAT as a way of flexing your mental muscles, and not as an indicator of what to expect.

IMHO the Cathay test is way harder than the GMAT. Don't worry about it though, just try your best and let the recruitment people decide. Stage 2 results are given based on a variety of results anyway, and not any individual item.

Good luck all.

30th Apr 2010, 13:49
Hey guys

Congrats to all who have made it through to stage 2 and 3. I just got back from Hong Kong from my 2 & 3 interviews. Wow, they grill you hectically hey. There were 6 in the group but on 4 of us made it through.

Next stop: Adelaide

30th Apr 2010, 14:24
Congrats Philli-T.

Sounds like you smashed the whole selection process!

Could you elaborate CX "grilling" you in stage 2/3?

30th Apr 2010, 18:13
Nice Job! Congrats on making it to Stage 4.....Ugghhh TOO MANY STAGES LOL. I'm sure you will do well in Adelaide. When are you going?

I'm also very curious as well what the stage 2 and 3 interviews are like. Can you give us all a rundown of what happened there (Don't be afraid to share lots of detail LOL). Also, if you dont mind, when did you do your stage 1A and 1B? Just trying to gauge how long the process takes. Thanks.


30th Apr 2010, 19:18
Hi there,

I applied in November 2009 and I have been holding my breath since (no, not really!). If I remember right, I think I put Vancouver as first choice and HK as second. Anyone here in the same boat? (Application from Canada).

Of course I haven't heard anything back. I am willing to go to HK for the first interview but don't think I can change my application now. And it seems that any email to the generic cadet email will lead to nothing!

But, congratulations to all of you of made it to either the first, second or third interview! It's great (and refreshing) to read a thread without Cadet Programme bashing! Keep it up!

30th Apr 2010, 20:08
I applied in August with Vancouver as my first choice and was called for an interview in early March. If they still haven't got back to you I wouldn't worry about it. Just be patient.

30th Apr 2010, 20:37
Thanks for the reply BNB!

Did the first interview take place in Vancouver or somewhere else?

1st May 2010, 03:01
It was in Vancouver in early April.

1st May 2010, 06:49
these sites should help you out on the interview process of stage 2

Airline Ratings & Interview Gouge (http://mypilotcareer.com/cathay-pacific-airways-interview-gouge)

Cathay Pacific Airways Pilots Salary (http://www.askcaptainlim.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=294:cathay-pacific-airways&catid=33:salary&Itemid=78)

Diagnostic Grammar Test One (http://elc.polyu.edu.hk/advdicts/websuppmats/diagnostic_grammar_test_expt2htm.htm)

Numeric (http://www.shldirect.com/numerical.html) <<<< that is the best example of cathay stage 2 maths test

How to pass aptitude tests with example tests (http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/psychotests.htm)

hopefully these help you good luck :ok:, and everyone else who's going to need them.

and @<hidden> Phili T congratulations!! good luck in your flight grading :ok:

1st May 2010, 13:24
Can anyone shed some light on the:

A- 90min "Flight Planning Excercise" :eek:
B- 75min Aptitude Test :ugh:
C- 60min group excercise :ouch:

Which are all conducted during Stage 2.



1st May 2010, 17:12
Can anyone shed some light on the:

A- 90min "Flight Planning Excercise"
B- 75min Aptitude Test
C- 60min group excercise

Which are all conducted during Stage 2.



Roxy Chick...

A - Flight Planning Ex - You'll be placed with one of the other candidates in a room and given a quick overview of what's expected. You and the other candidate will be left alone and asked to work on a flight plan - using very simple maths to derive the plan. The recruiter will re-enter the room and get you & your co-worker to talk them through the flight plan and how you got to where you are. They may then throw some spanners in the works to see how your lateral thinking is. It's all very straight forward and quite enjoyable.

B - Aptitude test - Worry the least about this. Just answer each question as it comes up on your computer screen as quickly & honestly as possible. That's it. It only took me 45 minutes, but they allow longer.

C - 60 min Group Ex - All candidates (up to 6 of you) are given a problem and little bits of individual information each that will help you possibly find a solution. You all have to work together within a short period of time (45min) to reach a solution or decision based on the info they've given you. The answer ISN'T important. It's all about how you work as a team member: the way you interact, speak up when necessary, accept other's opinions and shut your mouth when it's not your turn to speak.

Hope this helps others - and good luck!

1st May 2010, 18:51
Is the flight planning excercise only for those who have flying experience or do candidates with no flying experience also have to conduct the same excercise?

1st May 2010, 19:44
Thanks for the great info!

1st May 2010, 19:48

Can you PM me your email, I'll send you over the sample GMAT questions.


2nd May 2010, 02:32
Is the flight planning excercise only for those who have flying experience or do candidates with no flying experience also have to conduct the same excercise?

Everyone does the same flight planning exercise, regardless of any (or lack of) flying experience.

My experience from a previous attempt at the flight plan is always to be careful with your calculations, and NEVER ignore your partner even if you are solving your own problems. Keeping cool is also important. I don't know if they still do this, but back in my time the recruiter would give us a limited time to solve a certain problem. The time does appear to be quite limited, and is designed to give you stress. It did give me a bit of pressure, but in hindsight I figured that the time they give is more than enough, if you can keep your cool.

Good luck!

2nd May 2010, 11:00
Thanks for the info and heads up. SHould be fun...

2nd May 2010, 18:38
Hi there!
I'm a local candidate and I just did my stage 3 last Thursday, am still waiting for news. Is there anyone who did there management interview last week has got call for flight grading yet?

3rd May 2010, 03:47
Hey Andrew W. Can you let us know how it went and give us some pointers on what takes place in stage 3?

3rd May 2010, 04:17
You'll have a general briefing about being a S/O in CX and live in HKG. That's a general briefing and you won't be graded at this part. You're more than welcome to ask any questions especially about HKG.

Then you'll have 30 mins management interview with 2 management pilots. This interview is not as stressful as the technical interview and the interviewers just want to know more about you. They will ask a few technical questions but these technical questions are up to your standard only.

Then overseas candidate will do their ICAO English test which should be easy for you guys as English is your native lanuguage. Just be releaxed and you guys will be fine.

Also, you'll do your Australian Class 2 and Hong Kong Class 1 medical check up. Drink more water as you need to leave your urine sample.

Finally, you'll have uniform measurement and that only takes you few minutes to do it.

I did my ICAO English test before stage 3 so I didn't have to do the test on that day, so it took me half a day to complete all the stuff.

I hope this could give you guys a good idea what's going on if you're accepted for stage 3.

Good Luck!

3rd May 2010, 14:09
Hey guys

Sorry it took me so long to post this. So hereís a summary of my stage 2.

Stage 2 is like a second date. Basically youíve impressed them enough for them to ask you out again only this time itís your job to show them who you are and how interested you are in the company. Donít ever think you have to put on a mask because they will see straight through it :=. Do you research on them and make sure you know as much as you can. Be yourself and show them why you love lighting up the sky.

The day consisted of several tasks and interviews. The group exercise is nothing major. Donít be nervous; itís just a test to see how you work in a group and if you can use all the resources available to you to come up with an answer. As a shy person, I noticed that what I have is vital to the group and not speaking up would cause nothing but failure for the group as well as me.

Next up: the panel interview Ė 2 parts. General and technical. This was the grilling I referred to earlier. You make or break it here. The general interview is nice and like a conversation with a friend to lure you into a false sense of security. Then the tech guy will shake it up. Very much good cop bad cop. His job is to make you feel 2 feet tall and still land in a 25kt crosswind after a 4 hour flight in IMC on limited panel Ė he wants to see you work under pressure.

