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loc22550 10th Oct 2010 16:42

You only get paid for "productive" Duty in QR!(schedule block time: when you operate the flight.)
All the rest:STBY,Deadheading,Sim, Ground time spent on board the A/C.. are UNPAID Duty!

Capt Krunch 11th Oct 2010 04:25


Are you paid for the full flight time is half pay, etc
Deadheading is 100% free, no pay whatsoever.
SIM is paid in regular flight pay for time in the box.
as for the rest, you will only get paid when you are on duty operational crew

Is it any different for cargo vs pax flights?
It does not matter what fleet you fly or what the commercial operation of your aircraft is, we all get the same pay package.

do you spend a lot of your days off out of Doha?
On occasion we get "Days OFF' down route, these days are subtracted from the company standard of 8 days off per month. meaning, if you had 3 days off down route this month then you will be left with only 5 days off in Doha, not so good for a family man, it does not happen that often… but it does happen

poisoned by compromise

loc22550 11th Oct 2010 09:32

Your SIM is Unpaid duty..unless you are "standing" for somebody else.

Invite some of you ladies/gents to have a look at the "interesting" thread posted by JCUERVO in the Cabin Crew Forum section entitled:" Fire at Qatar Airways C.C. accomodations.."..!!
So i guess autorities would have prefer the crew to stay inside the building and being intoxicated rather than ""offend"" :ugh: the neighbourhood...!!
Is this not a criminal ACT??!!
5 stars treatment..all you need to known...:uhoh:

Fly4Fun 11th Oct 2010 14:43

Hi all

Do you know if they are recruiting for the A300-600 cargo fleet and, if they are, whats the average block hours per month?

Happy landings

cp35 12th Oct 2010 08:13

I know this has been covered in this thread before, but I understand there has been some changes in recruitment,can anybody advise on what to expect in the interview with regard to questions or what to brush up on.

planeboy_777 16th Oct 2010 17:22

the MOU is expiring in march 2011 itself........and there are no pass-outs from that institute....:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolley es:

qatpilot 18th Oct 2010 13:18

question Mr perfect how many qatari friends do u have ??? :D

Flabby 20th Oct 2010 11:12

Please advice
Hi guys,

Thinking of moving the family to Doha and joining QR. I have 3 kids and 5000hrs. Please advice. Thanks all.:hmm:

airlove 20th Oct 2010 13:50

Dear ALL I am invited for 2 days Interview programme . Please , advice me what is waiting for me , what is the interview programme , What should I study ?

Thanks to all

leo79 21st Oct 2010 12:04

Hi Guys,
Just a quick one concerning the medical. I have read the whole thread/searched the forum to no avail. Assuming you get the job offer, am I right in believing that you do your medical once in Qatar? What would happen if you failed it then?
Reason I ask is because a mate of mine recently passed the EK interview only to be told his eyes were not upto Ek's ''standards''.
1) QR cover your eyes in the medical insurance?
2) they carry out any tests for the eyes other than the basic reading sentences, distant vision and colour tests?

Thanks for your time/answers.

QR UNITED 2009 21st Oct 2010 14:11

There Italian TRE who use to give exams for initial interview in advance while he was in team and doing interviews in Italy .

His name is very famues sure you can find it and get in contact with him .

Linerider 21st Oct 2010 14:13

You have to do two medicals when you arrive in Qatar. One for the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), the other for the issue of your residence permit. Fail either one and you will not be able to work for QR.

The QCAA initial medical exam is like the JAA initial. The eye tests are very thorough; much more than just reading a chart with letters on it and doing the colour blindness test.

Our medical insurance covers all parts of the body apart from dental care.

leo79 22nd Oct 2010 05:55

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
Happy landings.

Luckyguy 29th Oct 2010 20:51

QCAR 1.255d
From Google........ JAR AMD 14 was released in July. This from QCAR AMD 09 !!! It won't be any different though.

(d) An operator shall ensure that in-flight re-planning procedures for calculating
usable fuel required when a flight has to proceed along a route or to a
destination aerodrome other than originally planned includes:
1. trip fuel for the remainder of the flight; and
2. reserve fuel consisting of:
(i) contingency fuel; and
(ii) alternate fuel, if a destination alternate aerodrome is required (this
does not preclude selection of the departure aerodrome as the
destination alternate aerodrome); and
(iii) final reserve fuel; and
(iv) additional fuel, if required by the type of operation (e.g. ETOPS);
3. extra fuel if required by the commander.

islandreamin 30th Oct 2010 23:22

upcoming interview
good day all,

i've gone through the 100's of pages here in this forum trying to gleen any info i can concerning the technical test and interview content. thought i'd try to ask directly.

i have an interview next month and would like to get a heads up as to what sort of specifics i should be reviewing for the tech exam and what sort of questions the interview entails.

i've been studying the "ace" book as well as some jar ops stuff but the pile is huge and some specifics would be great. appreciate any responses. cheers

738james 1st Nov 2010 01:19

how is capt interview looks like?
Hi do you know how is the capt interview looks like?regarding technical exam,technical question during the interview?any group section?
Thank you

Gutter Airways 1st Nov 2010 14:19

I'm sure you've heard it many times before, but you encounter difficult people in all walks of life.

One thing I try to keep in mind, especially as an expat, we are often subjected to treatment here which is seen as harsh or unfair. It can really get your morale down. With that you can begin to forget that you're still in a career that you dreamed of as a child, you're still in a job that many in the World would love to do but perhaps didn't get the same opportunities as you.

I often feel like the flight deck is my little escape. I can either try to create a good friendly environment and enjoy doing the job I love, or I can be miserable and grumpy at work, just like I am in Doha. It's my choice.

Regarding instructors here at QR. Your observations are correct. Next time you come across one of our close minded instructor colleagues, give him this beauty to ponder, "flexible is too rigid for aviation, one has to be fluid."

babablacksheep 2nd Nov 2010 03:25

Retard: If all trainers are wrong in your opinion, it would seem you are the issue. Assess yourself before posting such comments. pathetic..

Capt Krunch 2nd Nov 2010 04:46

Yes, most our instructors leave allot to be desired. why ? you might ask.

in my best evaluation of this downward trend over the years is; In many ways the airline actually makes life harder for you if your an instructor. The extra pay does not equal what a normal line pilot would make, the extra big perk is that you have a very limited control of your roster, but still left with nothing more than short sector days or if synthetic training device qualified, then you'll spend 89% of your time in the box of horrors. all just to be treated like the fault of all the problems within the airline, not only by colleges but also by higher management. So, Having said that. All the capable experienced guys use better judgment and fly the line as a normal pilot and do not wish to ruin their lives getting involved with training in this airline. That leaves us with the macho men space shuttle astronauts who think they are gods gift to aviation and feel they all have been hand picked for the role, but in fact they are whats left over in the bottom of the barrel, and they don't even know it. The only thing I do is laugh at their stupidity, because there is nothing else funny about it.

thats the way i see it from my vantage point

loc22550 2nd Nov 2010 05:38

Another pearl of wisdom:

Pilot vacating the runway 34 DOH via HST C at 50 knots ground speed
Instructor shout : "SPEED!!"

Pilot To the instructor: " but you known the max speed for a HST is 60 kts..well thats the purpose of a HST...so why did you shout "SPEED"..!

Instructor: "Well actually i don't known the max speed for a HST..":eek:

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