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loc22550 16th Sep 2010 17:03

Fly4Fun: improvement on conditions..?
1st of april..next year..:ooh:

Fly4Fun 16th Sep 2010 23:45

Eheh, we shall wait then... :E :D

mugal2000 21st Sep 2010 08:50

I am invited for the interview on 6 Oct also anyone help with some questions, or is ACE enough for the written exam?

nicholasblonde 21st Sep 2010 19:41

When did u apply Mugal??? Thx...good luck to you!!!

ADY 22nd Sep 2010 09:08

Any information about life in Doha would be appreciated....Many thanks in advance.

mugal2000 22nd Sep 2010 12:20

Oct 6 interview
mr. Toesa
thanks for your valueable informations, appreciated.

gorillit 22nd Sep 2010 12:45

I submitted my application a month ago and heard nothing so I spoke to HR who informed me they couldn't find my application (I had received the 'thank you for your application' e-mail)! I was then told to apply again and contact them when I had done it! I then phoned them back and was told that they would contact me in the next 2-3months, presumingly not taking into account the month I have already waited!
Is this the normal way of doing stuff or is there something else going on? :ugh:
Any comments welcome and appreciated!

Vref+10.....to 44 23rd Sep 2010 06:10

October Interview
Greetings all,

Yes i have read all the threads....a reet good read it was too.

However, seeking more info (i know i know!) on the interview process....

particularly the dreaded tech exam part.....i have bought the ACE book..

is that sufficient?...or should i get up in my loft to delve out the old ATPL exam notes?

also...any ideas which way the current is flowing re Bus/Boeing?...I am Boeing rated..though not the big boy 77.

Any pm's very welcome...might even earn you a beer! (is that allowed??)....especially re schooling choices in qatar...or am i getting ahead of myself.



Flyjets 23rd Sep 2010 14:53

It seems Qr is doing a lot of recruitment on the A320.
Is it an inhome training or are they outsourcing ?
How many 320 sims in doh ?
Other places around the world ?

loc22550 24th Sep 2010 04:21

Do you mean for the sim check...or recruiting people to fly the 320..
Usually even a-320 rated guys(new joiners) here goes straight to A-330 :eek: by-passing all the courageous senior guys on A-320!!!Something unique in the world...
Qatar airways 5 stars career plan for senior pilots!!:\

Flyjets 24th Sep 2010 07:52

I mean the Sim training for new joiners (A320 type rated).
Where do they usually do the training?

Paper Lad 24th Sep 2010 10:28

320 training is usually in Doha but occasionally in Dubai. As is 330.
777 can be Doha, Singapore or UK depending on sim slots
300F Dubai or Frankfurt

varigflier 24th Sep 2010 14:14

Somebody posted on another thread that Qatar will be opening a base in the US and one in Asia and that this news came from the CEO himself. Any truth to this??:confused:

Capt Krunch 24th Sep 2010 16:52


I really wish some of you guys would get a reality check and stop all this BS dreaming.
Qatar Airway will not now nor ever allow out station bases.

if you misunderstand that Qatar Airways is opening a new station or a new base somewhere in the world it does NOT mean a commuting station for crew, it means a new destination base. (we have over 85 nationalities and terms as well as meanings are never the same for everyone).

The simple fact is that Qatar Airways wants to have the last word and control over it's employees. Just as the area competitors EK,EY,GF all with large pilot communities and no one gives out station bases. Qatar airways is no different.

poisoned by compromise

169west 24th Sep 2010 17:16

They want you to spend your(/their) money there!

varigflier 24th Sep 2010 17:48

Here's a link to the post, #25.
Don't shoot the messenger and this is after all a rumour board.

ccrrjj700 24th Sep 2010 22:42

[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Hi Everybody.[/FONT]

[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']I Just looking for anyone who recently just passed the interview process. I have been called for interview next month and would appreciate any information, I`ve already studying ACE the Technical Pilot Interview and the JAR-ATPL questionnaires.[/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Any advice also is welcome[/FONT]

[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Thanks in advantage[/FONT]

Laker 25th Sep 2010 05:24

If Qatar did offer outbasing but removed all the extras such as housing, schooling, medical, etc then I imagine they would have a very hard time finding anybody to take the position. Take New York for example. New York without a housing allowance of roughly 3k/usd per month, schooling, and free medical would be quite difficult to live a decent lifestyle. In fact you would be at the low end of middle class with just the basic plus flight pay. You would be making less than many RJ captains all the while flying your as# off doing ULR's for half the going rate. The whole point of flying overseas for North Americans is that when you add the schooling, housing, medical, tax free status, etc it becomes a decent package. Take all that out and you are looking at a sub standard job. If they kept all the T&C's the same yet didn't cover your home taxes then they would probably have quite a few takers IMHO.

drfaust 25th Sep 2010 15:34

Ladies and gentlemen, from the QR website I read this.

Requirements for an SO position, "Fast Track".
  • Minimum of 1,500 hours in Modern Multi Pilot Turbo-Prop greater than 12,000kg MTOW
  • Valid ICAO ATPL or Frozen ATPL
  • Valid Class 1 Medical.
  • ICAO English Proficiency Minimum level 4.
  • Age below 35 years.
I fulfill all those requirements.

What's the time for upgrade to FO, because I really don't look forward to being p2x for a long time considering that I've been working as an FO for a while already here in Europe. I'm used to always sitting right and taking off and landing. Would they consider putting you on the 320 with those hours and if not, when would it be appropriate, average? I read that the 320 is not the best fleet lifestyle wise, but I'll suffer it for a while if necessary to get some time on a good jet.

The problem I have is that I already work for a really good company in Europe. So I'm trying to orientate to see if it's worth my effort heading down to the south. The problem I have here at the moment is one: Time to upgrade. I have loads of people in front of me and loads behind me. It's frustrating. Other than that I have zero complaints about my employer in terms of salary, scheduling, time off, etc.

Any advice?

loc22550 25th Sep 2010 15:54

" i have zero complaints about my employer in terms of salary,scheduling,time off...":eek:
STAY where you are!
(Time to upgrade in Q.R. TODAY..6 years...but who knowns about tomorrow..)

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