For the tech part, know your stuff. What stuff? Good question. Basically, as much as your qualification allows. As a CPL with +580 hours they expected much from me. But if you have -0 hours it doesnít matter. They have given you material to read up on and thatís the tech stuff they will ask you on. Of course there will be more; I had to brief on the asymmetric blade effect of a twin piston even though I have never flown one. I even had to tell him the critical engine of a 747 400. Easy if you know about it, but the most powerful plane Iíve flown is a 235hp C 182 RG and not a 240000 lbs-thrust jumbo (60 000 lbs per engine). Stay cool and keep your head and above all be humble. If you donít know something :confused: DO NOT try bluff your way through it. Just admit you donít know it and ask for an explanation or tell them youíre gonna go read up on it. Leave all cockiness and arrogance in your hotel room. Humility goes much further than pride.

The aptitude test was fun. The link posted a few posts ago was golden; Perfect examples of the games and what is expected of you. The GMA (numeric test) was also quite gruelling. If youíre going soon then my advice is practice. Practice, practice, practice. It is tough but do able. Donít lie in the personality test. I mean why would you? All they want to see is if youíre crazy or not :E.

The flight planning exercise was easy and I found that my previous experience in flying helped a lot. No donít let this burst your bubble. FPL (flight planning & limitations) is just a matter of weighing up all the variables and coming to the best conclusion for the given circumstances :8. Thatís geek for ďfigure out how to get there with the stuff they give youĒ. Think logically through it and use all your info as well as the person next to you whose is also nervous and shaking.

Above all else guys, go in giving it your all and come out know that you showed them who you are and how interested you are in them... Just like a second date :ok:

4th May 2010, 01:19
Hi Phili-T,

thanks for all the info you have provided. I am curious about the grilling math test. Is calculator allowed? Or you have to write it all out? Thanks for the info! :ok:

4th May 2010, 03:45

The Maths Test in stage 2 is designed to make you feel like a failure - at least it did with myself and most other people I spoke to in my group. It's a computer based test with 30-odd questions (can't remember exactly how many), but most people will only get 2/3 of the way through it. It gets progressively harder as you go through the questions and unless you're a maths pro, chances are you won't complete all the questions.

It's set up so that you have a grid of answers in front of you on the computer screen - you have to pick the right one from this grid when you've worked it all out. They do give you pen & paper for your workings (no calculator allowed). All of it is based on the simplest maths - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All you can do for preparation is practice the above. I'm not particularly quick with my mental workings so I prepared by downloading a program called 'Mental Maths' on my iPhone. It was good just for speeding things up in my head.

4th May 2010, 11:37
Hi guys,

when do CX contact you if your eligible for stage 1? One month ahead or more?

4th May 2010, 12:36
I am aged 30, however, I have an excellent academic scientific track record and work experience under pressure (medic) and am looking for a career change. The only possible limitation I have apart from my age is my height which is 6'6" (2m02). I am looking at the Cathay Pacific cadet pilot training in Adelaide.

I think that 50+ hours and a PPL would really help my CV for the application to Cathay Pacific (I speak Chinese too which could help as its a HK based airline) however I'm tempted to just submit the app with no experience, just ambition and commitment and save a few K on the PPL and also save time, but also it seems wise to get the PPL because it shows I'm already serious about piloting.

Its a bit of a catch 22. What would you any of you guys who got through stages recommend?

I'm putting UK and Hong Kong on my preferred places for interview.

Yours sincerely,

Sam, BMedSci, MSc

PS I've really enjoyed reading through the whole thread. V interesting views and info about the Cx CPP.

4th May 2010, 13:36
Hi Andrew
With all good wishes for you, I'd like to ask about what they told you about SOs and Hong Kong living style in the briefing you mentioned in your post?


4th May 2010, 22:49
Thanks FinalApp for your info.

No calculator.. mum.... sounds challenging. Do you or anyone from your group know the purpose of the test? If no body can finish the test, time is limited and not aviation related... It's kind of weird to place something like that in the assessment. A way for them to target you during interview to see your reaction/response to their question?? :confused: Any thoughts/inputs are welcome! thanks in adv.

4th May 2010, 23:00
Having done Stage 2/3 last week I would say that some of the previous posts were spot on. Just wanted to add one piece of advice on the numeracy exam.

Study Study Study!! For candidates like myself, the last time I did math was years ago in High School, and we used the calculator alot in High School, and you cannot on the CX Numeracy exam, so my mental math was extremely rusty. I used some of the links that have been posted above and one I posted a while back from Kent University to prep for the exam (or just google numeracy exam). I did almost 2 weeks straight of a couple hours of math and numeracy exams to prep for the CX one.

ALSO- If you cannot answer a question quick enough, move on. You can always go back near the end to use the remaining time to work on the hard ones. Some of the latter questions were extremely easy! If I had spent too much time on some of the previous questions I would not have gotten those guaranteed points.

Really what it comes down to is your passion and desire for working at CX. If its something you want, putting in the effort to do well in Stage 2/3 will come easily, as this is not something you can not just turn up to do. CX cadet program has gotten thousands and thousands of applications. Most will not even get a call back, yet hundreds will atleast get AN interview.....how will you stand out?

auto--pilot off

5th May 2010, 06:18

Anybody going for the CX cadet 2nd stage interview in Hong Kong on the 9 and 10may2010,please PM me.Thanks..

5th May 2010, 06:32

Here's my answer to your question. If you don't cast your net out how are you gonna catch anything. The guys in my office all laughed at me when I told them about the cadet program. They said "What are the odds of you getting in?". Well you will never know until you try. Give it a shot :ok: You got the smarts now cast your line out. What's the worst that could happen? If it's what you wanna do then by all means try it ;)

As for your age, it doesn't matter. A buddy of mine is 33 and he is on his way to Adelaide for stage 4. In terms of height; you're pretty tall :eek: but the planes are pretty big as well. this shouldn't pose any threat. If anything you'll just stick out in HK ;).

If you can get the experience then do it. Not so much for the program but just for the love of flying :)

5th May 2010, 09:56
Many thanks for the metaphor and advice, PhiliT.

6th May 2010, 15:10
Are you currently working for CX? If you are, why are you still working for them if you oppose how they treat you? If you think that the living conditions in HK is so bad with the limited income, why don't you find something that suits your lifestyle more?

A quote from a while ago that deserves comment.
Why do pissed off CX pilots stay in their job? If you need to ask this question you are likely very young, innocent and single.

Lifestyle? CX made us promises like you are getting made and they broke our trust in them by continually unilaterally changing the conditions of service. Only this week did the Australian based crew get a new contract in the mail with a sign or else. The Canadian crew got one a month or so ago. CX are NOT trustworthy when it comes to contracts.

We are here not because of lifestyle but because we have families to bring up and support. We can no longer get into good western airlines because of seniority. We dont want to change schools for the kids and uproot our lives and start again somewhere else, with new friends and places. If you dont get that wait until you want to get married and have a family. You will simply have nothing to do it with, and you wont get a partner from a modern country living in a slum appartmant in Pui O or Sha Tin.

Trust me guys you will be living like a pauper in an ugly mass of ancient tiny appartments and you will be wondering why your partner left. You will be wondering why you came. You are being offered this chance because NO LOCAL HONK KONGERS WANT THE JOB and CX have a major program to employ them. Get it? You are cheap labour and will be seen as that by other crew.

