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Iver 25th Aug 2010 02:59


I would tell them that, given your 767 experience, you want 777 or no deal. Simple as that. I have heard the A320 fleet is a nightmare (just read the last 300 pages of this thread). You have flown heavy Boeings and you want to fly heavy Boeings - or no deal. Hold firm and tell them you will wait for the next Boeing class or just pass... Other carriers in the region are hiring.

Sounds like if you want to fly the 787 at QR down the line, you need to be a Boeing driver.

Brie 25th Aug 2010 14:41


what happens IF you fail the typerating? I've read that in Qatar your exit visa will be blocked if you have debts. So if you have failed the rating, do have some debts owed to QR?

Capt Krunch 25th Aug 2010 17:18

it is true i some cases if you have outstanding debt in Qatar you will NOT be able to leave the country until all debts are settled. Before leaving the airline you must do what is called a clearance, one of which is making sure there is no outstanding credit card debt and / or loans. You will not be able to leave with outstanding debt in Qatar unless proper arrangements have been made, in most cases that means full payment.

as far as failing a type rating here. well, it has happened but it's not so common. The airline will give you another go at it.

Poisoned by Compromise

Brie 25th Aug 2010 18:03

Capt crunch,

Thank you for your clear answer.

Can you also tell me how life is over there as a single? I'm not married or engaged but I really have no idea how it is living in a compound. Are there some pubs (alcohol allowed??)where you can meet people? Or any other leisure facilities?


Iver 25th Aug 2010 23:57

Flying the 787 Video from Boeing - Check it out...
Seriously Bonernow, with your background you should hold out for the Boeing. If you only had Airbus time, you would have less ground to stand on - but in this case you have heavy Boeing time. I would not fly the A320 with your background - better to pass and get a job flying the 777 with EK or EY instead if you can get those jobs... I've heard that EK looks favorably on heavy Boeing time and QR is aware of that...

Plus, if you want to fly the 787, I hear you would have a greater likelihood of flying it if you were flying on the Boeing side of QR. That is what I have heard (could be right or wrong) - regardless, flying the 777 would be just as great if you had to sit on that aircraft. With your experience, you should get a slot on the Boeing side.

So, why would you want to fly the 787? Looks like the initial cadre of ANA pilots for the 787 really like the airplane. Check out this recent 787 video from Boeing:

Boeing Feature Story:'It's Fantastic'

xjpilot 29th Aug 2010 16:38

A320 training
Hello. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how the A320 training was going. Are they backed up? Is it all done in house? If not then where else? Estimate from start to line check at the current moment. Thanks a lot for any information.

PT6Driver 30th Aug 2010 11:45

Can anyone provide uptodate figures for the cost of living. running a car etc.
What is the utility alowance?
Understand 2 kids would cost around 57K. What about costs for both a single person and a family of 4 ( wife 2 kids)?
Has anyone worked for QR and left the family back home? is it doable?

BIGBAD 30th Aug 2010 12:00

cost of living approx

1$ = 3.65 QR (fixed exchange rate)

renting a hire car 1900 QR per month
case of beer (24 bottles) 140 QR
can of coke 1.50 QR
internet (1Mb) 200 QR per month
petrol less than 1QR per ltr

food - again, whatever you want to spend, it's about the same as the uk, some stuff a little cheaper. If you buy UK/US/European imported food it is x2/x3 more than the original price

clothes - bit more expensive
electonics - same or more expensive
DVD's - very expensive
books - english more expensive

buying a 4x4 anything from 60,000QR for a 2 yr old to a huge new one 160,000 (ie nissan armada) - its whatever you want to spend

I think a car loan are about the same cost as the uk ?!
insurance (if you own a car) is 5% of the value per year
plates i think you have to pay a couple of hundred QR every year for the plates or registration

if you live in holiday villa apartments, you do not get a utility allowance, but dont have any bills. You get the allowance if anywhere else, but i dont know what it is, or if it covers elec/water etc

BIGBAD 30th Aug 2010 12:06

Commuting - to UK / Scotland, would be impossible with the 3 days max off in a row rule, but this has now been changed.

