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777LR Driver 19th Jul 2010 12:58

sandpit66, check your PM's. :ok:

cp35 19th Jul 2010 19:07

Paid Leave

That doesn't seem like a lot for 70 hours a month. what then is the average take home pay?

Iver 19th Jul 2010 20:46

This question may have been answered already. If someone has Boeing time (let's say 737-800 or 757/767), do they more than likely get selected for 777 based on that Boeing experience? Or, is there an equal chance they will get Airbus (i.e., A320)? Do people with only Airbus experience also get selected for 777?


sandpit66 20th Jul 2010 06:34

Hi Iver,

I think someone said quite a few posts back that generally Boeing go 777 and Airbus go Airbus-all the guys in between go Airbus too 'apparently', But from reading all the posts my opinion is it's a bit of a lottery and you will go where needed!

As for the interview process, am I correct in thinking that there is currently no psychometric testing nor is there anything like a group exercise? Its simply just 1) an introduction to Qatar 2) Technical exam 3) Interview 4) Sim check

-Are they asking Tech questions in the interviews at present or is it just "tell me about a time when..."

loc22550 20th Jul 2010 07:32

CPT A-320 take home pay:...10.000U$/month + company accomodation .
Not THAT much agree if you have family and kids living with you here in Doha....taking everything in consideration: ..No pension...,No increase after 5 years of seniority and if you have more than one kid here in doha you probably will have to put your hand deeply into your pocket to pay the astronomical school fees!

cp35 20th Jul 2010 20:35

paid leave
Thanks LOC22550, your replies have been straight forward and informative. Appreciate it. Good luck in life.

test 22nd Jul 2010 22:51

road show
hello guys.
after Miami, where and when will the next road show(s) be?

Spendid Cruiser 23rd Jul 2010 07:53


I'm unsure what the current situation with school fees is. I read in this thread that the current allowance is only enough to pay for 1 child. I also read that the allowance is 50,000QR for up to three kids. Looking at the school fees for 2010/11 is seems to me that 50,000 would be more or less enough for a couple of secondary kids.

Could somebody with kids in school in Doha, please let me know what the current allowance is?

pratu 23rd Jul 2010 11:14

hi all
Dose any one know about cv drop-off for Qatar cabin crew in Dubai recently venue and date if show please do let me know.


xjpilot 28th Jul 2010 16:16

Just go to the local fisdo and they will fill it out and axe it to Qatar no problem. Get a copy for your joining advisor. Pm me your class date.

744cargo 29th Jul 2010 03:46

Shiner Pilot,

You have to snail mail your request letter and authentication form to the FAA Airmen Certificate Branch in OKC. They do not do email requests as they say they need a signature. Hello FAA get in the 21st century.

If you Google FAA it will have the complete address.

It takes about two weeks IF all the paperwork is correct.

Good Luck!

sandpit66 30th Jul 2010 16:12

A 320
Hi guys,

This is directed to A320 pilots in Qatar.

I was wondering if someone could fill me in on what a normal months roster is like.
How many days on? How many days off?
What is the average duty day? 2 sectors? 4 sectors?
How many hours do you fly on average per month/per year?
How many overnights do you do?
I presume you fly 319/320/321?

As I say, any CONSTRUCTIVE info would be greatly appreciated. I have read plenty of negative comments from some of you (you know who you are) regarding the 320 fleet so please don't take this option to voice some stupid and irrelevant points.

Thanks again.

loc22550 30th Jul 2010 17:32

A-320 roster:
-Days off: ...8 days.../month.
-Flight time: ...70 hours..../month (..750H.../year).
-Layover:no general rules ... 3...4.. /month.(might be sometime less. might be more..)
-4 sectors a day...not that much (in my case..).. 1/month...?
( i have seen people with 4 ..5 /month).
-yes we do fly 319-320-321.

sandpit66 31st Jul 2010 09:45

Thanks very much for your reply loc!

On the 320 fleet do you still bid for which flights/layovers you want? In theory you could do more layovers or 4 sectors days than the average if you bid for them? Or do you still only get rostered the average?

If you dont mind me asking...what does your average monthly pay come out as? Is it as 'good' as they advertise it is?

loc22550 31st Jul 2010 14:54

yes you are right you can bid for whatever you like...
-BUT on 320 we have only a few "good" layover for wich eveybody bid for, like: Copenhagen-Vienna-Berlin-Barcelona-Dar es salam....so it's very difficult to have it,and I still remain deeply convinced that the bidding system is not well "balanced"!
-Usualy turnaround flight/4 sectors are much more easy to get.

Cpt salary A-320: ALL inclusive ,average: ..13500.. U$/month OR ..10.000..U$/month+company accomodation. I think new joiners so far don't have the choice: they have to take company accomodation.

EGBKFLYER 1st Aug 2010 19:54

OK - applied in March, got a phonecall about 2 weeks ago, asking if I could go for an interview at short notice (about 4 days). As it happens I could, so QR said they would send an email confirmation etc. It never arrived.

I got a name and number from a contact at QR so I rang them. They said it must have been an error, but never mind because there was an interview place 4 August. Once again, luck was that I could make that date. Once again though, the promised email etc has not arrived.

Is this a normal experience?:confused: I'm singularly unimpressed by QR so far, not to mention put out that they appear to want to interview me and then can't seem to organise it. Suggestions for the next move are appreciated - I'm minded to tell them to stick it or else wait for their call - after all I have a job that I like so I can afford to wait for another opportunity...

lfrk 2nd Aug 2010 16:59


Anything new on the interview process please?


AD-4 3rd Aug 2010 03:07

Everything's under control 'Flyer'. The CEO decided to replace the CP Recruitment with a local teenager so expect more of the same!

airwjo 5th Aug 2010 07:21

welcome to qr, welcome to doha, flyer, this is just the beginning, you got already a good taste, how things are moving here - a turtle is faster.

gooooooood luck

sandpit66 8th Aug 2010 10:47

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody could let me know what happens in the office during ramadan? Is all normal or are people off for the duration of the holiday (particularly wondering about the HR recruitment dept as I am waiting on a reply after completing the interview process 2 weeks ago?

Thanks for the info

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