6th May 2010, 16:07
hey guys congrats! looks like ill be joining the june1/2 interviews! Thanks to all those who are also contributing to the forums! And good luck to those applying!

okay so the break down of stage 2 is:

- Personality Test (Computer-based/Time allowed: 45mins)
- Numeracy Test (Computer-based/Time allowed: 30mins)
- Aptitude test (Computer bases/ Time allowed: 75mins)
- Group Exercise (60mins)
- Flight Planning Exercise (90mins)
- Panel Interview (General and Technical/ 60mins)
- ICAO English Language Test
- Medical

Can anyone elaborate on the 75 min ptitude test, that would be great. Is it like another keep the dot b/w the parallel lines, shoot the bandit kind of thing.. or? Can someone give examples of what it is like?

7th May 2010, 06:06
Congrats Lancer!

can someone confirm the correct heading of the Parafield runways?

03L/R - 020
21L/R - 220

08L/R - 077
26L/R - 257

Are these correct?


7th May 2010, 08:33
Kommie77W... I don't think the test is that unusual at all. The whole idea is that it's a good way to gauge the candidate's basic mathematical abilities in both speed and accuracy. And since you'll be using basic maths throughout your piloting career - it's almost an essential check they need to make!

7th May 2010, 09:21

I cannot confirm those runway headings, however such information can be obtained within the Australian AIP in the ERSA section.

Here is a link for you to view the entire document online:

Airservices Australia - Aeronautical Information Package (AIP) (http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/publications/aip.asp?pg=40&vdate=3-Jun-2010&ver=2)

*I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the above information. And nothing in my post should be used for flight planning purposes.

PS: By going to such lengths to find the runway HDG's for YPPF it is clear you have put an absolutely huge ammount of effort into getting into CX, I wish you the best of luck!

7th May 2010, 09:29
Wiiie! Just got the invitation for stage 1. May I ask how many are invited for stage1 in percentage of how many applicants?

And whats the dresscode?

Many thanks!

7th May 2010, 11:13
Anyone going for the Cathay Pacific cadet 2nd and 3rd stage interview on the 31May and 1Jun2010 in Hong Kong,please PM me.Cheers!

7th May 2010, 13:33

You are going for a job interview with one of the worlds top airlines, I expect a nice suit would be appropriate.

7th May 2010, 14:03

May i ask where your interview is?

7th May 2010, 14:41
Thx ASL!

I found those runway headings to be correct! From what I remember in my presentation 'Parafield is served by 2 SETS of PARALLEL runways' lol.. so that must be the right airfield.. BTW would u happen to know whats the deal with the aptitude test?

7th May 2010, 17:54
Thanks for the info Roxy_Chick_1989 & 0lancer0!


Just trying to prepare for whatever questions they may ask me. Seems like no matter how much I read about, it still doesn't seem enough. That's some website you got there, although much of the information I can't understand yet. Hopefully we will have a chance to learn and understand it!!!


I don't have any info about the aptitude test. All i have is what Em773ER posted on post #619

I will let you know if i come across any information.

7th May 2010, 22:10
is it true that once you get invited to stage 3 you are pretty much a cadet? (provided you pass flight grading in stage 4 of course)

is it an actual interview or is it just going through management stuff and living in HK etc? like an information session or something along those lines.

7th May 2010, 22:29
do expats pay the same amount for rent as HK locals or is it higher for them??

8th May 2010, 04:42
Thanks for the info. Congrats to all who are going for stages 1-4. It seems like there is someone on here going to every stage. That's a good sign. I know everyone will do well. Best of luck to all. And for those who have already completed some stages, keep the info coming. It's a great help to everyone going, and waiting to get the call.

8th May 2010, 04:47
As far as I know, being a SO expat is no different than being local. Housing will be based on where you choose to live. You will basically be a resident of Hong Kong looking for a place to live.

I think this is how it is, if anyone has any info, correct me please

8th May 2010, 05:39
Hi guys,

I have an invite for Stage 1 and am wondering as an Aussie applicant, whether i stand a chance at getting on the course having never been to Hong Kong, nor having ever flown with CX. Obviously there are things that i can study in these areas to develop a basic knowledge but realistically is an airline likely to sign somebody up to a six year contract even though they have never resided in HK?

8th May 2010, 06:02
Thanks for the info Bizzle284.

I have done some research and found some decent apartments (about half an hour from cathay city) for under HK$10,000 a month which is really good for a young single S/O in my opinion. Also there is the fact that when you are on the job you are barely at home. So I am a little confused about this statement: "you will be living like a pauper in an ugly mass of ancient tiny apartments". :confused:

8th May 2010, 06:17
do expats pay the same amount for rent as HK locals or is it higher for them??

Of course they do; what makes you even think there'd be a difference and how would such a system work? Landlords charging differently depending on your passport?

Hong Kong is the ultimate free market; the price someone pays is the price it's worth.

However, the housing assistance offered to expats (as opposed to LEPs) does allow expats to pay more; much, much more in fact. Hence, expats live "comfortably" in Hong Kong (3-4 bedrooms and perhaps a view and some trees around, and after a while a deck, patio and maybe even a garden) while the rest make do with shoebox apartments often containing three generations of family-members in run-down buildings where the constant pounding of jack-hammers and diesel-engined buses keep you one line short of going insane.

I suggest you all take your eyes away from PPRuNe for a few hours and browse the AsiaEXPAT or GEOExpat boards and see what challenges other "international expats" (westerners without housing assistance) meet on the housing market. THEY are who you should be speaking to when it comes to preparing for the LEP international programme.

Also there is the fact that when you are on the job you are barely at home

And you do realize that SO's are "on the job" 6 days/9nights a month, right? Which leaves you with 24 days, every month, to sit and stare through your walls at the "ugly mass of ancient tiny apartments."

The VERY LAST consideration you should be making is how many minutes from Cathay City your apartment is; you only go there two-three times a month! Why not try to find an area where you might make some friends? Where guys in a similar lifestyle situation will be? Somewhere which may provide you with a reason to leave the apartment in the first place?

And for those of you who would join this program because "you love flying," it's truly sad that you don't realize this job is the exact opposite. This is the deskjob you take when you've had your share of adventure, spent your time in the field, and finally ready to kick back, enjoy the retirement-money and take up other hobbies like sailing or golf while spending afternoons with your beer-drinking buddies reminiscing and telling war-stories about the good old days when you actually flew.

8th May 2010, 07:39
I was just wondering, considering that most SO have like 20 something days off, what do they normally do then?? Do they find like a part time job or something?? Cause thats a lot of spare time :eek:

8th May 2010, 07:47
I was just wondering, considering that most SO have like 20 something days off, what do they normally do then?? Do they find like a part time job or something?? Cause thats a lot of spare time

Without specific approval, you're not allowed by CX to work anywhere else. So what do they do?

Have kids and spend time with their families. Get another degree.

The rest (single ones)? Go out for coffee with other SOs. Go our for dinner with other SO's. Go out drinking with other SOs. Do some travelling. Pick up surfing, sailing or hiking. For lack of a better word, get a hobby.

8th May 2010, 09:24
Gday all,

just wondering if the schedules are known for interviews in Australia.. heard they are currently or shortly will be in BNE but is there any hint of stage 1s being held in MEL or SYD this month/next..


8th May 2010, 09:53
thanks a lot for the info, it's important to know these things before finding out when it's too late.

are you a S/O for CX?

if you know any more info on the topic please let us know cheers.

8th May 2010, 11:08
Just a quick question relating to salary.
Once flight training begins and you are a S/O earning roughly HK$398,148 in year 1, are there flight training costs to repay back to Cathay or do Cathay automatically recoup the incurred costs through paying a lower salary then they would otherwise?

My understanding at the moment is that cadets do not pay for the training up front. If this is not the case then what financial contribution is required from cadets?


8th May 2010, 11:59
Once flight training begins and you are a S/O earning roughly HK$398,148 in year 1, are there flight training costs to repay back to Cathay or do Cathay automatically recoup the incurred costs through paying a lower salary then they would otherwise?

