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drfaust 25th Sep 2010 15:55

You're telling me 6 (six) years time to upgrade between SO and FO? I certainly hope not.

loc22550 25th Sep 2010 15:57

from F/O to CPT.

drfaust 25th Sep 2010 16:00

Well at least while you wait, you make some time on good aircraft. You can go anywhere with that if you would so require. Captaincy in 6 years is not that bad, but I do have to say that alot of you guys are very very negative about the place so I am very weary.

PT6Driver 25th Sep 2010 20:48

Sorry if I've missed this but what is the end of service gratuity?

Fubaliera 25th Sep 2010 22:46

Guys, an airline is a airline, all have bull$hit, and QR is no different. The problem here is Doha not QR , the locals(rude, arrogant and ignorant) expensive, boring, ugly,hot,humid,no green, the airport is a logistical nightmare. If I had the option of living anyplace else in the world including somalia, and flying for QR, the it would make the job bearable.

loc22550 26th Sep 2010 03:44

-Well between Somalia( a collapsing state) and Qatar...for the time being,i think i would sill prefer..Qatar..at least more peaceful.:uhoh:

-End of service gratuity: 3 weeks of your last basic salary/year of service.
It becomes 4 weeks after 5 years of service.

KRUGERFLAP 26th Sep 2010 04:48

For me exactly the oposite. The only problem is Qatar Airways. Living in Qatar if you have a family is not problem. As a single guys yes.It's a nightmare.

Qatar Airways sucks big time.Only if you taste u can believe what i am saying,and coming from US is even harder.

I would advise you to join Abu Dhabi National Airline. A lot better company to work for and many places to go and see around UAE and OMAN.

Enjoy ur Middle east ride!

jaarrgh 27th Sep 2010 18:00

Just a word of warning. About 20 FOs recruited for the 777 were changed, having moved here, to the 320. If you are coming over for the promise of a new type you might want to consider that the company has the right to change your type at any point. Just a heads up.

Kameel 27th Sep 2010 19:58

But how much time is there between starting as a SO-fast track and becoming a FO.
Or does it depend on experience?:confused:

cochise 28th Sep 2010 12:36

Why don't you ask the company! No one knows the answer to this because the program is still in its infancy and they haven't even hired any SO's for the new Fast track program:E

P2T2 29th Sep 2010 02:30

FO's deal:-

18000QR Basic
300QR Utility Allowance
1500QR Transport allowance
50000QR Schooling (per annum)
300QR Utilities
90QR per hour flying rate + overnight allowances that differ from destination to destination. (between 150QR to 250QR per night)

Word on the street is now that FO's are able to take the housing allowance which is 10000QR - things are changing.
Question: Is the "per hour flying rate" for EVERY hour flown / month? Or is this an overtime payment (eg hours above just above 75 hrs / month etc)?

Trying to ascertain what the total actual monthly payment would be.


loc22550 29th Sep 2010 03:54

Yes it is for every hours..daytime,nightime... (schedule block time).
Overtime payment(like 320 special allowance, day off down the route payment...) has been taken away long time ago for cockpit crew..nothing but a old souvenir for us..

silverstreak 29th Sep 2010 21:55

about to join as a senior position (on ground) with QR

Whats the free company accommodation like (2 bedroomed appartment), and in what area are the free appts in?

Seems an excellent company from my dealings so far.

Doha looks good too and looking forward to joining.


Iver 30th Sep 2010 01:07


Thanks for the warning. Everyone should read your warning and INSIST on getting the aircraft type in writing with no strings attached - or just don't go... If they won't agree, don't move. The labor shortage will hit the ME hard in the coming years as the legacies return to hiring mode and experienced pilots stay where they are...

We call that BAIT and SWITCH where I come from. Even after moving I would still probably leave as a result of that switch.

Flyjets 5th Oct 2010 08:55

School fees
I was looking at the "New" School fees in Doha and I noticed an huge hike. More than 50.000 qr per year for 1 kid in primary school.
I am just asking if is this the standard rate in Doha.
Confirm the Qr allowance(50k ) is just for 1 kid ?
Tks but I am quite uncomfortable to bring my family overe here.:{

Captain Partzee 5th Oct 2010 11:33

"I was looking at the "New" School fees in Doha and I noticed an huge hike. More than 50.000 qr per year for 1 kid in primary school."

The Qr allowance barely covers the fees for 1,5 kids.

" there's not enough decent schools for the growing population and the schools being a business, supply and demand means that the school fee's are going up every year!"

Here school is only a business. And you will hardly find a good school with good teachers. :mad:

lfrk 5th Oct 2010 13:55

Can someone could remind me the name of the american (from texan??? and ex Zoom) guy from HR, who does interviews?? thanks

Flyjets 5th Oct 2010 14:45

Tks Captain,
but most school fees are higher then the allowance and you cannot even cover 1 kid .
ie: Compass Int. or I.S.L, ...... .

mrhino 8th Oct 2010 15:28

If anyone has information on the training bond for new recruits, it would be much appreciated.

For how much and for how long are you tied in for, and if you left early what are the financial implications?

Thanks in advance

unumber 10th Oct 2010 16:29

Little off topic, and for that I apologize. But, what is QR policy for deadhead flights? Are you paid for the full flight time is half pay, etc...Is it any different for cargo vs pax flights? Lastly, whats life like on the A300 frieghters? Specifically, do you spend a lot of your days off out of Doha? Thank you

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