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non0 4th Feb 2011 19:37

Paper Lad thanks for your post.
Now ... as far as ...

...taking the money and leave when you've had enough.
... that's open the big emotional conversation on ...
... how much enough is enough...
... how much QR is an airlines where you can run a career in it (meaning seniority/annual increments, solid 401k or retirement plan/benefits now that QR is going public, etc..)...
... how much you are 'poisoned by compromise'!

gottofly 6th Feb 2011 08:19


Is the 33usd per hour up and above the basic sal of 9500usd?

inner 6th Feb 2011 09:05

For the QR guys who are unhappy, can't you apply with EK or Saudi?

I've heard they were looking for people.

74world 6th Feb 2011 18:30


Do the maths ! QR has around 1600 Pilots, only few (the same ones) are on Prune complaining about the company, what does it say about the all outfit????

Furthermore, if life is so miserable at QR they should pack their shit and leave ! :ok:

Fubaliera 7th Feb 2011 05:27

Yes 1600 pilots but they consist of

1.Algerians,Lybians,Tunisians,Sudanese,Indians etc etc who cant go anywhere else:ugh:

2. non typed with bonds or no EFIS/Glass time:cool:

3.People with loans and cant leave:E(honest pilots)

4.Those who didnt make it at EY or EK:=:=(dont say its the same, its not)

5.THose stupid enough to :{ purchase a flat

74world 7th Feb 2011 05:45

If I understand your reply correctly Fubaliera, you must be in one of the 5 group of people you've mentioned..... :sad:

Fubaliera 7th Feb 2011 06:30

Never compare EY/EK to QR, QR is a wannabe EK Flaps full retard

As far as jumping ship. let me rephrase, honest pilots with a bond or loan
You must be one off the guys who thinks the Ain kahlid concentration camp is nice and good for the family
Or you must be one of the guys that compare Doha to Miami.
Trust me nobody is happy, and they would have 320 grounded if it wasnt for fleet transfer carrot dinging around your face.
.On my 1.post if forgot to mention all the Kingfisher,Jetairways,Air India,Indians who got the 330/777, they see Doha as the Japanese see Honolulu.

gorillit 7th Feb 2011 12:35

Hey Guys,

I have just received an offer through from QR for the B777! First off I thought all new guys were on the Bus, do you think this could be bait and then they will change me onto the Bus once I'm out there (as I've heard happened to a load of TOM guys!).

I've also been offered the B777 with EK, I was going to ask whether QR was a better choice but then I read the previous posts! I have to say that I did prefer Doha, it seemed a more relaxed place, but EK as a company was really impressive!!

Any thoughts are welcome!!


loc22550 7th Feb 2011 12:59

"they should Pack their shit (as you said) and leave!"
Well At least some people who complain(i would say who rise true issues) seems to be more polite and educated compared to you...

9500U$ includes flight allowance as well, But Excludes housing allowance.

inner 7th Feb 2011 14:22

Flapsfullretard: what clause in your contract are you talking about?? What does it say?

loc22550 7th Feb 2011 14:26

Gorillit ;if you have the choice..GO FOR EK!

-Qatar Airways has promised a lot of new joiners the 777 as well...and finally they end up on.. 320.(don't believe any promises made by Q.R.!)
-Money wise (profit share,bonus,pension) and career wise(especially 777),EK(eventhough probably far from being perfect..) is still better IMHO compared ...to QR.

loc22550 7th Feb 2011 15:03

..Qatar is better for families IF (and there is always the big IF!!) your family can take Doha..wich is not 100% guaranteed..pilots today are still leaving Q.R. and doha because of family issue...(don't known if the same happens in Dubai and EK).Those thinks are personnal issues.
Maybe worth to spend a few days in Dubai and Doha with your family if you can..and let them compare..and if it doesn't matter for them(Doha or Dubai)..GO for EK!

inner 7th Feb 2011 17:22

Flapafullretard: can you say what the clause in the Qr contract says?


TheChitterneFlyer 7th Feb 2011 18:26

All I will say is that... my eleven months in Qatar were the worst-ever that I've ever spent in any other country on planet Earth! I was within the flight-ops arena, so I cannot comment upon pilot positions. However, the Qatar infrastructure i.e. eating-out in the evening, would mean that it would take an hour or so to reach a restaurant... worse still was the return journey... one and a half hours to exit the car park and into the traffic and a further hour to reach "home".

Shopping... reasonable quality in the mega-stores; however, just getting to the Mall (and trying to park) is a nightmare.

A trip to a hotel for a beer... two-hours to get from the airport area to the Intercontinental "Irish Bar" (three-miles) by taxi... hopeless (especially if there's a footy match at the stadium).

Airline Management... a joke!

Pilot Training standards... what standards would those be? Get the aeroplane off the ground; Autopilot "engaged"... disengage after "roll-out".

Handling skills = nil

Experience = nil

Career = nil

Bonus = nil

End of contract gratuity = if you've been a "good boy" = reasonable

End of contract gratuity if you've reneged upon any insignificant part of your contract = zero

Here's the major rub of discontent = being held "prisoner" in a country where you cannot gain an exit permit without the permision of your employer.

Hre's a "top-tip"... if you're leaving Qatar; ensure that you gain a "Police Certificate" of clearance from "criminal activity" before you leave. Not that you could leave without the Ministry of Internal Affairs providing an approval for you to do so... your new UK job could depend upon such a certificate!

My experience of Qatar... it was a bad choice in the first place!

Take care y'all


74world 7th Feb 2011 18:28

I meant what I said: "unhappy people should leave" instead of living a miserable life.
Come on guys you know that it doesn't matter which airline you work for in the Middle East(EK,QR,EY..etc) it will be more or less be the same deal:

1-you will ALWAYS be an expat and won't fit in the culture
2-get an OK salary
3-won't have any GOOD benefits at the end (pension) or ANY at all
4- work your ass off
5-won't have any rights what so ever

Haven't you received the terms and conditions in writing before joining????? Sure you did...so you knew what you were getting into........Now, if the terms and conditions do change during your employment and you don't like them anymore, resign and go somewhere else !!!!:cool:
I also find ironic guys saying on this forum: "I've been working for QR for 10 years, but don't come"..... :ok:

loc22550 8th Feb 2011 06:12

The Famous "take it or leave it" politic has never solved any problems so far..

dboy 8th Feb 2011 07:19

To apply as F/O you need 1000h on jet. Does it have to be airline time or is corporate time also accepted?


gorillit 8th Feb 2011 08:06

Thank you!
Cheers for your help guys, I appreciate the time you have taken to reply to my post.

Think I will go for EK as many of you have suggested!

All the best,


dboy 8th Feb 2011 15:36

Can someone give me an answer on the 1000-hour requirement thing?

Is 1000 jet in corporate business also ok?

Skindogg 8th Feb 2011 17:00

Honestly, I don't think so, it says 1000 hours airline time. I wait to be corrected....

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