None of the above.

My understanding at the moment is that cadets do not pay for the training up front. If this is not the case then what financial contribution is required from cadets?


Cathay cadets don't pay a cent for their training, nor does the company recover the cost of training from an ex-cadet who has joined the company. The basic salary is the same for everyone, expatriate or LEP.

8th May 2010, 12:13
You do not get paid during training. You get some allowances which I assume would be enough for a few beers at the weekend but accommodation and meals are all included.

As above cadets and direct entry are on the same salary. Cadets do not get housing allowance which is about 60K HK$ a month at the moment. You do not pay anything for training, the company get their money back many times over during your career with them. In fact if you locked in at the top it was HK$74,000 a month in 2008 at one point so for the 15 years you get housing they save HK$13,320,000 that is if you decide not to rent before paying off a mortgage or using all 15 years. So yeah you do have to pay for the training I guess.

8th May 2010, 15:17
StandardToaster, my stage 1 is in Paris in june..Have you got a invitation too? :)

Anyone knows about the "dresscode" for stage 1, is it suit?

Good day!

8th May 2010, 15:19
I don't agree with the statement either. I met a two-year SO and he's loving life. You do get a decent amount of days off b/c the trips are so long. The housing is not that ugly and you wont live like a pauper.

I think the point that many have over-stressed to death is that if your not accustomed to living in Hong Kong, there will lots of adjustments needed. In America we are used to big apartments; the bigger the better. We have studio apartments that are bigger than some three bedrooms in Hong Kong. But, you've got to be able to adapt. The first time I went to Hong Kong, I thought everything was small. The next time I went to my friends house, it was like home away from home.

Like it was stated early, if you go to Hong Kong expecting to live the life you do now, and find places as big as the one you may have, you may go broke. But if you learn the lifestyle and adjust, you will have a great time and not be as worried about money (as many on this forum make it seem like you will be hard up for cash).

If only they knew what pilots start out making here at regional airlines...

8th May 2010, 15:27
Yes...you will want to wear a suit. You are interviewing for a job.

8th May 2010, 15:52
Agree with you there, couldn't have put it better myself. I think the housing allowance of the past allowed expatriate pilots to live a lifestyle similar to what they were used to. Nowadays without the housing allowance, much more adapting will be needed on part of the new Cathay pilot. I guess nowadays, you are required to give up more if you are truly keen on joining CX. I guess it all boils down to that.

Having said that though, no one should be under any illusion as to the amount of adapting needed. It is easy to survive on an S/O paycheck if you are young and single - but after you get married, have kids, parents retire... that could be another story altogether. So have a think about it - the interviewers could well ask questions about how you think you will live in HKG.

8th May 2010, 16:40
You only have to put up with it for 5-6 years, then you will have your 1000+ hours on wide body jets and then CX will have to make it more attractive or suffer the mass exodus. I know I would not be here if there was no housing, well I would be but would leave soon after the upgrade. It will be interesting to see what happens in 5 or so years as the previous cadets stay because Hong Kong is their home but why would anyone not want to fly for the same or more money back home doing a similar job?

8th May 2010, 19:38
Totally agree with you both.

The starting salary of F/Os in the US is actually much lower than the starting salary of CX S/Os.

Airlines report that they pay them more, but from investigations from the past 2 years with actual pilots, they actually make less than what a minimum wage person will make. At the lowest end they will only make US$21,000 a year. CX S/Os start at around US$51,000...where would you go? And from my understanding, there are no US airlines that offers regular joes a fully paid training program. Check this link out:

FltOps.com - Guiding Pilots to their Professional Goals (http://www.fltops.com/content.asp?ID=57)

Not sure how much has Michael Moore brainwashed me, but from his Documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, the living style of pilot in US is horrific. They live on food stamps and have to work second jobs. They don't sit around and have coffee, they are probably at Starbucks making the coffee!

Whatever is happening at CX with pilots complaining that they are not getting paid enough is also happening in US. Airlines (probably not just in HK and US), take advantage of pilot's passion for flying and pay them just enough to get by. So I think it's not a matter of picking CX or not, it is a matter of picking the right industry for your profession or not.

Excerpt from the documentary:
YouTube - Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' - Pilots on Food Stamps (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKQJx3L_CDQ)

Well, that's how a pilot career is in US...should I really stay here?

9th May 2010, 14:29
I agree with you guys, those were my thoughts exactly. Just a quick question, are S/O's allowed to leave HK during their free time? and if so, how long will they allow to be away before you have to be back?

and AsL402 you should do what you think is best for what you want out of your career as a pilot. If you want to have that "GA experience" before going into a major airline then maybe staying in USA might be better, but if you want to go straight to a major airline i think the CX CPP is a great opportunity regardless of the disadvantages people are exaggerating.

and are CX pilots allowed to get jobs overseas? apparently they are not allowed to have other jobs in HK, but does that apply to overseas jobs?

9th May 2010, 15:29
Yes, S/Os are free to leave HKG during their "free" time. Whether or not you could actually find time to leave HKG is another issue. The definition of "free time" is quite generic, because standby duty could also technically be classified as "spare" time while you are sitting at home, waiting for crew control to call you.

My understanding is that you are only truly free to do what you want on G-days (guaranteed days off). Therefore whether you have enough time to leave HKG depends on whether these G-days come in clusters or are sporadically given over the month. Another point to consider would be whether you want to fork out your hard-earned $$$ for a ticket back home, as employee travel benefits are attractive but not always so reliable.

So to answer your question, you are allowed to leave HKG but there are more complications than just whether Cathay allow you to go home or not.

9th May 2010, 15:53
Cathay pacific CPP is a great offering to all wannabes world wide . Just would like to know if there's anyone from the Philippines who applied?

9th May 2010, 20:44
Not sure if you are an SO but have a look at SOs rosters. SOs get so much time off you could go away for at least a week every month. If you swap trips and request days off where you want it would be more like 10 days in a row every other month and a week off in a row the months you cant get the 10 in a row sorted, I have never not got the 5 G's where I requested them, ever. Problem is though, if you plan on flying home every month and don't get housing a large chunk of cash goes on somewhere to live every month and it would be hard to get away that often due to lack of money.

O days and G days are pretty much the same thing for an SO other than the ones after a block of reserve.

10th May 2010, 01:23
i applied 4mos ago. no reply yet from them. u?

10th May 2010, 02:35
Thanks for the pointer. I guess having so many days off is another "perk" that comes with constant ULH flying! And no, I am not an S/O. :p

10th May 2010, 05:00
I applied August 2009, indicating Manila as first choice and Hong Kong as second choice, but haven't heard anything from them yet...

I sent a follow-up email maybe last month and they said that my application is still among the ones which they have not reviewed yet.

10th May 2010, 06:59
Good to hear someone from the Philippines also applied! I've just applied this month. Lets just hope and keep our fingers crossed that we could get in. By the way, do you have any flying experience?

10th May 2010, 07:05
I just applied this month. Did you sent them any follow up e-mails to check on what's going on on your application?

10th May 2010, 09:34
If you wonder I applied in Nov and got the invite May. It took 5 months, so dont panic. Although its good to send them a e-mail, it shows your interested. Dont send to many mails though, I sent 2 mails during the 5 months.

Good luck!

10th May 2010, 10:06
Some very positive and sensible posts recenty concerning SO's living and working in HK. Of course it is important to compare lifestyle in HK with where you currently live, but lets also not forget there are very few jobs/careers for newly qualiied pilots, or those with aspirations to become pilots. Also, most new SO's who may have lived in "superior or larger" accomodation will have done so courtesy of parents!!