Depends by what you mean commuting, if you mean going home once a month for 6/7 days then yes, if you mean going home every time you have time off the i would say not.

flight time approx 7 hrs to LHR (plus what ever for connection to scotland - this will be made harder by the change to terminal 4 - so you have to either change to get to term 1 or 5 for bmi/ba connection)

stby ticket 750 QR for economy 1400 QR for business ( you need to get the business ticket in case economy full, and seats in business, if you only have an economy they will not up grade you ). 4 flights a day from LHR, 1 LGW , 1 MAN.

plus you have to be careful how you commute, if you keep a house in the uk and commute back to it, even if you spend less 90 days a year in the uk can be stung by the taxman !

xjpilot 30th Aug 2010 23:31

A320 Training
Anyone have anything on this subject?

A320 training
Hello. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how the A320 training was going. Are they backed up? Is it all done in house? If not then where else? Estimate from start to line check at the current moment. Thanks a lot for any information.

Baron buzz 31st Aug 2010 07:16

[QUOTE]plus you have to be careful how you commute, if you keep a house in the uk and commute back to it, even if you spend less 90 days a year in the uk can be stung by the taxman !

I would encourage anyone thinking of coming here to seek some tax advice. Keeping a house in the UK in isolation shouldn't be the difference between the tax man hunting you down or leaving you in peace. It will depend on a variety of factors. Basically if you have a full time, permanent, overseas based employment location, spend less than 90 days per tax year (average), and complete 1 full tax year outside of the UK then the tax man should be happy. Many people have left family, houses etc all in the UK. Seeking advice is the best course of action.

BIGBAD provides good and accurate advice. As regards staff travel, it's very, very good. You can check the chances of you getting on the flight, and also check the loads. The attitude of the staff at the airport is definately one of trying to get you on board. Staff travel is not an inconvenience like it might be at some UK airlines. If your home is near one of the UK airports QR serve, you could easily get back for a couple of days between duties - this will (should) be even easier no the 3 day off rule has been removed.

Hope this helps.


BIGBAD 31st Aug 2010 11:51

...which airline do you work for :confused:
to be fair this is a guess based on the news that the 3 day off rule has been scrapped, but it shouldn't be impossible.

Even at the moment I am able to go back to the UK and get 4 local nights with 3 days off an early finish and late start either end . Not impossible at all. :ok:

Che Xindamail 31st Aug 2010 18:16

Agree that staff travel in QR is great.
It's all done online and if you purchase QR tickets you can pay by credit card and print them out at home. If you need tickets with other airlines you still have to go to staff travel office to pay and pick them up. This will take up to two hours...
After six months in the company you get First/Business Class tickets which should maximize your chances to get on, not to mention the food and service.
The reinstated days off rule would make commuting to EU possible since QR now fly almost everywhere.

777LR Driver 31st Aug 2010 21:49

Not quite right on the staff travel - you get it after 3 months service, FO's can only get business or economy, Capts get first, business or economy. :ok:

load sheet 1st Sep 2010 03:11

I have an interview to come in october, How the interview process is doing today ? Any improvement or the same JAA writen test and A-330 sim evaluation as before ? TKS

Jeffdh17 2nd Sep 2010 05:48

Load Sheet.

Can you advise as to how much notice you received prior to be offered an interview date? Also did you get a choice of interview dates?



load sheet 3rd Sep 2010 09:33

I got 50 days notice, just right to me.
If anyone have information about the screening process today I appreciate some reply.
All the best :ok::ok:

loc22550 6th Sep 2010 09:26

Bigbad,to be more accurate: they might upgrade you to business or even first class with ID90 economy ticket even with plenty of seat avalaible in economy and without asking for anything...but off course NOT out of Doha...:=: outside station at least some of them.It happens already to me...

Half-Pint 9th Sep 2010 13:24

Time from application to interview?

Can anyone comment on how long it took for Qatar Airways to get back to applicants once they had submitted applications for an interview?

I meet all the F/O requirements, and it has been about six months since I sent in an application, so was wondering...

Thank you for the comments


Jeffdh17 9th Sep 2010 16:29

Interview time....
Check your PM's HalfPint.....

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