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Royalblue 8th Nov 2010 02:41

Just think positive. I failed the written last year but they did me a favor cause I got employed by EK this year :).... Apply to other airlines and don't give up ;)

Capt Krunch 8th Nov 2010 14:11


What ever your on about has nothing to do with me. That's just the way it is, waste of money or not, no one really cares around here. :rolleyes:

I have seen selections that all candidates did not get hire, failing in different areas but in the end it was all for not.... But, no one cares... Next :E

By the way, there is no proof that the real Capt Krunch ( the morning sugar rush man ) was from America. But he was in fact a sailor. So in the end what all that has to do with me is anybodys guess :}

eicasmsg 8th Nov 2010 17:13

Capt. Krunch...

Greetings! … from the Forums it seems that you are well oriented and informed on things at Qatar Airways. Kindly request if Qatar accepts individuals that did not make it on the first shot.
In 2008 I went trough the entire interview and Sim assessment process for Capt. B777 at Doha. Sadly, I did not make it. After about a month and half I received a letter stating that I did not pass. That was it.
Now I just want to try again….
B757/767 Captain with over 9000 hrs on type
TTL +23000 hrs P1 B727,737, 757, 767 ……
I like your signature!!!!!!
“Poisoned by Compromise” Ha ha!

mkfmbos 13th Nov 2010 13:48

I am just curious to what the test has on it. Is it operational questions like reading aviation weather and aerodynamics or rediculous questions like what valve the heart uses? I'm reading the ACE and it has a lot of information in it but some of the questions I can't imagine them asking for lack of time and for the fact that the answer will show them nothing of what kind of pilot the person is. There is NOTHING on the web about the written. No type of gouge or anything on the internet about the technical or HR. All I have heard is "ace is enough." I have been reading through some of the JAA questions and the bank is gigantic. And I would have to take a JAA ground school to pass the damn thing. If anyone on here has taken the written in the past 6 months to a year if you could shortly outline what your particular test had on it it would be helpful to not only me but anyone else looking to interview. For example: what type of conversion questions, interpolation questions, loading formulas to use? Anything more than "ACE is enough." Then maybe some of the questions in the HR/TECH. I will be forever in your debt, and when I get to QATAR I'll buy you a shisha. Thanks.

169west 13th Nov 2010 18:20

25 out of 30 pilots failed the written....sounds like a waste of money.... why do they even bother. By the way the real Captain Krunch is from America
who came out with such a statistic?

Iver 13th Nov 2010 19:25

Will current Airbus pilots be able to bid 787s when they arrive?
One question asked before but not sufficiently answered (maybe due to lack of updated information). Would Airbus pilots likely stay on the Airbus fleet when the 787s ultimately arrive (some day in the future) or do pilots typically cross fleets (Airbus to Boeing and vice versa) depending upon need? I know that EK attempts to keep people within specific fleets (either Airbus or Boeing). Is QR similar? Will 787s be flown primarily by people on the Boeing fleet? I guess the incoming A380s in a few years might be an inducement to stay on the Airbus side...

mkfmbos 14th Nov 2010 01:35

who came out with such a statistic?
one guy on here who interviewed in Miami said that 25-28 out of 30 failed the written. sounds crazy I know.

FlyingSAK 14th Nov 2010 14:42

Interview Process

I Have Been Invited For An Interview At Qr And Have Got Conflicting Info About The Whole Process.

Tech Followed By Interview Then Sim. Is It Still The Same?


1/ Approx How Many Q's In The Tech And Are They All Multi Choice? And Any Info Out There On The Q's Being Asked - R They Generic Ones That R Circulating
2/ Is There A Psychometric Test?
3/ Interview Itself - Any Tech
4/ Does Sim Chk Differ For Non Rated Pilots

Would Appreciate Any Help - They Gave short Notice and work does not help either!!

avogadro 15th Nov 2010 00:01

licensed aicraft engineer Qatar
does anyone know how a licensed engineer can apply in Qatar airways?
sorry to disturb this forum :O

wrenchbender 15th Nov 2010 15:02

Did you try the Qatar Airways website? :confused:

Technical Services/Engineering Job Search | Qatar Airways

spidersurf 16th Nov 2010 08:56

qatar process
hello ,

there is a lot of people looking for any help about any info of the test , sim or interview....

Now i am one of them also, and we would appreciate if anyone could share any recient info


non0 16th Nov 2010 16:28

Here is my 2 cents already cover somewhere else but useful to remind!

Don't go to QR with the idea of getting a good TR and then move to greener pasture inside the Gulf area, because EY and EK they will definitely watch you with a strange look also if they need pilots ... so you probably want to be sure of your desire company list!

169west 17th Nov 2010 20:47

... it is a good opportunity for a break...

interview preparation video!

FlyingSAK 21st Nov 2010 07:58


How did ur interview go? I have one in 2 weeks. Would u be kind enuf to let me know what to expect? Cheers. Good luck if u haven't hrd from them yet.

AirSpeedLow 22nd Nov 2010 11:42

Cutting it close!!
Hi guys,

I've got an assessment in 2 weeks or so and I still haven't had my travel details confirmed!
Anybody else in the same boat or should I be pressing the issue (don't want to start p:mad:ing recruitment people off before I get there by needlessly hassling them)?

All the best,


Vref+10.....to 44 22nd Nov 2010 14:35


had an assessment over 1 month ago now........not heard anything.....

keep hearing that this is positive....

anyone in the know with any ideas of how long it takes for them right now to let people know their fate?


Linerider 22nd Nov 2010 14:57

They often leave it until the last minute to send the travel details out. If you haven't heard anything in a weeks time then get in contact with them.

The time varies hugely. Some people hear within a couple of weeks, others have waited several months before they got their offer/rejection letter.

Vref+10.....to 44 22nd Nov 2010 15:23


thanks for the info.....guess just have to wait...would be nice to know, just to make plans one way or t'other.

jamieboy 22nd Nov 2010 19:10

Vref +10

I attended almost 4 weeks ago and to date have heard nothing. I was told at interview you would hear within two weeks. Just wait I guess!!

AirSpeedLow 23rd Nov 2010 11:01

@ LR

No worries, guess i will wait it out!



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