The CX (SO) pay isn't bad when compared to, for example UK airlines, and tax is taken into account. However there aint no jobs in the UK !!!!! ( unless you want to pay Ryanair GBP30/40,000 to get your type rating!!), or for that matter anywhere else in the world. Of course the deal in HK is better for Expat's but there is currently no way in on that status for low hour pilots so a comparison is of no real value.

It is very easy to criticise CX and be cynical about their motives behind "Cadetships" - financial reasons being no doubt a major reason - but it does seem most likely that CX will still be around many years from now when less well managed airlines have failed. This bodes well for not only those now joining as Cadets , but also those who are on "Expat" terms.

The final decision to come to HK is an individual one and these columns do at least give valuable input, although often opposing and sometimes unduly negative. HK has a lot going for it notwithstanding the obvious high housing costs, but maybe some initial sacrifices are necessary to "follow the dream" of becoming a pilot which seems inherent in most applicants.

10th May 2010, 11:20

Is the 2 months temporary base option still opened to SO ? Is that garanteed or depends on availability and eligibilty ?

Thanks for sharing dear SO.....

10th May 2010, 16:17
Thank you holdmetight and lpuk for the info and feedback.

A previous post showed how S/O hours are logged etc, and that S/O's are only on flights that are at least 8 hours long. I was wondering in the time "on the job" (6 days, 9 nights?) what exactly happens? Do S/O's do "there and back" flights? do they do pairing flights? Basically my question is what kind of flights do S/O's do? are they the same as F/O's and Captains?

oh and is it true that S/O's are on all the CX fleet?

any info on this would be great anyone, thanks

10th May 2010, 17:22
Well put. That's exactly it. If your going to carry out your dream, you've got to make sacrifices. And as I stated earlier, there are no jobs for low time pilots where I am. A quarter of the airline industry is under furlough. And when you consider the stability of CX (and the fact that you will not be a S.O. forever), the cadet programme doesn't sound like a bad option. Especially when First Officers here are starting out at a 3rd of what a Second Officer makes.

10th May 2010, 17:38

Yes there are still 2 month temp bases for SOs. Depends on seniority, the bases available for your fleet, if there are enough people wanting one and a new rule just introduced is you must be legal to work where you plan on doing the temp base. Very much hit and miss.


On the airbus fleet (will be almost the same for all fleets)

Most patterns are 3 days meaning you leave on day one to Melbourne for example, spend one night in Melbourne and then fly back to HKG. Usual layover is about 24 hours.

If flights to a destination are daily or twice daily, three times a day or four times a day every day of the week the pattern will be a 24 hour layover most likely. Auckland at the moment (winter) is 10 flights a week so some patterns are not just a 24 hour layover and are more like 48 hours. Moscow when it starts in July is only three flights a week some some patterns will be 3 nights in the hotel, should be fun.

As there are lots of based pilots you do not normally spend the layover with them as they go home but if flying with HKG based crew yes they are normally on the same pattern but there are exceptions. We use SOs to Dubai and quite often the FO and CN do a shuttle flight to somewhere else in the region and so their patterns are longer, 5 day I think. The SO goes back on a flight, operating usually but sometimes px (as passenger) anywhere from 12-23 hours after arriving.

It is not correct that SOs only work on flights longer than 8 hours. The return leg from Dubai is sometimes 6 and a bit hours, legally an SO is not required but you often operate so they can sell the seat they are required to provide in business class if you are on duty travel as a pax. Also some flights less than 8 hours legally require an SO. One of the Airbuses most hated flights for an SO is px to Bangkok, next evening fly to Karachi and back to Bangkok have a day and a half off in Bangkok then fly to Karachi and back again then sit in business class for the Bangkok to HKG bit. Each leg is under 6 hours. I dont mind it as get a descent amount of time in Bangkok. You do not fly with the same CN and FO on this pattern on the second KHI trip.

Yes SOs are on all of CX aircraft types. Not 100% sure if the 777 SOs are on the 777-200 and 777-300 but are on the ER. If on the Airbus you do about a year on the A340 only and then do a CCQ course and operate both the A340 and A330. I am sure you know they are on the 400 including freighters sometimes.

10th May 2010, 22:57
wow thanks for the detailed info there!

so can a S/O have a P2X rating for more than one aircraft? or does a P2X rating mean you can operate on any of their fleet as S/O?

and after your time as a S/O do you get to choose what aircraft you want to be F/O on?... with the large order of the 777-300ER's it looks like that's were most will end up.

any thoughts?


11th May 2010, 02:47
Accepted to the San Francisco Initial Interview on July 6th. Anyone else on this thread going to be there? I am going to go back and read all the pages on this thread for any information, but does anyone have any advice on how it is going down and what to expect. Also, what I should study? Thanks.

11th May 2010, 03:15
Nope, I do not have any flying experience. How about you?
I am currently working in a completely different industry...

11th May 2010, 05:19
Received an E-Mail from Cathay to attend an Interview on the 15th of June in New York, just wondering if anyone else going to be stopping by?


11th May 2010, 05:33
A P2X rating is specific to an aircraft and no you cant get a rating for a 340 and then use it to fly a 777.

If you get a P2X rating on a 747-400 you can fly the type you got the rating on but would then need to do a differences course for the freighter, the ERF, the converted pax to freighter aircraft and so on. Once you had completed the differences course and passed the test you can fly the other types of 747.

The only exception to this in CX is the Airbus. You do the P2X rating for the A340 and also used to do a differences course for the 340-600 (obviously not anymore). Once you meet the minimum experience required to do the CCQ course (200 hours in the 340 and a specified number or sectors) you go on an A330 course, do a sim and a line check. Differences courses do not require any simulator of line training/checks but the CCQ does. It takes a day as the aircraft are very similar for the ground school for the CCQ.

You can sometimes chose what you upgrade onto other than the 747-400 as they do not upgrade SOs on that fleet, think they have done in the past but only guys with extensive jet experience prior to CX. You can sometimes turn down a course saying you want to wait for the 777 for example but sometimes they say no you do this one. Currently I doubt anyone would turn down any course as progress has really slowed and who knows how many months would be the wait for a different type.

Yes lots of 777 on their way but this does not mean everyone will upgrade onto it. Lots of FO's want to move to the 777 from the airbus as the rosters are better so they may do that and then SOs upgrade onto the bus to take their places.

11th May 2010, 05:58
Thanks for all the useful information, everyone. :)

I had a quick question: I did my Stage 1a on April 19th and was told to wait 2-3 weeks for a reply. I had to leave Hong Kong for a family emergency on April 25th and only arrived last night. Yesterday was the 21st day (3rd week) after April 19th and I still haven't received a call or an email. I didn't notify CX HR that I had left as I thought I would only be a few days. I left my mobile as well as my home numbers; however, since I left, my mobile hasn't been accessible. My sister (who stayed in Hong Kong) told me no one's called.

I haven't gotten a rejection email (as mentioned by past replies to this thread) but I'm afraid I may have missed their call.
Have I lost any chance of getting a Stage 1b interview? Should I call?

Anyone else who had their Stage 1a on April 19th and has already been contacted for Stage 1b, please PM me!

Hoping against hope that I still have a chance. :(

Ps. corecreate & calvin_1912 - I applied, and am from, the Philippines. :)

11th May 2010, 07:25
They got back to me a month minus 1 day after my 1a interview. I wouldn't worry about it at all until at least a month has gone by.

11th May 2010, 07:36
Alright! Should get back to studying the JKI Manual then. ;)

Thanks BigglesNBella!

11th May 2010, 08:52
again thanks for the greatly detailed info! :)

Quote: Currently I doubt anyone would turn down any course as progress has really slowed and who knows how many months would be the wait for a different type.. What do you think things will be like for cathay SO's in say 12 months? is it true some have waited for 6 months before they could get into operations?

and what is the CCQ course?

thanks a great deal

11th May 2010, 08:55
if there are any cadets at FTA at the moment, or an ex cadet now S/O, what is it like living at the FTA facility? what are the times you are allowed out? are there any rules or curfews?

11th May 2010, 10:39
Hi 062777, when did you submit your online application and what did you indicate for your first and second choice of assessment location?

I applied way back in August 2009 and haven't heard from them yet...

11th May 2010, 11:09
Not sure how long people wait before they start as an SO I was talking about upgrade to JFO.

CCQ is a Cross Crew Qualification course. Allows an SO who only has a rating for the A340 to fly the A330 also when they pass the CCQ course. You then have A340 and A330 on your license.

11th May 2010, 11:16
I stand corrected! :ok:

Though I don't understand why flights of less than 8 hours would require an S/O, when the flight isn't long enough for the crew to exceed their legal duty limit?

11th May 2010, 12:23
hi all i attended the initial interview in singapore on the 20th apr.
2weeks ago i received an email from the medical dept asking me to go for an ophthalmology test.
does this mean that i've passed?
i wouldnt want to fork out money for the medical and then realise that i've failed.


11th May 2010, 12:29
Can someone share what the reasoning test is like? Is it verbal, "cubes & forms", or both?

And the technical test, is it on aircraft/aviation or technical in its whole?


11th May 2010, 14:08
any new graduated?

11th May 2010, 15:50
The reasoning test is the cubes and forms test. You're given 8 boxes with shapes or "whatever" inside them and you have to figure out from the patterns what will go into the 9th box. (There are 8 choices to pick from) The test starts out pretty easy and within a few minutes, your head will start to hurt LOL.

As far as the technical test, it is mostly info form the JKI and some about Cathay. As mentioned before though, only about 90% of the questions are from that. There are other questions that they just "hope you may know" so you want to study all you can about aviation. I got asked on my test what the longest passenger airline plane is. The choices were A340-300, A340-600, B747, or A320. The answer is A340-600 and I only knew that because I see the plane everyday at the airport. Best of luck to you.


11th May 2010, 20:36
A340-600 is not in CX's fleet anymore. So I wonder your answer is still valid

(correct me if I'm wrong)

11th May 2010, 22:20

The question didn't say it had to be in the CX fleet.

11th May 2010, 23:19
Does anybody know about Visa requirements for HK?

Their immigration website makes it clear that residents of Canada and the USA can visit for up to 90 days without a Visa but that you can't work there. Where does a job interview fit into this?

I received my Cx tickets from FedEx yesterday and they ask for a Hong Kong Identity Card number.. what is this?

12th May 2010, 02:16
@<hidden>: a HK ID card is applicable for Hong Kong Permanent Residents. If you don't have that, you can N/A it but I think a Passport Number will suffice.
To my understanding, if you'll only be in the SAR to attend a meeting, such as a job interview (ie. you won't be getting paid by a Hong Kong company, etc) then you'll be ok.

However, I'm not too sure about all of this. Sorry! :(

calvin_1912, I've sent you a pm. ;)

12th May 2010, 04:25
yea the question had nothing to do with Cathay. It was just random. A320 isn't in their fleet either. I was just happy I knew the answer LOL

12th May 2010, 05:10
Thanks Calvin, that's what I thought but I wasn't too sure.

12th May 2010, 08:32
Big thanks bizzle284! You answered a whole lot.

But how about the JKI, shall I receive it before the initial test? Havnīt heard about it..

Thanks again! :)

12th May 2010, 09:16
I revieced it via email as a pdf after I confirmed my initial interview. (Australian application)

12th May 2010, 10:38
Ok thanks! Guess Iīl check with them :ok:

12th May 2010, 11:37
Man, I'm so nervous. Have my initial interviews coming up :\ Good Luck to everyone going to the interviews!

12th May 2010, 14:39
You will not need a Visa to visit HK for a job interview, only an employment visa if you actually are taking up employment and work here - Of course, if you are successful and are ultimately based in HK you will then apply for a HK ID card ( which may become "Permanent" HKID card after 7 7ears residency) and apply for an employment visa based upon a letter/contract from your employer (e.g. Cathay)

Generally speaking, a "visitor" found working in HK without the appropriate visa will be in breach of their "condition of stay" and liable to prosecution !!

CaptainCourageous au
12th May 2010, 14:39
congrats on the interview
if you want some info or have some qís on the process pm me and ill try and get back to you

12th May 2010, 16:58
Quick question: For those of you who sent a follow-up email to Cathay (cadet email) regarding the status of their application. How long did you wait to get a response email?

Yes, I can't wait to get the generic "We are still reviewing your application" email!


12th May 2010, 17:11
Sometimes they take a very long time to reply to e-mails. Have patience, they'll reply eventually.

12th May 2010, 17:50
If an interview invitation e-mail is what you're referring to, you can expect a long, long wait. I've been waiting for 5 months already, and counting. Someone here mentioned a 9-month wait previously. Don't hold your breath and go pedantic about it, as some have mentioned earlier. They will get to you when the time is right, in the meantime you can get on with life and prepare for the interviews. Good luck!

12th May 2010, 18:08
Thanks for the reply Holdmetight.

But no, I was talking about that interview email. I know that one can take up a long time.

I was referring to the email they send back when people send them an email inquiring about the status of their application (you applied for the program but didn't get anything back, then you send an email; how long does it take to reply to your email).

12th May 2010, 19:31
thanks for the info about the Cross Crew Qualification course

2 weeks maximum roughly, sometimes even within a couple of days (from my experience)

just a quick question to anyone who knows this.. SOs via cadetship don't get housing assistance yeh?, what about when they become JFOs do they get it then?. do pilots via the cadetship get housing at all in the future??


12th May 2010, 20:41
Em773ER... At this stage, Cadet Entry Pilots are treated as Locally Employed Pilots and as such do not get a housing allowance. This is not to say that the Cadets will NEVER get it or some form of payment - but nothing is guaranteed.

It is safest to assume that, in accordance with your joining contract, you will never get a housing allowance. Expect the worst, hope for the best and avoid disappointment - it's a great opportunity. ;)

13th May 2010, 03:03
Man, I think I bombed out in the interviews part.......... Was too nervous, and I think I answered the questions kinda bad............ Sigh..........:ugh::ugh:

Good Luck to everyone else tho!

13th May 2010, 03:11
I actually sent them an e-mail back in February, to ask how my application was faring. They got back to me in a week, but bearing in mind it was Chinese New Year at the time, I think they would have replied me a bit earlier if it weren't for the festivities. I got the generic "we are still reviewing your application" reply too. I'm going to contact them a bit later to see what they've done with my application.

Currently LEPs do not get any housing allowance, but local captains are given some sort of financial subsidy for their housing. It is quite paltry when compared with the expat housing allowance though. Not sure how much money is involved. As FinalApp has said, don't bet on them giving away much in the future... though it will be interesting to see what CX does to retain its pilots when all of them start leaving for better paid jobs at home!

13th May 2010, 05:11
anyone received an opthalmology medical form by cathay after stage 1?
do i have to submit the results of the medical before they confirm my results of stage 1? or do they work independently?

13th May 2010, 11:21
Hi silentscope,

are you a Singaporean? How long did they take to ask you for your 1st interview? (thru email/ phone call?)

13th May 2010, 18:28
so it seems like i am the only one who is going to be on the interview in NY from the forum? If anyone else is going to be there, please pM me.


13th May 2010, 20:45
I'm going to the San Fran one in July so I will see you there, Khammy.

13th May 2010, 22:04
I find it interesting how FlyHiigh has his/her interview in Paris early next month. Then the interviewers go to the USA skipping out London and Frankfurt :confused:

14th May 2010, 00:36
does anyone know an approx number of candidates who is going to be at an initial CX CPP Interview in each location?

14th May 2010, 13:33
Jet777Boy (http://www.pprune.org/members/289128-jet777boy)

I applied in Nov, in feb I send a e-mail asking for the status, then I got the respond "its under process", and next time I asked them, in may, they gor back to me the very next day with an invitation!

Woop! Just received the JKI, guess we got some reading to do aight :ok: hehe..

Good Luck!

14th May 2010, 14:52
thanks FinalApp and holdmetight for your answers they were most helpful. i also think it's going to be interesting what CX will do.

and good luck to everyone in their interviews! :ok:

14th May 2010, 19:27
Hey guys, just wondering if anyone's heard anything with regards to stage 4 flight grading for those who might attending the short course. Last update was for evaluation in jul/aug and then the start course in october. ? Anyone?

14th May 2010, 20:28
Yeah I have had two phone calls from HK in the last week just to inform me to keep that in mind that the grading will be done in July or Aug with the course starting Oct/Nov. I think soon as they know more so will we, as they dont have any confirmed dates yet.

When I spoke with them she wasnt sure what I could expect at grading, sounds like it could be different?? Im going to expect a couple flights in the Grob/ CAP10/ and some BE200 sims as I know thats what they do now for people with experience. Maybe this will change....

15th May 2010, 01:12
The CAP10 is rarely used for CX flight grading exercises anymore, except in some unique circumstances.


Check out this link for information on advanced flight grading. Good luck!

15th May 2010, 11:24
Hey zero,

I had interviews in bne last week too. Worried i thought i messed up as well. How did u think u went on the written tests?

15th May 2010, 13:25
Not too bad I guess, Check your pm :ok:

15th May 2010, 15:29
hey everyone just wondering roughly how long are people waiting these days to get their stage 1 invitation phone calls?? it seems to be varying with everyone in different places.

does anyone know how the recruitment people work?

thanks in advance

15th May 2010, 20:11
Has anyone received an invitation to a Vancouver interview date yet?

I emailed them and they told me they are unable to confirm me the status of their interviews.


16th May 2010, 06:52
i have an interview with them on June 30th in hkg... anyone at that time too?

16th May 2010, 10:40
S/Os are required on all flights above 8 hours, and apparently in a few flights below 8 hours too, as mentioned in a previous post. Yes the information needs to be amended as the A340-600 has been "replaced" by the B777-300ER. There are Second Officers on all Airbus fleets, the B747-400 fleet and the B777 fleet.

17th May 2010, 05:19
Has anyone received an invitation to a Vancouver interview date yet?

I applied in October 2009 with Vancouver as my first preferred interview location... Sent them an email in the meantime but only got the standard response that my application was considered.... Sent them another email last week but still waiting on their response...

17th May 2010, 07:44
Hello all,

I've been following this thread from the very start and I must say that all you guys are very helpful with your comments.

Special thanks to @<hidden> @<hidden> @<hidden> @<hidden> @<hidden>

Goodluck guys and please keep this thread alive.

Happy landings!

17th May 2010, 09:57
G'day everyone,

I'm in the process of completing my application but have some questions I was hoping someone might be able to answer.
Earlier in the thread someone stated there are multiple intakes throughout the year for training in Adelaide, is this true? Approximately how many classes a year?
The Cathay site states that "Short-listed candidates will then be invited to attend a second interview in Hong Kong. We will provide travel and accommodation for the final interview." Does this mean that I have to pay the costs of transport etc for the second stage interview?
Is there a minimum term of service once you finish training?


17th May 2010, 10:58
Approximately how many classes a year?


Does this mean that I have to pay the costs of transport etc for the second stage interview?

No. If you did Stage 1 outside HKG, you will be invited to the company headquarters in HKG, where you will do Stage 2 (and 3 if successful in Stage 2). Cathay will pay for your plane tickets and accomodation.

Is there a minimum term of service once you finish training?

No, you are not legally bound to stay in HKG for any period of time. But where you would go with the experience of a cadet graduate? That is the main obstacle preventing you from seeking employment elsewhere.

Hope this helps!

17th May 2010, 12:06
Thanks heaps holdmetight, really appreciate it.

But where you would go with the experience of a cadet graduate? That is the main obstacle preventing you from seeking employment elsewhere.

Very true. I wasn't concerned about a minimum service period, it was more about where I will be and for how long, just trying to look into my magic ball and figure things out.

Thanks again.

17th May 2010, 12:17
holdmetigh, 4-5 classes you say,

how many cadets in each class?


17th May 2010, 12:30
I would guess that your experience will become competitive and "employable" around 6-7 years after joining Cathay as an S/O. Add a year to that for your cadet training and it will become 8. The 6-7 years comprises around 5 years as a S/O and then 1 year as JF/O and 1 year as F/O. With the retirement age being pushed up to 65, there might not be a lot of movement in the seniority ladder, hence the bleak outlook. Look on the Fragrant Harbour forum for more pointers.

4-5 classes each year, with an average of about 11 to 12 cadets per class.

17th May 2010, 13:59
are there any differences in job duties between the three different types of F/O's?

17th May 2010, 14:22
are there any differences in job duties between the three different types of F/O's?

No, they all do the same thing. Some of the more experienced F/Os are Relief Qualified and are allowed to act as commander while the CN is sleeping in his bunk.

18th May 2010, 09:00
I applied in October 2009 with Vancouver as my first preferred interview location... Sent them an email in the meantime but only got the standard response that my application was considered.... Sent them another email last week but still waiting on their response...

Hmm... I guess its good to see that I am not the only one waiting for a repsonse

Thanks for reply

18th May 2010, 09:56
So, the key is patience, patience and patience!!

18th May 2010, 11:23
Hello everyone,

I have my Stage 1b on the 25th of this month in HK.
I was wondering from where I should study? Is the JKI booklet enough?

Can someone tell me how the interview is and how deep does the interviewer go while asking technical questions?


18th May 2010, 14:10
Hi Imam,
Can you give an indication when you submitted your application? May be this will indicate lag time for interviews.
Many thanks,

18th May 2010, 14:29

i don't think there is a set time from applic to interview as such. i submitted my application in july last year-had a couple of emails off them but having heard not a thing for a while i emailed them last month and haven't had a reply. has anybody else found recently that they have stopped replying to emails?.........(or just to me :}!!!!!!)

18th May 2010, 15:05

Just go through this thread from the very first page and it has all the key information pertaining to the interviews. Just go with an open mind.

It'll be very kind of you if you share your Stage I interview with all the other ppruners. All the best.


18th May 2010, 16:02
A quick reply to a couple of earlier questions/comments:

S/O's are not required on flights over 8hrs. Any crew complement that meets the legal requirements will suffice. Many long-haul flights are, for example, crewed with 2 F/O's and 2 Cpt's, or 3 F/O's (one of whom must be 'RQ' relief qualified) and 1 Cpt.

S/O's are (not meaning this in any negative way!):
- a way for the company to hire crew for less money (initially, at least)
- a way for the company to hire crew with less experience (ie cadet program, where they don't meet the regulatory requirements for F/O licensing)
The two are intertwined of course, as less experience = less money

There is a training bond of 7yrs applied to the Cadet Pilots. The company expects a minimum of 7yrs productive work from you in exchange for their substantial investment in your training. Of course they gain from this arrangement also - see above comment on less money.

18th May 2010, 16:33
S/O's are not required on flights over 8hrs. Any crew complement that meets the legal requirements will suffice. Many long-haul flights are, for example, crewed with 2 F/O's and 2 Cpt's, or 3 F/O's (one of whom must be 'RQ' relief qualified) and 1 Cpt.

That is all good. However in typical Cathay 4-crew complements, don't the RQ and S/O act as the relief pilots? After all, why would the company roster an F/O for relief work when an S/O can easily do it in his place, freeing the F/O up to operate other flights? Otherwise what is the point of employing S/Os? Just a thought...

There is a training bond of 7yrs applied to the Cadet Pilots.

As far as I have researched, the bond does not legally bind you to Cathay for the said time.

18th May 2010, 16:36
Just wondering if somebody can clarify whether it is worth studying Handling the big jets for CX CPP interviews or is it Flying the big jets more relevant?

HTBJ is too technical for cadet pilot interviews, it's more like Direct Entry material! FTBJ by Stanley Stewart would be much more appropriate.

18th May 2010, 18:54
I'm half way through Flying the Big Jets right now and who cares if it'll help me... it's a really interesting read!

18th May 2010, 19:33
Thanks for the reply Holdmetight and flyhiigh!

Holdmetight: I submitted my application in November. I sent a first email two weeks ago and haven't received anything yet (Not even, an automatic reply).

Sam: No, you are not the only one. I sent an email two weeks ago and haven't received a thing!

But it's only the first stage email after all, there still a long way to go! That's why I am not worry at all at this time!

18th May 2010, 20:17
Something i want to make sure is about the Stage 2 aptitude test, this is not the same aptitude test we did in Stage 1 right? (for those who did it in HK)


18th May 2010, 23:10
I have the stage 1 interview coming up, I keep hearing about this JKI booklet. Will i get this in the mail, email, or do I need to download it somewhere?

You get it in your email with your Stage 1 confirmation as a PDF attachment. I can send it to you if you PM me your email address.

18th May 2010, 23:38
Hi sam

I actually apply in November. But they ask me to go into HK for an interview. I haven't had time to go in until late June. I receive an email confirmation around March (when I have even forgot that I applied)

But i have a question for everyone.

my format of interview seems different from the ones i been searching online. I don't have an presentation to give. Also the email confirmation I got said that my interview will be from 9-5. I added the hours, and it only comes to a 4 hour interview. Why do we need the whole day?


19th May 2010, 00:11
Hi everyone, I've been following this thread for some time and was wondering if someone can answer my questions about the CPP:

1) I will be graduating college in April 2011, should I apply after I graduate or 2-3 months before since many people don't hear back for a long time? I also hope to do it earlier is because if I do not get an interview, or fail the interview, I can quickly go back to my other options/school.

2) I live in Toronto so the obvious choice is to choose Toronto & Hong Kong as interview locations. However, it seems like Vancouver gets chosen more often so should I choose Vancouver instead of Toronto?

3) I am nearsighted (over 200 degrees) and wear glasses/contacts, will that affect any decision to my application?

*as a side note, I have HK permanent ID and some experience from the Canadian Army, will those factors increase my chances of being chosen for an interview?


19th May 2010, 09:16
Hey everyone,

just a quick question to previous cadets or employees: If/when you pass the flight-grading and you are accepted into the CPP does this mean that you will definitely have a job at CX when you finish the course, or do they take the best x-amount of cadets?
In other words is there a chance of finishing the CPP and ending up not working for CX?

Your help is appreciated! :ok:

19th May 2010, 09:52
Hi Iman,
Thanks for your quick reply. So it is about a 6 month turnaround by the sound of it.
I suspect that 9-5 timetable given interview is because of short interviews for individual candidates at the screening, includes lunch, breaks etc.

19th May 2010, 12:20
divan, I think their intention is to reqruit all cadets, since ite their own cadet sheme. Since we cant predict the future, nothing is guaranteed, but a VERY, VERY good chance you will work for them, would be the word!

Allthough, after the training it seems it can take a few months before you actually start working. It can take up to 6 months I read in the thread! But waiting for something good, you never wait to long :)

Good luck!

19th May 2010, 14:32
1) I will be graduating college in April 2011, should I apply after I graduate or 2-3 months before since many people don't hear back for a long time? I also hope to do it earlier is because if I do not get an interview, or fail the interview, I can quickly go back to my other options/school.

IMHO you are looking at this from the wrong way. Sure, if you get your timing right you have the luxury of a backup, should your cadet application go awry. However you should remember that if you are not at the absolute top of your game, you will not be able to secure the cadetship. This is obvious because of the large number and variety of candidates applying. I would advise you to apply when you are well and truly ready, as opposed to when it is convenient for you in terms of your schedule. Take your time, do your due diligence and you will maximize your chances of getting selected - isn't that the most important thing?

2) I live in Toronto so the obvious choice is to choose Toronto & Hong Kong as interview locations. However, it seems like Vancouver gets chosen more often so should I choose Vancouver instead of Toronto?

I don't know about that, sorry. I can only HKG would be a good choice as it is the company base of operations and selections should logically be held more frequently there than at any other location.

3) I am nearsighted (over 200 degrees) and wear glasses/contacts, will that affect any decision to my application?

No. Myopia per se is not a problem, though you will need an opthamologist to make sure you rmyopia does not lead to other eye problems.

19th May 2010, 19:39
I typed out a list of the questions I was asked during my Stage 1b interview, thought it might be helpful those preparing. Keep in mind that I have 0 flight hours, so if you have experience, expect harder questions

1. What instruments are in the "Basic T"
2. What are the headings of the runways of the HK airport
3. What is the other name of the HK airport
4. What plane is this (they have a model on the desk of the plane, it was a A330-300)
5. What is my favorite plane and why
6. How many pilots does CX employ
7. How many planes are in their fleet
8. What European destinations does CX fly to
9. Which new destination to Europe was recently announced
10. What happened on April 13 with the CX A330
11. Who were the founders of CX and when
12. Do I play Flight Simulator
13. What are the duties of a SO at CX

Here are the HR Questions they asked me:
1. How often do I visit HK (they knew i was from HK since i had a HKID)
2. What do i like about HK
3. What will i miss most if i have to leave US
4. What do i do in my spare time
5. Why did i choose my major, what did i like/dislike about it
6. What do i like/dislike about my current job
7. What gives me the most stress at work and how do i cope with it

19th May 2010, 20:48
Thank you ASL402. That's very kind of you..

20th May 2010, 02:33
thanks for the info there!

how in depth did they go into these questions? did they continue asking more questions regarding those topics or they would move to the next question?

20th May 2010, 03:10
They didn't go in depth in most of the questions. The only one i can remember was after i stated the duties of a S/O flying to destinations such as Europe, NA, or Australia, she asked me what are the European destinations CX flys to.

Just remember to be honest. If you don't know the answer, tell them honestly!

20th May 2010, 08:22
Thanks alot AsL402 for that great information! I'm just wondering how the stage A questions differ from those of stage B? Are the stage A questions your fairly basic why have you applied? why do you want to fly for Cathay? and other general questions about the applicant?


20th May 2010, 09:57
Hey Guys,

Was just curious to know if anyone has any idea on how many pilots are currently employed by CX? I've noticed this could quite easily be asked, though can't track a number down anywhere...


20th May 2010, 14:32
At this stage, Cadet Entry Pilots are treated as Locally Employed Pilots and as such do not get a housing allowance. This is not to say that the Cadets will NEVER get it or some form of payment

Get this straight.
You will NEVER get housing. Your 3rd world pay scale is it.
You are being employed because you will never get housing.
You are coolie labour and will be reated as such.
Join at your peril, don't say we didn't warn you.

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